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2.\" Wed Feb 19 16:47:44 2003
4.\" Standard preamble:
5.\" ====================================================================== Sh \" Subsection heading
8.if t .Sp 5
13.. Sp \" Vertical space (when we can't use .PP)
15.if t .sp .5v
16.if n .sp
17.. Ip \" List item \\n(.$>=3 .ne \\$3
21.el .ne 3
22.IP "\\$1" \\$2
23.. Vb \" Begin verbatim text
25.ft CW \\$1
28.. Ve \" End verbatim text
30.ft R
34.\" Set up some character translations and predefined strings. \*(-- will
35.\" give an unbreakable dash, \*(PI will give pi, \*(L" will give a left
36.\" double quote, and \*(R" will give a right double quote. | will give a
37.\" real vertical bar. \*(C+ will give a nicer C++. Capital omega is used
38.\" to do unbreakable dashes and therefore won't be available. \*(C` and
39.\" \*(C' expand to `' in nroff, nothing in troff, for use with C<> \(*W-|\(bv\*(Tr
41.ds C+ C\v'-.1v'\h'-1p'\s-2+\h'-1p'+\s0\v'.1v'\h'-1p' n \{\
43. ds -- \(*W-
44. ds PI pi
45. if (\n(.H=4u)&(1m=24u) .ds -- \(*W\h'-12u'\(*W\h'-12u'-\" diablo 10 pitch
46. if (\n(.H=4u)&(1m=20u) .ds -- \(*W\h'-12u'\(*W\h'-8u'-\" diablo 12 pitch
47. ds L" ""
48. ds R" ""
49. ds C` ""
50. ds C' ""
53. ds -- \|\(em\|
54. ds PI \(*p
55. ds L" ``
56. ds R" ''
59.\" If the F register is turned on, we'll generate index entries on stderr
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63.if \nF \{\
64. de IX
65. tm Index:\\$1\t\\n%\t"\\$2"
67. nr % 0
68. rr F
71.\" For nroff, turn off justification. Always turn off hyphenation; it
72.\" makes way too many mistakes in technical documents.
73.hy 0
74.if n .na
76.\" Accent mark definitions (@(#)ms.acc 1.5 88/02/08 SMI; from UCB 4.2).
77.\" Fear. Run. Save yourself. No user-serviceable parts. B 3
79. \" fudge factors for nroff and troff
80.if n \{\
81. ds #H 0
82. ds #V .8m
83. ds #F .3m
84. ds #[ \f1
85. ds #] \fP
87.if t \{\
88. ds #H ((1u-(\\\\n(.fu%2u))*.13m)
89. ds #V .6m
90. ds #F 0
91. ds #[ \&
92. ds #] \&
94. \" simple accents for nroff and troff
95.if n \{\
96. ds ' \&
97. ds ` \&
98. ds ^ \&
99. ds , \&
100. ds ~ ~
101. ds /
103.if t \{\
104. ds ' \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10-\*(#H)'\'\h"|\\n:u"
105. ds ` \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10-\*(#H)'\`\h'|\\n:u'
106. ds ^ \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*10/11-\*(#H)'^\h'|\\n:u'
107. ds , \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10)',\h'|\\n:u'
108. ds ~ \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu-\*(#H-.1m)'~\h'|\\n:u'
109. ds / \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10-\*(#H)'\z\(sl\h'|\\n:u'
111. \" troff and (daisy-wheel) nroff accents
112.ds : \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10-\*(#H+.1m+\*(#F)'\v'-\*(#V'\z.\h'.2m+\*(#F'.\h'|\\n:u'\v'\*(#V'
113.ds 8 \h'\*(#H'\(*b\h'-\*(#H'
114.ds o \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu+\w'\(de'u-\*(#H)/2u'\v'-.3n'\*(#[\z\(de\v'.3n'\h'|\\n:u'\*(#]
115.ds d- \h'\*(#H'\(pd\h'-\w'~'u'\v'-.25m'\f2\(hy\fP\v'.25m'\h'-\*(#H'
116.ds D- D\\k:\h'-\w'D'u'\v'-.11m'\z\(hy\v'.11m'\h'|\\n:u'
117.ds th \*(#[\v'.3m'\s+1I\s-1\v'-.3m'\h'-(\w'I'u*2/3)'\s-1o\s+1\*(#]
118.ds Th \*(#[\s+2I\s-2\h'-\w'I'u*3/5'\v'-.3m'o\v'.3m'\*(#]
119.ds ae a\h'-(\w'a'u*4/10)'e
120.ds Ae A\h'-(\w'A'u*4/10)'E
121. \" corrections for vroff
122.if v .ds ~ \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*9/10-\*(#H)'\s-2\u~\d\s+2\h'|\\n:u'
123.if v .ds ^ \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*10/11-\*(#H)'\v'-.4m'^\v'.4m'\h'|\\n:u'
124. \" for low resolution devices (crt and lpr)
125.if \n(.H>23 .if \n(.V>19 \
127. ds : e
128. ds 8 ss
129. ds o a
130. ds d- d\h'-1'\(ga
131. ds D- D\h'-1'\(hy
132. ds th \o'bp'
133. ds Th \o'LP'
134. ds ae ae
135. ds Ae AE
137.rm #[ #] #H #V #F C
138.\" ======================================================================
140.IX Title "SSL_alert_type_string 3"
141.TH SSL_alert_type_string 3 "0.9.7a" "2003-02-19" "OpenSSL"
143.SH "NAME"
144SSL_alert_type_string, SSL_alert_type_string_long, SSL_alert_desc_string, SSL_alert_desc_string_long \- get textual description of alert information
146.IX Header "SYNOPSIS"
147.Vb 1
148\& #include <openssl/ssl.h>
150.Vb 2
151\& const char *SSL_alert_type_string(int value);
152\& const char *SSL_alert_type_string_long(int value);
154.Vb 2
155\& const char *SSL_alert_desc_string(int value);
156\& const char *SSL_alert_desc_string_long(int value);
160\&\fISSL_alert_type_string()\fR returns a one letter string indicating the
161type of the alert specified by \fBvalue\fR.
163\&\fISSL_alert_type_string_long()\fR returns a string indicating the type of the alert
164specified by \fBvalue\fR.
166\&\fISSL_alert_desc_string()\fR returns a two letter string as a short form
167describing the reason of the alert specified by \fBvalue\fR.
169\&\fISSL_alert_desc_string_long()\fR returns a string describing the reason
170of the alert specified by \fBvalue\fR.
171.SH "NOTES"
172.IX Header "NOTES"
173When one side of an \s-1SSL/TLS\s0 communication wants to inform the peer about
174a special situation, it sends an alert. The alert is sent as a special message
175and does not influence the normal data stream (unless its contents results
176in the communication being canceled).
178A warning alert is sent, when a non-fatal error condition occurs. The
179\&\*(L"close notify\*(R" alert is sent as a warning alert. Other examples for
180non-fatal errors are certificate errors (\*(L"certificate expired\*(R",
181\&\*(L"unsupported certificate\*(R"), for which a warning alert may be sent.
182(The sending party may however decide to send a fatal error.) The
183receiving side may cancel the connection on reception of a warning
184alert on it discretion.
186Several alert messages must be sent as fatal alert messages as specified
187by the \s-1TLS\s0 \s-1RFC\s0. A fatal alert always leads to a connection abort.
190The following strings can occur for \fISSL_alert_type_string()\fR or
192.if n .Ip """""W""""/""""warning""""" 4
193.el .Ip "``W''/``warning''" 4
194.IX Item ""W/warning"
195.PD 0
196.if n .Ip """""F""""/""""fatal""""" 4
197.el .Ip "``F''/``fatal''" 4
198.IX Item ""F/fatal"
199.if n .Ip """""U""""/""""unknown""""" 4
200.el .Ip "``U''/``unknown''" 4
201.IX Item ""U/unknown"
203This indicates that no support is available for this alert type.
204Probably \fBvalue\fR does not contain a correct alert message.
206The following strings can occur for \fISSL_alert_desc_string()\fR or
208.if n .Ip """""\s-1CN\s0""""/""""close notify""""" 4
209.el .Ip "``\s-1CN\s0''/``close notify''" 4
210.IX Item ""CN/close notify"
211The connection shall be closed. This is a warning alert.
212.if n .Ip """""\s-1UM\s0""""/""""unexpected message""""" 4
213.el .Ip "``\s-1UM\s0''/``unexpected message''" 4
214.IX Item ""UM/unexpected message"
215An inappropriate message was received. This alert is always fatal
216and should never be observed in communication between proper
218.if n .Ip """""\s-1BM\s0""""/""""bad record mac""""" 4
219.el .Ip "``\s-1BM\s0''/``bad record mac''" 4
220.IX Item ""BM/bad record mac"
221This alert is returned if a record is received with an incorrect
222\&\s-1MAC\s0. This message is always fatal.
223.if n .Ip """""\s-1DF\s0""""/""""decompression failure""""" 4
224.el .Ip "``\s-1DF\s0''/``decompression failure''" 4
225.IX Item ""DF/decompression failure"
226The decompression function received improper input (e.g. data
227that would expand to excessive length). This message is always
229.if n .Ip """""\s-1HF\s0""""/""""handshake failure""""" 4
230.el .Ip "``\s-1HF\s0''/``handshake failure''" 4
231.IX Item ""HF/handshake failure"
232Reception of a handshake_failure alert message indicates that the
233sender was unable to negotiate an acceptable set of security
234parameters given the options available. This is a fatal error.
235.if n .Ip """""\s-1NC\s0""""/""""no certificate""""" 4
236.el .Ip "``\s-1NC\s0''/``no certificate''" 4
237.IX Item ""NC/no certificate"
238A client, that was asked to send a certificate, does not send a certificate
239(SSLv3 only).
240.if n .Ip """""\s-1BC\s0""""/""""bad certificate""""" 4
241.el .Ip "``\s-1BC\s0''/``bad certificate''" 4
242.IX Item ""BC/bad certificate"
243A certificate was corrupt, contained signatures that did not
244verify correctly, etc
245.if n .Ip """""\s-1UC\s0""""/""""unsupported certificate""""" 4
246.el .Ip "``\s-1UC\s0''/``unsupported certificate''" 4
247.IX Item ""UC/unsupported certificate"
248A certificate was of an unsupported type.
249.if n .Ip """""\s-1CR\s0""""/""""certificate revoked""""" 4
250.el .Ip "``\s-1CR\s0''/``certificate revoked''" 4
251.IX Item ""CR/certificate revoked"
252A certificate was revoked by its signer.
253.if n .Ip """""\s-1CE\s0""""/""""certificate expired""""" 4
254.el .Ip "``\s-1CE\s0''/``certificate expired''" 4
255.IX Item ""CE/certificate expired"
256A certificate has expired or is not currently valid.
257.if n .Ip """""\s-1CU\s0""""/""""certificate unknown""""" 4
258.el .Ip "``\s-1CU\s0''/``certificate unknown''" 4
259.IX Item ""CU/certificate unknown"
260Some other (unspecified) issue arose in processing the
261certificate, rendering it unacceptable.
262.if n .Ip """""\s-1IP\s0""""/""""illegal parameter""""" 4
263.el .Ip "``\s-1IP\s0''/``illegal parameter''" 4
264.IX Item ""IP/illegal parameter"
265A field in the handshake was out of range or inconsistent with
266other fields. This is always fatal.
267.if n .Ip """""\s-1DC\s0""""/""""decryption failed""""" 4
268.el .Ip "``\s-1DC\s0''/``decryption failed''" 4
269.IX Item ""DC/decryption failed"
270A TLSCiphertext decrypted in an invalid way: either it wasn't an
271even multiple of the block length or its padding values, when
272checked, weren't correct. This message is always fatal.
273.if n .Ip """""\s-1RO\s0""""/""""record overflow""""" 4
274.el .Ip "``\s-1RO\s0''/``record overflow''" 4
275.IX Item ""RO/record overflow"
276A TLSCiphertext record was received which had a length more than
2772^14+2048 bytes, or a record decrypted to a TLSCompressed record
278with more than 2^14+1024 bytes. This message is always fatal.
279.if n .Ip """""\s-1CA\s0""""/""""unknown \s-1CA\s0""""" 4
280.el .Ip "``\s-1CA\s0''/``unknown \s-1CA\s0''" 4
281.IX Item ""CA/unknown CA"
282A valid certificate chain or partial chain was received, but the
283certificate was not accepted because the \s-1CA\s0 certificate could not
284be located or couldn't be matched with a known, trusted \s-1CA\s0. This
285message is always fatal.
286.if n .Ip """""\s-1AD\s0""""/""""access denied""""" 4
287.el .Ip "``\s-1AD\s0''/``access denied''" 4
288.IX Item ""AD/access denied"
289A valid certificate was received, but when access control was
290applied, the sender decided not to proceed with negotiation.
291This message is always fatal.
292.if n .Ip """""\s-1DE\s0""""/""""decode error""""" 4
293.el .Ip "``\s-1DE\s0''/``decode error''" 4
294.IX Item ""DE/decode error"
295A message could not be decoded because some field was out of the
296specified range or the length of the message was incorrect. This
297message is always fatal.
298.if n .Ip """""\s-1CY\s0""""/""""decrypt error""""" 4
299.el .Ip "``\s-1CY\s0''/``decrypt error''" 4
300.IX Item ""CY/decrypt error"
301A handshake cryptographic operation failed, including being
302unable to correctly verify a signature, decrypt a key exchange,
303or validate a finished message.
304.if n .Ip """""\s-1ER\s0""""/""""export restriction""""" 4
305.el .Ip "``\s-1ER\s0''/``export restriction''" 4
306.IX Item ""ER/export restriction"
307A negotiation not in compliance with export restrictions was
308detected; for example, attempting to transfer a 1024 bit
309ephemeral \s-1RSA\s0 key for the \s-1RSA_EXPORT\s0 handshake method. This
310message is always fatal.
311.if n .Ip """""\s-1PV\s0""""/""""protocol version""""" 4
312.el .Ip "``\s-1PV\s0''/``protocol version''" 4
313.IX Item ""PV/protocol version"
314The protocol version the client has attempted to negotiate is
315recognized, but not supported. (For example, old protocol
316versions might be avoided for security reasons). This message is
317always fatal.
318.if n .Ip """""\s-1IS\s0""""/""""insufficient security""""" 4
319.el .Ip "``\s-1IS\s0''/``insufficient security''" 4
320.IX Item ""IS/insufficient security"
321Returned instead of handshake_failure when a negotiation has
322failed specifically because the server requires ciphers more
323secure than those supported by the client. This message is always
325.if n .Ip """""\s-1IE\s0""""/""""internal error""""" 4
326.el .Ip "``\s-1IE\s0''/``internal error''" 4
327.IX Item ""IE/internal error"
328An internal error unrelated to the peer or the correctness of the
329protocol makes it impossible to continue (such as a memory
330allocation failure). This message is always fatal.
331.if n .Ip """""\s-1US\s0""""/""""user canceled""""" 4
332.el .Ip "``\s-1US\s0''/``user canceled''" 4
333.IX Item ""US/user canceled"
334This handshake is being canceled for some reason unrelated to a
335protocol failure. If the user cancels an operation after the
336handshake is complete, just closing the connection by sending a
337close_notify is more appropriate. This alert should be followed
338by a close_notify. This message is generally a warning.
339.if n .Ip """""\s-1NR\s0""""/""""no renegotiation""""" 4
340.el .Ip "``\s-1NR\s0''/``no renegotiation''" 4
341.IX Item ""NR/no renegotiation"
342Sent by the client in response to a hello request or by the
343server in response to a client hello after initial handshaking.
344Either of these would normally lead to renegotiation; when that
345is not appropriate, the recipient should respond with this alert;
346at that point, the original requester can decide whether to
347proceed with the connection. One case where this would be
348appropriate would be where a server has spawned a process to
349satisfy a request; the process might receive security parameters
350(key length, authentication, etc.) at startup and it might be
351difficult to communicate changes to these parameters after that
352point. This message is always a warning.
353.if n .Ip """""\s-1UK\s0""""/""""unknown""""" 4
354.el .Ip "``\s-1UK\s0''/``unknown''" 4
355.IX Item ""UK/unknown"
356This indicates that no description is available for this alert type.
357Probably \fBvalue\fR does not contain a correct alert message.
359.IX Header "SEE ALSO"
360ssl(3), SSL_CTX_set_info_callback(3)