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last changeWed, 23 Jul 2014 00:12:28 +0000 (02:12 +0200)
right now Michael NeumannDocument that tcb_segstack should not be reordered. master
34 min ago Michael NeumannAdd field to tls_tcb to support segmented stacks in...
7 hours ago Sascha Wildnerkernel: Use NELEM() in a number of places.
15 hours ago Sascha Wildnerkernel/virtio: Remove a useless #ifndef (CSUM_TSO is...
34 hours ago François Tigeotdrm/i915: Use a common fence writing routine
37 hours ago François Tigeoti915_gem.c: Simplify fence code
2 days ago François Tigeotdrm: Add Linux wake_up() and wait_event()
2 days ago François Tigeotdrm: Remove a no longer used kmalloc type
2 days ago Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix error handling in NFS async bio callbacks
2 days ago John Marinounbreak kernel (netgraph) by adding missing header...
2 days ago Nuno AntunesUse system's RT_ROUNDUP and RT_ADVANCE macros instead...
2 days ago Nuno Antunesnet/route.h: Expose the ROUNDUP and ADVANCE macros.
2 days ago Nuno Antunesnetgraph7: Assert the refcount is zero when freeing...
3 days ago Matthew Dillonkernel - Revert "Fix buildworld."
3 days ago François Tigeotre(4): Use MPSAFE callout
3 days ago Imre Vadaszmii: Add RealTek RTL8251 phy found on an ASUS A88XM...
4 weeks ago v3.6.3 DragonFly 3.6.3
5 weeks ago v3.8.1 DragonFly 3.8.1
6 weeks ago v3.8.0 DragonFly 3.8.0
7 weeks ago v3.8.0rc2 DragonFly 3.8.0rc2
8 weeks ago v3.8.0rc DragonFly 3.8.0rc
8 weeks ago v3.9.0 DragonFly 3.9.0
3 months ago v3.6.2 DragonFly 3.6.2
4 months ago v3.6.1 DragonFly 3.6.1
8 months ago v3.6.0 DragonFly 3.6.0
8 months ago v3.7.1 DragonFly 3.7.1
8 months ago v3.6.0rc DragonFly 3.6.0rc
8 months ago v3.7.0 DragonFly 3.7.0
10 months ago v3.4.3 DragonFly 3.4.3
13 months ago v3.4.2 DragonFly 3.4.2
14 months ago v3.4.1 DragonFly 3.4.1
14 months ago v3.4.0 DragonFly 3.4.0
right now master
2 days ago DragonFly_RELEASE_3_8
3 weeks ago DragonFly_RELEASE_3_6
6 weeks ago vendor/TNFTP
6 weeks ago vendor/OPENSSL
7 weeks ago vendor/WPA_SUPPLICANT
7 weeks ago vendor/HOSTAPD
2 months ago vendor/FILE
2 months ago vendor/LIBPCAP
5 months ago vendor/EE
6 months ago vendor/MDOCML
7 months ago vendor/BINUTILS224
7 months ago vendor/BMAKE
8 months ago DragonFly_RELEASE_3_4
9 months ago vendor/LDNS
9 months ago vendor/GDB