Import libpcap-1.3.0.
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1Friday March 30, 2012.
2Summary for 1.3.0 libpcap release
3 Handle DLT_PFSYNC in {FreeBSD, other *BSD+Mac OS X, other}.
4 Linux: Don't fail if netfilter isn't enabled in the kernel.
5 Add new link-layer type for NFC Forum LLCP.
6 Put the CANUSB stuff into EXTRA_DIST, so it shows up in the release tarball.
8 Add DLT_MPEG_2_TS/LINKTYPE_MPEG_2_TS for MPEG-2 transport streams.
9 [PATCH] Fix AIX-3.5 crash with read failure during stress
10 AIX fixes.
11 Introduce --disable-shared configure option.
12 Added initial support for canusb devices.
13 Include the pcap(3PCAP) additions as 1.2.1 changes.
14 many updates to documentation:
15 Improve 'inbound'/'outbound' capture filters under Linux.
16 Note the cleanup of handling of new DLT_/LINKTYPE_ values.
17 On Lion, don't build for PPC.
18 For mac80211 devices we need to clean up monitor mode on exit.
20Friday December 9, 2011.
21Summary for 1.2.1 libpcap release
22 Update README file.
23 Fix typoes in README.linux file.
24 Clean up some compiler warnings.
25 Fix Linux compile problems and tests for ethtool.h.
26 Treat Debian/kFreeBSD and GNU/Hurd as systems with GNU
27 toolchains.
28 Support 802.1 QinQ as a form of VLAN in filters.
29 Treat "carp" as equivalent to "vrrp" in filters.
30 Fix code generated for "ip6 protochain".
31 Add some new link-layer header types.
32 Support capturing NetFilter log messages on Linux.
33 Clean up some error messages.
34 Turn off monitor mode on exit for mac80211 interfaces on Linux.
35 Fix problems turning monitor mode on for non-mac80211 interfaces
36 on Linux.
37 Properly fail if /sys/class/net or /proc/net/dev exist but can't
38 be opened.
39 Fail if pcap_activate() is called on an already-activated
40 pcap_t, and add a test program for that.
41 Fix filtering in pcap-ng files.
42 Don't build for PowerPC on Mac OS X Lion.
43 Simplify handling of new DLT_/LINKTYPE_ values.
44 Expand pcap(3PCAP) man page.
46Sunday July 24, 2011.
47Summary for 1.2 libpcap release
48 All of the changes listed below for 1.1.1 and 1.1.2.
49 Changes to error handling for pcap_findalldevs().
50 Fix the calculation of the frame size in memory-mapped captures.
51 Add a link-layer header type for STANAG 5066 D_PDUs.
52 Add a link-layer type for a variant of 3GPP TS 27.010.
53 Noted real nature of LINKTYPE_ARCNET.
54 Add a link-layer type for DVB-CI.
55 Fix configure-script discovery of VLAN acceleration support.
56 see
57 Linux, HP-UX, AIX, NetBSD and OpenBSD compilation/conflict fixes.
58 Protect against including AIX 5.x's <net/bpf.h> having been included.
59 Add DLT_DBUS, for raw D-Bus messages.
60 Treat either EPERM or EACCES as "no soup for you".
61 Changes to permissions on DLPI systems.
62 Add DLT_IEEE802_15_4_NOFCS for 802.15.4 interfaces.
64Fri. August 6, 2010.
65Summary for 1.1.2 libpcap release
66 Return DLT_ values, not raw LINKTYPE_ values from
67 pcap_datalink() when reading pcap-ng files
68 Add support for "wlan ra" and "wlan ta", to check the RA and TA
69 of WLAN frames that have them
70 Don't crash if "wlan addr{1,2,3,4}" are used without 802.11
71 headers
72 Do filtering on USB and Bluetooth capturing
73 On FreeBSD/SPARC64, use -fPIC - it's apparently necessary
74 Check for valid port numbers (fit in a 16-bit unsigned field) in
75 "port" filters
76 Reject attempts to put savefiles into non-blocking mode
77 Check for "no such device" for the "get the media types" ioctl
78 in *BSD
79 Improve error messages from bpf_open(), and let it do the error
80 handling
81 Return more specific errors from pcap_can_set_rfmon(); fix
82 documentation
83 Update description fetching code for FreeBSD, fix code for
84 OpenBSD
85 Ignore /sys/net/dev files if we get ENODEV for them, not just
86 ENXIO; fixes handling of bonding devices on Linux
87 Fix check for a constant 0 argument to BPF_DIV
88 Use the right version of ar when cross-building
89 Free any filter set on a savefile when the savefile is closed
90 Include the CFLAGS setting when configure was run in the
91 compiler flags
92 Add support for 802.15.4 interfaces on Linux
94Thu. April 1, 2010.
95Summary for 1.1.1 libpcap release
96 Update CHANGES to reflect more of the changes in 1.1.0.
97 Fix build on RHEL5.
98 Fix shared library build on AIX.
100Thu. March 11, 2010.
101Summary for 1.1.0 libpcap release
102 Add SocketCAN capture support
103 Add Myricom SNF API support
104 Update Endace DAG and ERF support
105 Add support for shared libraries on Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX
106 Build, install, and un-install shared libraries by default;
107 don't build/install shared libraries on platforms we don't support
108 Fix building from a directory other than the source directory
109 Fix compiler warnings and builds on some platforms
110 Update config.guess and config.sub
111 Support monitor mode on mac80211 devices on Linux
112 Fix USB memory-mapped capturing on Linux; it requires a new DLT_
113 value
114 On Linux, scan /sys/class/net for devices if we have it; scan
115 it, or /proc/net/dev if we don't have /sys/class/net, even if
116 we have getifaddrs(), as it'll find interfaces with no
117 addresses
118 Add limited support for reading pcap-ng files
119 Fix BPF driver-loading error handling on AIX
120 Support getting the full-length interface description on FreeBSD
121 In the lexical analyzer, free up any addrinfo structure we got back
122 from getaddrinfo().
123 Add support for BPF and libdlpi in OpenSolaris (and SXCE)
124 Hyphenate "link-layer" everywhere
125 Add /sys/kernel/debug/usb/usbmon to the list of usbmon locations
126 In pcap_read_linux_mmap(), if there are no frames available, call
127 poll() even if we're in non-blocking mode, so we pick up
128 errors, and check for the errors in question.
129 Note that poll() works on BPF devices is Snow Leopard
130 If an ENXIO or ENETDOWN is received, it may mean the device has
131 gone away. Deal with it.
132 For BPF, raise the default capture buffer size to from 32k to 512k
133 Support ps_ifdrop on Linux
134 Added a bunch of #ifdef directives to make wpcap.dll (WinPcap) compile
135 under cygwin.
136 Changes to Linux mmapped captures.
137 Fix bug where create_ring would fail for particular snaplen and
138 buffer size combinations
139 Update pcap-config so that it handles libpcap requiring
140 additional libraries
141 Add workaround for threadsafeness on Windows
142 Add missing mapping for DLT_ENC <-> LINKTYPE_ENC
144 DLT: Add Solaris ipnet
145 Don't check for DLT_IPNET if it's not defined
146 Add link-layer types for Fibre Channel FC-2
147 Add link-layer types for Wireless HART
148 Add link-layer types for AOS
149 Add link-layer types for DECT
150 Autoconf fixes (AIX, HP-UX, OSF/1, Tru64 cleanups)
151 Install headers unconditionally, and include vlan.h/bluetooth.h if
152 enabled
153 Autoconf fixes+cleanup
154 Support enabling/disabling bluetooth (--{en,dis}able-bluetooth)
155 Support disabling SITA support (--without-sita)
156 Return -1 on failure to create packet ring (if supported but
157 creation failed)
158 Fix handling of 'any' device, so that it can be opened, and no longer
159 attempt to open it in Monitor mode
160 Add support for snapshot length for USB Memory-Mapped Interface
161 Fix configure and build on recent Linux kernels
162 Fix memory-mapped Linux capture to support pcap_next() and
163 pcap_next_ex()
164 Fixes for Linux USB capture
0cb9e74f 168
169Mon. October 27, 2008. Summary for 1.0.0 libpcap release
170 Compile with IPv6 support by default
171 Compile with large file support on by default
172 Add pcap-config script, which deals with -I/-L flags for compiling
173 DLT: Add IPMB
174 DLT: Add LAPD
175 DLT: Add AX25 (AX.25 w/KISS header)
177 802.15.4 support
178 Variable length 802.11 header support
179 X2E data type support
180 SITA ACN Interface support - see README.sita
a85e14b0 181 Support for memory-mapped capture on Linux
de0d3203 182 Support for zerocopy BPF on platforms that support it
183 Support for setting buffer size when opening devices
184 Support for setting monitor mode when opening 802.11 devices
185 Better support for dealing with VLAN tagging/stripping on Linux
186 Fix dynamic library support on OSX
187 Return PCAP_ERROR_IFACE_NOT_UP if the interface isn't 'UP', so applications
188 can print better diagnostic information
189 Return PCAP_ERROR_PERM_DENIED if we don't have permission to open a device, so
190 applications can tell the user they need to go play with permissions
191 On Linux, ignore ENETDOWN so we can continue to capture packets if the
192 interface goes down and comes back up again.
193 On Linux, support new tpacket frame headers (2.6.27+)
a85e14b0 194 On Mac OS X, add scripts for changing permissions on /dev/bpf* and launchd plist
195 On Solaris, support 'passive mode' on systems that support it
196 Fixes to autoconf and general build environment
197 Man page reorganization + cleanup
198 Autogenerate VERSION numbers better
dfcad8d8 199
200Mon. September 10, 2007. Summary for 0.9.8 libpcap release
201 Change build process to put public libpcap headers into pcap subir
202 DLT: Add value for IPMI IPMB packets
203 DLT: Add value for u10 Networks boards
204 Require <net/pfvar.h> for pf definitions - allows reading of pflog formatted
205 libpcap files on an OS other than where the file was generated
dfcad8d8 206
de0d3203 207Wed. April 25, 2007. Summary for 0.9.6 libpcap release
209 Put the public libpcap headers into a pcap subdirectory in both the
210 source directory and the target include directory, and have include
211 files at the top-level directory to include those headers, for
212 backwards compatibility.
213 Add Bluetooth support
214 Add USB capturing support on Linux
215 Add support for the binary USB sniffing interface in Linux
216 Add support for new FreeBSD BIOCSDIRECTION ioctl
217 Add additional filter operations for 802.11 frame types
218 Add support for filtering on MTP2 frame types
219 Propagate some changes from the main branch, so the x.9 branch has
220 all the DLT_ and LINKTYPE_ values that the main branch does
221 Reserved a DLT_ and SAVEFILE_ value for PPI (Per Packet Info)
222 encapsulated packets
223 Add LINKTYPE_ for IEEE 802.15.4, with address fields padded as done
224 by Linux drivers
225 Add LINKTYPE_ value corresponding to DLT_IEEE802_16_MAC_CPS.
226 Add DLT for IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX) MAC Common Part Sublayer
227 Add DLT for Bluetooth HCI UART transport layer
228 When building a shared library, build with "-fPIC" on Linux to support x86_64
229 Link with "$(CC) -shared" rather than "ld -shared" when building a
230 ".so" shared library
231 Add support for autoconf 2.60
232 Fixes to discard unread packets when changing filters
233 Changes to handle name changes in the DAG library resulting from
234 switching to libtool.
235 Add support for new DAG ERF types.
236 Add an explicit "-ldag" when building the shared library, so the DAG
237 library dependency is explicit.
238 Mac OSX fixes for dealing with "wlt" devices
239 Fixes in add_or_find_if() & pcap_findalldevs() to optimize generating
240 device lists
241 Fixed a bug in pcap_open_live(). The return value of PacketSetHwFilter
242 was not checked.
244Tue. September 19, 2006. Summary for 0.9.5 libpcap release
246 Support for LAPD frames with vISDN
247 Support for ERF on channelized T1/E1 cards via DAG API
248 Fix capitalization that caused issues crossc compiling on Linux
249 Better failure detection on PacketGetAdapterNames()
250 Fixes for MPLS packet generation (link layer)
251 OP_PACKET now matches the beginning of the packet, instead of
252 beginning+link-layer
253 Add DLT/LINKTYPE for carrying FRF.16 Multi-link Frame Relay
254 Fix allocation of buffer for list of link-layer types
255 Added a new DLT and LINKTYPE value for ARINC 653 Interpartition Communcation Messages
256 Fixed a typo in a DLT value: it should start with DLT_ and not LINKTYPE_
257 Redefined DLT_CAN20B and LINKTYPE_CAN20B as #190 (as this is the right value for CAN).
258 Added definition for DLT_A429 and LINKTYPE_A429 as #184.
259 Added a new DLT and LINKTYPE value for CAN v2.0B frames.
260 Add support for DLT_JUNIPER_VP.
261 Don't double-count received packets on Linux systems that
262 support the PACKET_STATISTICS getsockopt() argument on
263 PF_PACKET sockets.
264 Add support for DLT_IEEE802_11 and DLT_IEEE802_11_RADIO link
265 layers in Windows
266 Add support to build libpcap.lib and wpcap.dll under Cygnus and
267 MingW32.
269Mon. September 5, 2005. Summary for 0.9.4 libpcap release
271 Support for radiotap on Linux (Mike Kershaw)
272 Fixes for HP-UX
273 Support for additional Juniper link-layer types
274 Fixes for filters on MPLS-encapsulated packets
275 "vlan" filter fixed
276 "pppoed" and "pppoes" filters added; the latter modifies later
277 parts of the filter expression to look at the PPP headers and
278 headers in the PPP payload
280Tue. July 5, 2005. Summary for 0.9.3 libpcap release
282 Fixes for compiling on nearly every platform,
283 including improved 64bit support
284 MSDOS Support
285 Add support for sending packets
286 OpenBSD pf format support
287 IrDA capture (Linux only)
289Tue. March 30, 2004. Summary for 3.8.3 release
291 Fixed minor problem in gencode.c that would appear on 64-bit
292 platforms.
293 Version number is now sane.
295Mon. March 29, 2004. Summary for 3.8.2 release
297 updates for autoconf 2.5
298 fixes for ppp interfaces for freebsd 4.1
299 pcap gencode can generate code for 802.11, IEEE1394, and pflog.
301Wed. November 12, 2003. Summary for 0.8 release
303 added pcap_findalldevs()
304 Win32 patches from NetGroup, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
305 OpenBSD pf, DLT_PFLOG added
306 Many changes to ATM support.
307 lookup pcap_lookupnet()
310 Sigh. More AIX wonderfulness.
311 Document updates.
312 Changes to API: pcap_next_ex(), pcap_breakloop(), pcap_dump_flush(),
313 pcap_list_datalinks(), pcap_set_datalink(),
314 pcap_lib_version(), pcap_datalink_val_to_name(),
315 pcap_datalink_name_to_val(), new error returns.
317Tuesday, February 25, 2003. 0.7.2 release
319 Support link types that use 802.2 always, never, and sometimes.
320 Don't decrease the size of the BPF buffer from the default.
321 Support frame relay.
322 Handle 32-bit timestamps in DLPI, and pass the right buffer size.
323 Handle Linux systems with modern kernel but without
324 SOL_PACKET in the userland headers.
325 Linux support for ARPHRD_RAWHDLC.
326 Handle 32-bit timestamps in snoop.
327 Support eg (Octane/O2xxx/O3xxx Gigabit) devices.
328 Add new reserved DLT types.
330Monday October 23, 2001. Summary for 0.7 release
332 Added pcap_findalldevs() call to get list of interfaces in a MI way.
334 pcap_stats() has been documented as to what its counters mean on
335 each platform.
337Tuesday January 9, 2001. Summary for 0.6 release
339 New Linux libpcap implementation, which, in 2.2 and later
340 kernels, uses PF_PACKET sockets and supports kernel packet
341 filtering (if compiled into the kernel), and supports the "any"
342 device for capturing on all interfaces. Cleans up promiscuous
343 mode better on pre-2.2 kernels, and has various other fixes
344 (handles 2.4 ARPHRD_IEEE802_TR, handles ISDN devices better,
345 doesn't show duplicate packets on loopback interface, etc.).
347 Fixed HP-UX libpcap implementation to correctly get the PPA for
348 an interface, to allow interfaces to be opened by interface name.
350 libpcap savefiles have system-independent link-layer type values
351 in the header, rather than sometimes platform-dependent DLT_
352 values, to make it easier to exchange capture files between
353 different OSes.
355 Non-standard capture files produced by some Linux tcpdumps, e.g.
356 the one from Red Hat Linux 6.2 and later, can now be read.
358 Updated autoconf stock files.
360 Filter expressions can filter on VLAN IDs and various OSI
361 protocols, and work on Token Ring (with non-source-routed
362 packets).
364 "pcap_open_dead()" added to allow compiling filter expressions
365 to pcap code without opening a capture device or capture file.
367 Header files fixed to allow use in C++ programs.
369 Removed dependancy on native headers for packet layout.
370 Removed Linux specific headers that were shipped.
372 Security fixes: Strcpy replaced with strlcpy, sprintf replaced
373 with snprintf.
375 Fixed bug that could cause subsequent "pcap_compile()"s to fail
376 erroneously after one compile failed.
378 Assorted other bug fixes.
380 README.aix and README.linux files added to describe
381 platform-specific issues.
383 "getifaddrs()" rather than SIOCGIFCONF used, if available.
385v0.5 Sat Jun 10 11:09:15 PDT 2000
388- Brought in KAME IPv6/IPsec bpf compiler.
389- Fixes for NetBSD.
390- Support added for OpenBSD DLT_LOOP and BSD/OS DLT_C_HDLC (Cisco HDLC),
391 and changes to work around different BSDs having different DLT_ types
392 with the same numeric value.
394Assar Westerlund <>
395- Building outside the source code tree fixed.
396- Changed to write out time stamps with 32-bit seconds and microseconds
397 fields, regardless of whether those fields are 32 bits or 64 bits in
398 the OS's native "struct timeval".
399- Changed "pcap_lookupdev()" to dynamically grow the buffer into which
400 the list of interfaces is read as necessary in order to hold the
401 entire list.
403Greg Troxel <>
404- Added a new "pcap_compile_nopcap()", which lets you compile a filter
405 expression into a BPF program without having an open live capture or
406 capture file.
408v0.4 Sat Jul 25 12:40:09 PDT 1998
410- Fix endian problem with DLT_NULL devices. From FreeBSD via Bill
411 Fenner (
413- Fix alignment problem with FDDI under DLPI. This was causing core
414 dumps under Solaris.
416- Added configure options to disable flex and bison. Resulted from a
417 bug report by (Bruce Barnett). Also added
418 options to disable gcc and to force a particular packet capture type.
420- Added support for Fore ATM interfaces (qaa and fa) under IRIX. Thanks
421 to John Hawkinson (
423- Change Linux PPP and SLIP to use DLT_RAW since the kernel does not
424 supply any "link layer" data.
426- Change Linux to use SIOCGIFHWADDR ioctl to determine link layer type.
427 Thanks to Thomas Sailer (
429- Change IRIX PPP to use DLT_RAW since the kernel does not supply any
430 "link layer" data.
432- Modified to support the new BSD/OS 2.1 PPP and SLIP link layer header
433 formats.
435- Added some new SGI snoop interface types. Thanks to Steve Alexander
436 (
438- Fixes for HP-UX 10.20 (which is similar to HP-UX 9). Thanks to
439 Richard Allen ( and Steinar Haug (
441- Fddi supports broadcast as reported by Jeff Macdonald
442 ( Also correct ieee802 and arcnet.
444- Determine Linux pcap buffer size at run time or else it might not be
445 big enough for some interface types (e.g. FDDI). Thanks to Jes
446 Sorensen (
448- Fix some linux alignment problems.
450- Document promisc argument to pcap_open_live(). Reported by Ian Marsh
451 (
453- Support Metricom radio packets under Linux. Thanks to Kevin Lai
454 (
456- Bind to interface name under Linux to avoid packets from multiple
457 interfaces on multi-homed hosts. Thanks to Kevin Lai
458 (
460- Change L_SET to SEEK_SET for HP-UX. Thanks to Roland Roberts
461 (
463- Fixed an uninitialized memory reference found by Kent Vander Velden
464 (
466- Fixed lex pattern for IDs to allow leading digits. As reported by
467 Theo de Raadt (
469- Fixed Linux include file problems when using GNU libc.
471- Ifdef ARPHRD_FDDI since not all versions of the Linux kernel have it.
472 Reported reported by Eric Jacksch (
474- Fixed bug in pcap_dispatch() that kept it from returning on packet
475 timeouts.
477- Changed ISLOOPBACK() macro when IFF_LOOPBACK isn't available to check
478 for "lo" followed by an eos or digit (newer versions of Linux
479 apparently call the loopback "lo" instead of "lo0").
481- Fixed Linux networking include files to use ints instead of longs to
482 avoid problems with 64 bit longs on the alpha. Thanks to Cristian
483 Gafton (
485v0.3 Sat Nov 30 20:56:27 PST 1996
487- Added Linux support.
489- Fixed savefile bugs.
491- Solaris x86 fix from Tim Rylance (
493- Add support for bpf kernel port filters.
495- Remove duplicate atalk protocol table entry. Thanks to Christian
496 Hopps (
498- Fixed pcap_lookupdev() to ignore nonexistent devices. This was
499 reported to happen under BSD/OS by David Vincenzetti
500 (
502- Avoid solaris compiler warnings. Thanks to Bruce Barnett
503 (
505v0.2.1 Sun Jul 14 03:02:26 PDT 1996
507- Fixes for HP-UX 10. Thanks in part to to Thomas Wolfram
508 ( and Rick Jones (
510- Added support for SINIX. Thanks to Andrej Borsenkow
511 (
513- Fixes for AIX (although this system is not yet supported). Thanks to
514 John Hawkinson (
516- Use autoconf's idea of the top level directory in install targets.
517 Thanks to John Hawkinson.
519- Add missing autoconf packet capture result message. Thanks to Bill
520 Fenner (
522- Fixed padding problems in the pf module.
524- Fixed some more alignment problems on the alpha.
526- Added explicit netmask support. Thanks to Steve Nuchia
527 (
529- Fixed to handle raw ip addresses such as without "left
530 justifing"
532- Add "sca" keyword (for DEC cluster services) as suggested by Terry
533 Kennedy (
535- Add "atalk" keyword as suggested by John Hawkinson.
537- Add "igrp" keyword.
539- Fixed HID definition in grammar.y to be a string, not a value.
541- Use $CC when checking gcc version. Thanks to Carl Lindberg
542 (
544- Removed obsolete reference to pcap_immediate() from the man page.
545 Michael Stolarchuk (
547- DLT_NULL has a 4 byte family header. Thanks to Jeffrey Honig
548 (
550v0.2 Sun Jun 23 02:28:42 PDT 1996
552- Add support for HP-UX. Resulted from code contributed by Tom Murray
553 ( and Philippe-Andri Prindeville
554 (
556- Update INSTALL with a reminder to install include files. Thanks to
557 Mark Andrews (
559- Fix bpf compiler alignment bug on the alpha.
561- Use autoconf to detect architectures that can't handle misaligned
562 accesses.
564- Added loopback support for snoop. Resulted from report Steve
565 Alexander (
567v0.1 Fri Apr 28 18:11:03 PDT 1995
569- Fixed compiler and optimizer bugs. The BPF filter engine uses unsigned
570 comparison operators, while the code generator and optimizer assumed
571 signed semantics in several places. Thanks to Charlie Slater
572 ( for pointing this out.
574- Removed FDDI ifdef's, they aren't really needed. Resulted from report
575 by Gary Veum (
577- Add pcap-null.c which allows offline use of libpcap on systems that
578 don't support live package capture. This feature resulting from a
579 request from Jan van Oorschot (
581- Make bpf_compile() reentrant. Fix thanks to Pascal Hennequin
582 (
584- Port to GNU autoconf.
586- Fix pcap-dlpi.c to work with isdn. Resulted from report by Flemming
587 Johansen (
589- Handle multi-digit interface unit numbers (aka ppa's) under dlpi.
590 Resulted from report by Daniel Ehrlich (
592- Fix pcap-dlpi.c to work in non-promiscuous mode. Resulted from report
593 by Jeff Murphy (
595- Add support for "long jumps". Thanks to Jeffrey Mogul
596 (
598- Fix minor problems when compiling with BDEBUG as noticed by Scott
599 Bertilson (
601- Declare sys_errlist "const char *const" to avoid problems under
602 FreeBSD. Resulted from report by
604v0.0.6 Fri Apr 28 04:07:13 PDT 1995
606- Add missing variable declaration missing from 0.0.6
608v0.0.5 Fri Apr 28 00:22:21 PDT 1995
610- Workaround for problems when pcap_read() returns 0 due to the timeout
611 expiring.
613v0.0.4 Thu Apr 20 20:41:48 PDT 1995
615- Change configuration to not use gcc v2 flags with gcc v1.
617- Fixed a bug in pcap_next(); if pcap_dispatch() returns 0, pcap_next()
618 should also return 0. Thanks to Richard Stevens (
620- Fixed configure to test for snoop before dlpi to avoid problems under
621 IRIX 5. Thanks to J. Eric Townsend (
623- Hack around deficiency in Ultrix's make.
625- Fix two bugs related to the Solaris pre-5.3.2 bufmod bug; handle
626 savefiles that have more than snapshot bytes of data in them (so we
627 can read old savefiles) and avoid writing such files.
629- Added checkioctl which is used with gcc to check that the
630 "fixincludes" script has been run.
632v0.0.3 Tue Oct 18 18:13:46 PDT 1994
634- Fixed configure to test for snoop before dlpi to avoid problems under
635 IRIX 5. Thanks to J. Eric Townsend (
637v0.0.2 Wed Oct 12 20:56:37 PDT 1994
639- Implement timeout in the dlpi pcap_open_live(). Thanks to Richard
640 Stevens.
642- Determine pcap link type from dlpi media type. Resulted from report
643 by Mahesh Jethanandani (
645v0.0.1 Fri Jun 24 14:50:57 PDT 1994
647- Fixed bug in nit_setflags() in pcap-snit.c. The streams ioctl timeout
648 wasn't being initialized sometimes resulting in an "NIOCSFLAGS:
649 Invalid argument" error under OSF/1. Reported by Matt Day
650 ( and Danny Mitzel (
652- Turn on FDDI support by default.
654v0.0 Mon Jun 20 19:20:16 PDT 1994
656- Initial release.
658- Fixed bug with greater/less keywords, reported by Mark Andrews
659 (
661- Fix bug where '|' was defined as BPF_AND instead of BPF_OR, reported
662 by Elan Amir (
664- Machines with little-endian byte ordering are supported thanks to
665 Jeff Mogul.
667- Add hack for version 2.3 savefiles which don't have caplen and len
668 swapped thanks to Vern Paxson.
670- Added "&&" and "||" aliases for "and" and "or" thanks to Vern Paxson.
672- Added length, inbound and outbound keywords.