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3# ISO 639-2 language codes
5# From :
7# The Library of Congress has been designated the ISO 639-2/RA for the
8# purpose of processing requests for alpha-3 language codes comprising the
9# International Standard, Codes for the representation of names of
10# languages -- Part 2: alpha-3 code. The ISO 639-2/RA receives and reviews
11# applications for requesting new language codes and for the change of
12# existing ones according to criteria indicated in the standard. It
13# maintains an accurate list of information associated with registered
14# language codes, processes updates of registered language codes, and
15# distributes them on a regular basis to subscribers and other parties.
17# This is the official site of the ISO 639-2 Registration Authority and thus
18# is the only one authorized by ISO. If you have questions concerning ISO
19# 639-2 please contact us at:
21# Library of Congress
22# Network Development and MARC Standards Office
23# Washington, DC 20540-4402
24# E-mail:
25# Phone: +1 202 707 6237
26# FAX: +1 202 707 0115
28# For general discussion about ISO language codes, write to:
30# a2: ISO 639-1 Alpha-2 code
31# bib: ISO 639-2/B bibliographic code
32# term: ISO 639-2/B terminology code
34# a2 bib term name
35aa aar aar Afar
36ab abk abk Abkhazian
37 ace ace Achinese
38 ach ach Acoli
39 ada ada Adangme
40 afa afa Afro-Asiatic (Other)
41 afh afh Afrihili
42af afr afr Afrikaans
43 aka aka Akan
44 akk akk Akkadian
45sq alb sqi Albanian
46 ale ale Aleut
47 alg alg Algonquian languages
48am amh amh Amharic
49 ang ang English, Old (ca.450-1100)
50 apa apa Apache languages
51ar ara ara Arabic
52 arc arc Aramaic
53hy arm hye Armenian
54 arn arn Araucanian
55 arp arp Arapaho
56 art art Artificial (Other)
57 arw arw Arawak
58as asm asm Assamese
59 ast ast Asturian; Bable
60 ath ath Athapascan languages
61 aus aus Australian languages
62 ava ava Avaric
63ae ave ave Avestan
64 awa awa Awadhi
65ay aym aym Aymara
66az aze aze Azerbaijani
67 bad bad Banda
68 bai bai Bamileke languages
69ba bak bak Bashkir
70 bal bal Baluchi
71 bam bam Bambara
72 ban ban Balinese
73eu baq eus Basque
74 bas bas Basa
75 bat bat Baltic (Other)
76 bej bej Beja
77be bel bel Belarusian
78 bem bem Bemba
79bn ben ben Bengali
80 ber ber Berber (Other)
81 bho bho Bhojpuri
82bh bih bih Bihari
83 bik bik Bikol
84 bin bin Bini
85bi bis bis Bislama
86 bla bla Siksika
87 bnt bnt Bantu (Other)
88bs bos bos Bosnian
89 bra bra Braj
90br bre bre Breton
91 btk btk Batak (Indonesia)
92 bua bua Buriat
93 bug bug Buginese
94bg bul bul Bulgarian
95my bur mya Burmese
96 cad cad Caddo
97 cai cai Central American Indian (Other)
98 car car Carib
99ca cat cat Catalan
100 cau cau Caucasian (Other)
101 ceb ceb Cebuano
102 cel cel Celtic (Other)
103ch cha cha Chamorro
104 chb chb Chibcha
105ce che che Chechen
106 chg chg Chagatai
107zh chi zho Chinese
108 chk chk Chuukese
109 chm chm Mari
110 chn chn Chinook jargon
111 cho cho Choctaw
112 chp chp Chipewyan
113 chr chr Cherokee
114cu chu chu Church Slavic
115cv chv chv Chuvash
116 chy chy Cheyenne
117 cmc cmc Chamic languages
118 cop cop Coptic
119kw cor cor Cornish
120co cos cos Corsican
121 cpe cpe Creoles and pidgins, English based (Other)
122 cpf cpf Creoles and pidgins, French-based (Other)
123 cpp cpp Creoles and pidgins, Portuguese-based (Other)
124 cre cre Cree
125 crp crp Creoles and pidgins (Other)
126 cus cus Cushitic (Other)
127cs cze ces Czech
128 dak dak Dakota
129da dan dan Danish
130 day day Dayak
131 del del Delaware
132 den den Slave (Athapascan)
133 dgr dgr Dogrib
134 din din Dinka
135 div div Divehi
136 doi doi Dogri
137 dra dra Dravidian (Other)
138 dua dua Duala
139 dum dum Dutch, Middle (ca.1050-1350)
140nl dut nld Dutch
141 dyu dyu Dyula
142dz dzo dzo Dzongkha
143 efi efi Efik
144 egy egy Egyptian (Ancient)
145 eka eka Ekajuk
146 elx elx Elamite
147en eng eng English
148 enm enm English, Middle (1100-1500)
149eo epo epo Esperanto
150et est est Estonian
151 ewe ewe Ewe
152 ewo ewo Ewondo
153 fan fan Fang
154fo fao fao Faroese
155 fat fat Fanti
156fj fij fij Fijian
157fi fin fin Finnish
158 fiu fiu Finno-Ugrian (Other)
159 fon fon Fon
160fr fre fra French
161 frm frm French, Middle (ca.1400-1600)
162 fro fro French, Old (842-ca.1400)
163fy fry fry Frisian
164 ful ful Fulah
165 fur fur Friulian
166 gaa gaa Ga
167 gay gay Gayo
168 gba gba Gbaya
169 gem gem Germanic (Other)
170ka geo kat Georgian
171de ger deu German
172 gez gez Geez
173 gil gil Gilbertese
174gd gla gla Gaelic (Scots)
175ga gle gle Irish
176gl glg glg Gallegan
177gv glv glv Manx
178 gmh gmh German, Middle High (ca.1050-1500)
179 goh goh German, Old High (ca.750-1050)
180 gon gon Gondi
181 gor gor Gorontalo
182 got got Gothic
183 grb grb Grebo
184 grc grc Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
185el gre ell Greek, Modern (1453-)
186gn grn grn Guarani
187gu guj guj Gujarati