Bring in the man page for nsswitch.conf this is part of RCng
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1.\" Copyright (c) 1995
2.\" Jordan K. Hubbard
4.\" Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
5.\" modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions
6.\" are met:
7.\" 1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright
8.\" notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
9.\" 2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright
10.\" notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the
11.\" documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
25.\" $FreeBSD: src/share/man/man5/rc.conf.5,v 2003/05/03 22:15:27 keramida Exp $
6e285212 26.\" $DragonFly: src/share/man/man5/rc.conf.5,v 1.2 2003/06/17 04:37:00 dillon Exp $
28.Dd March 3, 2002
29.Dt RC.CONF 5
31.Sh NAME
32.Nm rc.conf
33.Nd system configuration information
35The file
37contains descriptive information about the local host name, configuration
38details for any potential network interfaces and which services should be
39started up at system initial boot time. In new installations, the
41file is generally initialized by the system installation utility:
42.Pa /stand/sysinstall .
44The purpose of
46is not to run commands or perform system startup actions
47directly. Instead, it is included by the
48various generic startup scripts in
49.Pa /etc
50which conditionalize their
51internal actions according to the settings found there.
54.Pa /etc/rc.conf
55file is included from the file
56.Pa /etc/defaults/rc.conf ,
57which specifies the default settings for all the available options.
59need only be specified in
60.Pa /etc/rc.conf
61when the system administrator wishes to override these defaults.
62The file
63.Pa /etc/rc.conf.local
64is used to override settings in
65.Pa /etc/rc.conf
66for historical reasons.
67See the
68.Dq rc_conf_files
69option below.
71The following list provides a name and short description for each
72variable that can be set in the
75.Bl -tag -width Ar
76.It Va swapfile
77.Pq Vt str
78If set to
79.Dq NO
80then no swapfile is installed, otherwise the value is used as the full
81pathname to a file to use for additional swap space.
82.It Va apm_enable
83.Pq Vt bool
84If set to
85.Dq YES ,
86enable support for Automatic Power Management with
88.Xr apm 8
90.It Va apmd_enable
91.Pq Vt bool
93.Xr apmd 8
94to handle APM event from userland.
95This also enable support for APM.
96.It Va apmd_flags
97.Pq Vt str
99.Va apmd_enable
100is set to
101.Dq YES ,
102these are the flags to pass to the
103.Xr apmd 8
105.It Va pccard_enable
106.Pq Vt bool
107If set to
108.Dq YES ,
109enable PCCARD support at boot time.
110.It Va pccard_mem
111.Pq Vt str
112Set to PCCARD controller memory address or
114for the default value.
115.It Va pccard_ifconfig
116.Pq Vt str
117List of arguments to be passed to
118.Xr ifconfig 8
119at boot time or on
120insertion of the card (e.g. "inet netmask"
121for a fixed address or "DHCP" for a DHCP client).
122.It Va pccard_beep
123.Pq Vt int
124If 0,
125set the PCCARD controller to silent mode.
126If 1,
127set it to beep mode.
128If 2,
129set it to melody mode.
130.It Va pccard_conf
131.Pq Vt str
132Path to the configuration file for the
133.Xr pccardd 8
135.It Va pccardd_flags
136.Pq Vt str
138.Va pccard_enable
139is set to
140.Dq YES ,
141these are the flags to pass to the
142.Xr pccardd 8
144.It Va pccard_ether_delay
145.Pq Vt str
146Set the delay before starting
147.Xr dhclient 8
149.Xr pccard_ether 8
151This defaults to 5 seconds to work around a bug in the
152.Xr ed 4
153driver which can lead to system hangs when using some newer
154.Xr ed 4
155based cards.
156.It Va local_startup
157.Pq Vt str
158List of directories to search for startup script files.
159.It Va script_name_sep
160.Pq Vt str
161The field separator to use for breaking down the list of startup script files
162into individual filenames.
163The default is a space.
164It is not necessary to change this unless there are startup scripts with names
165containing spaces.
166.It Va hostname
167.Pq Vt str
168The Fully Qualified Domain Name of this host on the network.
169This should almost certainly be set to something meaningful, even if
170there is no network connection.
172.Xr dhclient 8
173is used to set the hostname via DHCP,
174this variable should be set to an empty string.
175.It Va nisdomainname
176.Pq Vt str
177The NIS domain name of this host, or
178.Dq NO
179if NIS is not used.
180.It Va dhcp_program
181.Pq Vt str
182Path to the DHCP client program
183.Pa ( /sbin/dhclient ,
184the ISC DHCP client,
185is the default).
186.It Va dhcp_flags
187.Pq Vt str
188Additional flags to pass to the DHCP client program.
189For the ISC DHCP client, see the
190.Xr dhclient 8
191page for a description of the command line options available.
192.It Va firewall_enable
193.Pq Vt bool
194Set to
195.Dq YES
196to load firewall rules at startup.
197If the kernel was not built with
199the ipfw
200kernel module will be loaded.
201See also
202.Va ipfilter_enable .
203.It Va firewall_script
204.Pq Vt str
205This variable specifies the full path to the firewall script to run.
206The default is
207.Pa /etc/rc.firewall .
208.It Va firewall_type
209.Pq Vt str
210Names the firewall type from the selection in
211.Pa /etc/rc.firewall ,
212or the file which contains the local firewall ruleset. Valid selections
214.Pa /etc/rc.firewall ,
216.Dq open
217- unrestricted IP access;
218.Dq closed
219- all IP services disabled, except via lo0;
220.Dq client
221- basic protection for a workstation;
222.Dq simple
223- basic protection for a LAN. If a filename is specified, the full path
224must be given.
225.It Va firewall_quiet
226.Pq Vt bool
227Set to
228.Dq YES
229to disable the display of ipfw rules on the console during boot.
230.It Va firewall_logging
231.Pq Vt bool
232Set to
233.Dq YES
234to enable ipfw event logging.
235This is equivalent to the
237kernel option.
238.It Va firewall_flags
239.Pq Vt str
240Flags passed to
241.Xr ipfw 8
243.Va firewall_type
244specifies a filename.
245.It Va natd_program
246.Pq Vt str
247Path to
248.Xr natd 8 .
249.It Va natd_enable
250.Pq Vt bool
251Set to
252.Dq YES
253to enable natd.
254.Va firewall_enable
255must also be set to
256.Dq YES ,
258.Xr divert 4
259sockets must be enabled in the kernel.
260.It Va natd_interface
261.Pq Vt str
262This is the name of the public interface on which natd should run.
263The interface may be given as an interface name or as an IP address.
264.It Va natd_flags
265.Pq Vt str
266Additional natd flags should be placed here. The
267.Fl n
269.Fl a
270flag is automatically added with the above
271.Va natd_interface
272as an argument.
273.\" ----- ipfilter_enable setting --------------------------------
274.It Va ipfilter_enable
275.Pq Vt bool
276Set to
277.Dq NO
278by default.
279Setting this to
280.Dq YES
282.Xr ipf 8
283packet filtering.
285Typical usage will require putting
286.Bd -literal
294.Pa /etc/rc.conf
295and editing
296.Pa /etc/ipf.rules
298.Pa /etc/ipnat.rules
301Note that
302.Va ipfilter_enable
304.Va ipnat_enable
305can be enabled independently.
306.Va ipmon_enable
308.Va ipfs_enable
309both require at least one of
310.Va ipfilter_enable
312.Va ipnat_enable
313to be enabled.
316.Bd -literal
317options IPFILTER
318options IPFILTER_LOG
322in the kernel configuration file is a good idea, too.
323.\" ----- ipfilter_program setting ------------------------------
324.It Va ipfilter_program
325.Pq Vt str
326Path to
327.Xr ipf 8
329.Pa /sbin/ipf ) .
330.\" ----- ipfilter_rules setting --------------------------------
331.It Va ipfilter_rules
332.Pq Vt str
333Set to
334.Dq /etc/ipf.rules
335by default.
336This variable contains the name of the filter rule definition file.
337The file is expected to be readable for the
338.Xr ipf 8
339command to execute.
340.\" ----- ipfilter_flags setting --------------------------------
341.It Va ipfilter_flags
342.Pq Vt str
343Empty by default.
344This variable contains flags passed to the
345.Xr ipf 8
347.\" ----- ipnat_enable setting ----------------------------------
348.It Va ipnat_enable
349.Pq Vt bool
350Set to
351.Dq NO
352by default.
353Set it to
354.Dq YES
355to enable
356.Xr ipnat 1
357network address translation.
359.Va ipfilter_enable
360for a detailed discussion.
361.\" ----- ipnat_program setting ---------------------------------
362.It Va ipnat_program
363.Pq Vt str
364Path to
365.Xr ipnat 1
367.Pa /sbin/ipnat ) .
368.\" ----- ipnat_rules setting -----------------------------------
369.It Va ipnat_rules
370.Pq Vt str
371Set to
372.Dq /etc/ipnat.rules
373by default.
374This variable contains the name of the file
375holding the network address translation definition.
376This file is expected to be readable for the
377.Xr ipnat 1
378command to execute.
379.\" ----- ipnat_flags setting -----------------------------------
380.It Va ipnat_flags
381.Pq Vt str
382Empty by default.
383This variable contains flags passed to the
384.Xr ipnat 1
386.\" ----- ipmon_enable setting ----------------------------------
387.It Va ipmon_enable
388.Pq Vt bool
389Set to
390.Dq NO
391by default.
392Set it to
393.Dq YES
394to enable
395.Xr ipmon 8
396monitoring (logging
397.Xr ipf 8
399.Xr ipnat 1
401Setting this variable needs setting
402.Va ipfilter_enable
404.Va ipnat_enable
407.Va ipfilter_enable
408for a detailed discussion.
409.\" ----- ipmon_program setting ---------------------------------
410.It Va ipmon_program
411.Pq Vt str
412Path to
413.Xr ipmon 8
415.Pa /sbin/ipmon ) .
416.\" ----- ipmon_flags setting -----------------------------------
417.It Va ipmon_flags
418.Pq Vt str
419Set to
420.Dq -Ds
421by default.
422This variable contains flags passed to the
423.Xr ipmon 8
425Another typical example would be
426.Dq -D /var/log/ipflog
427to have
428.Xr ipmon 8
429log directly to a file bypassing
430.Xr syslogd 8 .
431Make sure to adjust
432.Pa /etc/newsyslog.conf
433in such case like this:
434.Bd -literal
435/var/log/ipflog 640 10 100 * Z /var/run/
437.\" ----- ipfs_enable setting -----------------------------------
438.It Va ipfs_enable
439.Pq Vt bool
440Set to
441.Dq NO
442by default.
443Set it to
444.Dq YES
445to enable
446.Xr ipfs 8
447saving the filter and NAT state tables during shutdown
448and reloading them during startup again.
449Setting this variable needs setting
450.Va ipfilter_enable
452.Va ipnat_enable
454.Dq YES
457.Va ipfilter_enable
458for a detailed discussion.
459Note that if
460.Va kern_securelevel
461is set to 3,
462.Va ipfs_enable
463cannot be used
464because the raised securelevel will prevent
465.Xr ipfs 8
466from saving the state tables at shutdown time.
467.\" ----- ipfs_program setting ----------------------------------
468.It Va ipfs_program
469.Pq Vt str
470Path to
471.Xr ipfs 8
473.Pa /sbin/ipfs ) .
474.\" ----- ipfs_flags setting ------------------------------------
475.It Va ipfs_flags
476.Pq Vt str
477Empty by default.
478This variable contains flags passed to the
479.Xr ipfs 8
481.\" ----- end of added ipf hook ---------------------------------
482.It Va tcp_extensions
483.Pq Vt bool
484Set to
485.Dq YES
486by default.
487Setting this to NO disables certain TCP options as described by
489.%T RFC 1323
491Setting this to
492.Dq NO
493might help remedy such problems with connections as randomly hanging
494or other weird behavior.
495Some network devices are known
496to be broken with respect to these options.
497.It Va log_in_vain
498.Pq Vt int
499Set to 0 by default.
501.Xr sysctl 8
503.Sy net.inet.tcp.log_in_vain
505.Sy net.inet.udp.log_in_vain
506as described in
507.Xr tcp 4
509.Xr udp 4 ,
510are set to the given value.
511.It Va tcp_keepalive
512.Pq Vt bool
513Set to
514.Dq YES
515by default.
516Setting to NO will disable probing idle TCP connections to verify that the
517peer is still up and reachable.
518.It Va tcp_drop_synfin
519.Pq Vt bool
520Set to
521.Dq NO
522by default.
523Setting to YES will cause the kernel to ignore TCP frames that have both
524the SYN and FIN flags set.
525This prevents OS fingerprinting, but may
526break some legitimate applications.
527This option is only available if the
528kernel was built with the
531.It Va icmp_drop_redirect
532.Pq Vt bool
533Set to
534.Dq NO
535by default.
536Setting to YES will cause the kernel to ignore ICMP REDIRECT packets.
537.It Va icmp_log_redirect
538.Pq Vt bool
539Set to
540.Dq NO
541by default.
542Setting to YES will cause the kernel to log ICMP REDIRECT packets.
543Note that
544the log messages are not rate-limited, so this option should only be used
545for troubleshooting networks.
546.It Va network_interfaces
547.Pq Vt str
548Set to the list of network interfaces to configure on this host.
549For example, if the only network devices in the system are the loopback
552and a NIC using the ed0 driver,
553this could be set to
554.Dq "lo0 ed0"
556.Va ifconfig_ Ns Aq Ar interface
557variable is also assumed to exist for each value of
558.Ar interface .
559It is also possible to add IP alias entires here in cases where
560multiple IP addresses registered against a single interface
561are desired.
562Assuming that the interface in question was ed0, it might look
563something like this:
564.Bd -literal
565ifconfig_ed0_alias0="inet netmask 0xffffffff"
566ifconfig_ed0_alias1="inet netmask 0xffffffff"
569And so on.
570For each
571.Va ifconfig_ Ns Ao Ar interface Ac Ns Va _alias Ns Aq Ar n
572entry that is found,
573its contents are passed to
574.Xr ifconfig 8 .
575Execution stops at the first unsuccessful access, so if
576something like this is present:
577.Bd -literal
578ifconfig_ed0_alias0="inet netmask 0xffffffff"
579ifconfig_ed0_alias1="inet netmask 0xffffffff"
580ifconfig_ed0_alias2="inet netmask 0xffffffff"
581ifconfig_ed0_alias4="inet netmask 0xffffffff"
584Then note that alias4 would
585.Em not
586be added since the search would
587stop with the missing alias3 entry.
589It is possible to bring up an interface with DHCP by setting the
590.Va ifconfig_ Ns Aq Ar interface
591variable to
592.Dq DHCP .
593For instance, to initialize the ed0 device via DHCP,
594it is possible to use something like:
595.Bd -literal
598.It Va cloned_interfaces
599.Pq Vt str
600Set to the list of clonable network interfaces to create on this host.
601Entries in
602.Va cloned_interfaces
603are automatically appended to
604.Va network_interfaces
605for configuration.
606.It Va gif_interfaces
607.Pq Vt str
608Set to the list of
609.Xr gif 4
610tunnel interfaces to configure on this host.
612.Va gifconfig_ Ns Aq Ar interface
613variable is assumed to exist for each value of
614.Ar interface .
615The value of this variable is used to configure the link layer of the
616tunnel according to the syntax of the
617.Cm tunnel
618option to
619.Xr ifconfig 8 .
620Additionaly, this option ensures that each listed interface is created
621via the
622.Cm create
623option to
624.Xr ifconfig 8
625before attempting to configure it.
626.It Va ppp_enable
627.Pq Vt bool
628If set to
629.Dq YES ,
630run the
631.Xr ppp 8
633.It Va ppp_mode
634.Pq Vt str
635Mode in which to run the
636.Xr ppp 8
637daemon. Accepted modes are
638.Dq auto ,
639.Dq ddial ,
640.Dq direct
642.Dq dedicated .
643See the manual for a full description.
644.It Va ppp_nat
645.Pq Vt bool
646If set to
647.Dq YES ,
648enables packet aliasing.
649Used in conjunction with
650.Va gateway_enable
651allows hosts on private network addresses access to the Internet using
652this host as a network address translating router.
653.It Va ppp_profile
654.Pq Vt str
655The name of the profile to use from
656.Pa /etc/ppp/ppp.conf .
657.It Va ppp_user
658.Pq Vt str
659The name of the user under which ppp should be started.
661default, ppp is started as
662.Dq root .
663.It Va rc_conf_files
664.Pq Vt str
665This option is used to specify a list of files that will override
666the settings in
667.Pa /etc/defaults/rc.conf .
668The files will be read in the order in which they are specified and should
669include the full path to the file.
670By default, the files specified are
671.Pa /etc/rc.conf
673.Pa /etc/rc.conf.local
674.It Va fsck_y_enable
675.Pq Vt bool
676If set to
677.Dq YES ,
678.Xr fsck 8
679will be run with the -y flag if the initial preen
680of the filesystems fails.
681.It Va syslogd_enable
682.Pq Vt bool
683If set to
684.Dq YES ,
685run the
686.Xr syslogd 8
688.It Va syslogd_program
689.Pq Vt str
690Path to
691.Xr syslogd 8
693.Pa /usr/sbin/syslogd ) .
694.It Va syslogd_flags
695.Pq Vt str
697.Va syslogd_enable
698is set to
699.Dq YES ,
700these are the flags to pass to
701.Xr syslogd 8 .
702.It Va inetd_enable
703.Pq Vt bool
704If set to
705.Dq YES ,
706run the
707.Xr inetd 8
709.It Va inetd_program
710.Pq Vt str
711Path to
712.Xr inetd 8
714.Pa /usr/sbin/inetd ) .
715.It Va inetd_flags
716.Pq Vt str
718.Va inetd_enable
719is set to
720.Dq YES ,
721these are the flags to pass to
722.Xr inetd 8 .
723.It Va named_enable
724.Pq Vt bool
725If set to
726.Dq YES ,
727run the
728.Xr named 8
730.It Va named_program
731.Pq Vt str
732Path to
733.Xr named 8
735.Pa /usr/sbin/named ) .
736.It Va named_flags
737.Pq Vt str
739.Va named_enable
740is set to
741.Dq YES ,
742these are the flags to pass to
743.Xr named 8 .
744.It Va kerberos_server_enable
745.Pq Vt bool
746Set to
747.Dq YES
748to start a Kerberos IV authentication server
749at boot time.
750.It Va kadmind_server_enable
751.Pq Vt bool
752Set to
753.Dq YES
754to start
755.Xr kadmind 8 ,
756the Kerberos IV Administration Daemon; set to
757.Dq NO
758on a slave server.
759.It Va kerberos_stash
760.Pq Vt str
762.Dq YES ,
763instruct the Kerberos servers to use the stashed master key instead of
764prompting for it (only if
765.Va kerberos_server_enable
766is set to
767.Dq YES ,
768and is used for both
769.Xr kerberos 1
771.Xr kadmind 8 ) .
772.It Va kerberos5_server_enable
773.Pq Vt bool
774Set to
775.Dq YES
776to start a Kerberos 5 authentication server
777at boot time.
778.It Va kadmind5_server_enable
779.Pq Vt bool
780Set to
781.Dq YES
782to start
783.Xr k5admind 8 ,
784the Kerberos 5 Administration Daemon; set to
785.Dq NO
786on a slave server.
787.It Va rwhod_enable
788.Pq Vt bool
789If set to
790.Dq YES ,
791run the
792.Xr rwhod 8
793daemon at boot time.
794.It Va rwhod_flags
795.Pq Vt str
797.Va rwhod_enable
798is set to
799.Dq YES ,
800these are the flags to pass to it.
801.It Va amd_enable
802.Pq Vt bool
803If set to
804.Dq YES ,
805run the
806.Xr amd 8
807daemon at boot time.
808.It Va amd_flags
809.Pq Vt str
811.Va amd_enable
812is set to
813.Dq YES ,
814these are the flags to pass to it.
815See the
816.Xr amd 8
817.Xr info 1
818page for more information.
819.It Va amd_map_program
820.Pq Vt str
821If set,
822the specified program is run to get the list of
823.Xr amd 8
825For example, if the
826.Xr amd 8
827maps are stored in NIS, one can set this to
829.Xr ypcat 1
830to get a list of
831.Xr amd 8
832maps from the
833.Pa amd.master
834NIS map.
835.It Va update_motd
836.Pq Vt bool
837If set to
838.Dq YES ,
839.Pa /etc/motd
840will be updated at boot time to reflect the kernel release
841being run. If set to
842.Dq NO ,
843.Pa /etc/motd
844will not be updated
845.It Va nfs_client_enable
846.Pq Vt bool
847If set to
848.Dq YES ,
849run the NFS client daemons at boot time.
850.It Va nfs_client_flags
851.Pq Vt str
853.Va nfs_client_enable
854is set to
855.Dq YES ,
856these are the flags to pass to the
857.Xr nfsiod 8
859.It Va nfs_access_cache
860.Pq Vt int
862.Va nfs_client_enable
863is set to
864.Dq YES ,
865this can be set to
866.Dq 0
867to disable NFS ACCESS RPC caching, or to the number of seconds for which
869results should be cached.
870A value of 2-10 seconds will substantially reduce network
871traffic for many NFS operations.
872.It Va nfs_server_enable
873.Pq Vt bool
874If set to
875.Dq YES ,
876run the NFS server daemons at boot time.
877.It Va nfs_server_flags
878.Pq Vt str
880.Va nfs_server_enable
881is set to
882.Dq YES ,
883these are the flags to pass to the
884.Xr nfsd 8
886.It Va single_mountd_enable
887.Pq Vt bool
888If set to
889.Dq YES ,
890and no
891.Va nfs_server_enable
892is set, start
893.Xr mountd 8 ,
894but not
895.Xr nfsd 8
897It is commonly needed to run CFS without real NFS used.
898.It Va mountd_flags
899.Pq Vt str
901.Va mountd_enable
902is set to
903.Dq Li YES ,
904these are the flags to pass to the
905,Xr mountd 8
907.It Va weak_mountd_authentication
908.Pq Vt bool
909If set to
910.Dq YES ,
911allow services like PCNFSD to make non-privileged mount
913.It Va nfs_reserved_port_only
914.Pq Vt bool
915If set to
916.Dq YES ,
917provide NFS services only on a secure port.
918.It Va nfs_bufpackets
919.Pq Vt int
920If set to a number, indicates the number of packets worth of
921socket buffer space to reserve on an NFS client.
922The kernel default is typically 4.
923Using a higher number may be
924useful on gigabit networks to improve performance.
925The minimum value is
9262 and the maximum is 64.
927.It Va rpc_lockd_enable
928.Pq Vt bool
929If set to
930.Dq YES
931and also an NFS server, run
932.Xr rpc.lockd 8
933at boot time.
934.It Va rpc_statd_enable
935.Pq Vt bool
936If set to
937.Dq YES
938and also an NFS server, run
939.Xr rpc.statd 8
940at boot time.
941.It Va portmap_program
942.Pq Vt str
943Path to
944.Xr portmap 8
946.Pa /usr/sbin/portmap ) .
947.It Va portmap_enable
948.Pq Vt bool
949If set to
950.Dq YES ,
951run the
952.Xr portmap 8
953service at boot time.
954.It Va portmap_flags
955.Pq Vt str
957.Va portmap_enable
958is set to
959.Dq YES ,
960these are the flags to pass to the
961.Xr portmap 8
963.It Va xtend_enable
964.Pq Vt bool
965If set to
966.Dq YES
967then run the
968.Xr xtend 8
969daemon at boot time.
970.It Va xtend_flags
971.Pq Vt str
973.Va xtend_enable
974is set to
975.Dq YES ,
976these are the flags to pass to the
977.Xr xtend 8
979.It Va pppoed_enable
980.Pq Vt bool
981If set to
982.Dq YES
983then run the
984.Xr pppoed 8
985daemon at boot time to provide PPP over Ethernet services.
986.It Va pppoed_ Ns Ar provider
987.Pq Vt str
988.Xr pppoed 8
989listens to requests to this
990.Ar provider
991and ultimately runs
992.Xr ppp 8
993with a
994.Ar system
995argument of the same name.
996.It Va pppoed_flags
997.Pq Vt str
998Additional flags to pass to
999.Xr pppoed 8 .
1000.It Va pppoed_interface
1001.Pq Vt str
1002The network interface to run pppoed on. This is mandatory when
1003.Va pppoed_enable
1004is set to
1005.Dq YES .
1006.It Va timed_enable
1007.Pq Vt boot
1009.Dq YES
1010then run the
1011.Xr timed 8
1012service at boot time. This command is intended for networks of
1013machines where a consistent
1014.Qq "network time"
1015for all hosts must be established. This is often useful in large NFS
1016environments where time stamps on files are expected to be consistent
1018.It Va timed_flags
1019.Pq Vt str
1021.Va timed_enable
1022is set to
1023.Dq YES ,
1024these are the flags to pass to the
1025.Xr timed 8
1027.It Va ntpdate_enable
1028.Pq Vt bool
1029If set to
1030.Dq YES ,
1031run ntpdate at system startup. This command is intended to
1032synchronize the system clock only
1033.Em once
1034from some standard reference. An option to set this up initially
1035(from a list of known servers) is also provided by the
1036.Pa /stand/sysinstall
1037program when the system is first installed.
1038.It Va ntpdate_program
1039.Pq Vt str
1040Path to
1041.Xr ntpdate 8
1043.Pa /usr/sbin/ntpdate ) .
1044.It Va ntpdate_flags
1045.Pq Vt str
1047.Va ntpdate_enable
1048is set to
1049.Dq YES ,
1050these are the flags to pass to the
1051.Xr ntpdate 8
1052command (typically a hostname).
1053.It Va xntpd_enable
1054.Pq Vt bool
1055If set to
1056.Dq YES
1057then run the
1058.Xr ntpd 8
1059command at boot time.
1060.It Va xntpd_program
1061.Pq Vt str
1062Path to
1063.Xr ntpd 8
1065.Pa /usr/sbin/ntpd ) .
1066.It Va xntpd_flags
1067.Pq Vt str
1069.Va xntpd_enable
1070is set to
1071.Dq YES ,
1072these are the flags to pass to the
1073.Xr ntpd 8
1075.It Va nis_client_enable
1076.Pq Vt bool
1077If set to
1078.Dq YES
1079then run the
1080.Xr ypbind 8
1081service at system boot time.
1082.It Va nis_client_flags
1083.Pq Vt str
1085.Va nis_client_enable
1086is set to
1087.Dq YES ,
1088these are the flags to pass to the
1089.Xr ypbind 8
1091.It Va nis_ypset_enable
1092.Pq Vt bool
1093If set to
1094.Dq YES
1095then run the
1096.Xr ypset 8
1097daemon at system boot time.
1098.It Va nis_ypset_flags
1099.Pq Vt str
1101.Va nis_ypset_enable
1102is set to
1103.Dq YES ,
1104these are the flags to pass to the
1105.Xr ypset 8
1107.It Va nis_server_enable
1108.Pq Vt bool
1109If set to
1110.Dq YES
1111then run the
1112.Xr ypserv 8
1113daemon at system boot time.
1114.It Va nis_server_flags
1115.Pq Vt str
1117.Va nis_server_enable
1118is set to
1119.Dq YES ,
1120these are the flags to pass to the
1121.Xr ypserv 8
1123.It Va nis_ypxfrd_enable
1124.Pq Vt bool
1125If set to
1126.Dq YES
1127then run the
1128.Xr rpc.ypxfrd 8
1129daemon at system boot time.
1130.It Va nis_ypxfrd_flags
1131.Pq Vt str
1133.Va nis_ypxfrd_enable
1134is set to
1135.Dq YES ,
1136these are the flags to pass to the
1137.Xr rpc.ypxfrd 8
1139.It Va nis_yppasswdd_enable
1140.Pq Vt bool
1141If set to
1142.Dq YES
1143then run the
1144.Xr rpc.yppasswdd 8
1145daemon at system boot time.
1146.It Va nis_yppasswdd_flags
1147.Pq Vt str
1149.Va nis_yppasswdd_enable
1150is set to
1151.Dq YES ,
1152these are the flags to pass to the
1153.Xr rpc.yppasswdd 8
1155.It Va defaultrouter
1156.Pq Vt str
1157If not set to
1158.Dq NO
1159then create a default route to this host name or IP address
1160(use an IP address if this router is also required to get to the
1161name server!).
1162.It Va static_routes
1163.Pq Vt str
1164Set to the list of static routes that are to be added at system
1165boot time. If not set to
1166.Dq NO
1167then for each whitespace separated
1168.Ar element
1169in the value, a
1170.Va route_ Ns Aq Ar element
1171variable is assumed to exist
1172whose contents will later be passed to a
1173.Dq route add
1175.It Va gateway_enable
1176.Pq Vt bool
1177If set to
1178.Dq YES ,
1179then configure host to at as an IP router, e.g. to forward packets
1180between interfaces.
1181.It Va router_enable
1182.Pq Vt bool
1183If set to
1184.Dq YES
1185then run a routing daemon of some sort, based on the
1186settings of
1187.Va router
1189.Va router_flags .
1190.It Va router
1191.Pq Vt str
1193.Va router_enable
1194is set to
1195.Dq YES ,
1196this is the name of the routing daemon to use.
1197.It Va router_flags
1198.Pq Vt str
1200.Va router_enable
1201is set to
1202.Dq YES ,
1203these are the flags to pass to the routing daemon.
1204.It Va mrouted_enable
1205.Pq Vt bool
1206If set to
1207.Dq YES
1208then run the multicast routing daemon,
1209.Xr mrouted 8 .
1210.It Va mrouted_flags
1211.Pq Vt str
1213.Va mrouted_enable
1214is set to
1215.Dq YES ,
1216these are the flags to pass to the multicast routing daemon.
1217.It Va ipxgateway_enable
1218.Pq Vt bool
1219If set to
1220.Dq YES
1221then enable the routing of IPX traffic.
1222.It Va ipxrouted_enable
1223.Pq Vt bool
1224If set to
1225.Dq YES
1226then run the
1227.Xr IPXrouted 8
1228daemon at system boot time.
1229.It Va ipxrouted_flags
1230.Pq Vt str
1232.Va ipxrouted_enable
1233is set to
1234.Dq YES ,
1235these are the flags to pass to the
1236.Xr IPXrouted 8
1238.It Va arpproxy_all
1239.Pq Vt bool
1240If set to
1241.Dq YES
1242then enable global proxy ARP.
1243.It Va forward_sourceroute
1244.Pq Vt bool
1245If set to
1246.Dq YES
1247then when
1248.Va gateway_enable
1249is also set to
1250.Dq YES ,
1251source routed packets are forwarded.
1252.It Va accept_sourceroute
1253.Pq Vt bool
1254If set to
1255.Dq YES
1256then the system will accept source routed packets directed at it.
1257.It Va rarpd_enable
1258.Pq Vt bool
1259If set to
1260.Dq YES
1261then run the
1262.Xr rarpd 8
1263daemon at system boot time.
1264.It Va rarpd_flags
1265.Pq Vt str
1267.Va rarpd_enable
1268is set to
1269.Dq YES ,
1270these are the flags to pass to the
1271.Xr rarpd 8
1273.It Va atm_enable
1274.Pq Vt bool
1275Set to
1276.Dq YES
1277to enable the configuration of ATM interfaces at system boot time.
1278For all of the ATM variables described below, please refer to the
1279.Xr atm 8
1280man page for further details on the available command parameters.
1281Also refer to the files in
1282.Pa /usr/share/examples/atm
1283for more detailed configuration information.
1284.It Va atm_netif_<intf>
1285.Pq Vt str
1286For the ATM physical interface
1287.Va <intf> ,
1288this variable defines the name prefix and count for the ATM network interfaces to be created.
1289The value will be passed as the parameters of an
1290.Dq atm set netif Va <intf>
1292.It Va atm_sigmgr_<intf>
1293.Pq Vt str
1294For the ATM physical interface
1295.Va <intf> ,
1296this variable defines the ATM signalling manager to be used.
1297The value will be passed as the parameters of an
1298.Dq atm attach Va <intf>
1300.It Va atm_prefix_<intf>
1301.Pq Vt str
1302For the ATM physical interface
1303.Va <intf> ,
1304this variable defines the NSAP prefix for interfaces using a UNI signalling
1305manager. If set to
1306.Em ILMI ,
1307then the prefix will automatically be set via the
1308.Xr ilmid 8
1309daemon. Otherwise, the value will be passed as the parameters of an
1310.Dq atm set prefix Va <intf>
1312.It Va atm_macaddr_<intf>
1313.Pq Vt str
1314For the ATM physical interface
1315.Va <intf> ,
1316this variable defines the MAC address for interfaces using a UNI signalling
1317manager. If set to
1318.Dq NO ,
1319then the hardware MAC address contained in the ATM interface card will be used.
1320Otherwise, the value will be passed as the parameters of an
1321.Dq atm set mac Va <intf>
1323.It Va atm_arpserver_<netif>
1324.Pq Vt str
1325For the ATM network interface
1326.Va <netif> ,
1327this variable defines the ATM address for a host which is to provide ATMARP
1328service. This variable is only applicable to interfaces using a UNI signalling
1329manager. If set to
1330.Em local ,
1331then this host will become an ATMARP server.
1332The value will be passed as the parameters of an
1333.Dq atm set arpserver Va <netif>
1335.It Va atm_scsparp_<netif>
1336.Pq Vt bool
1337If set to
1338.Dq YES ,
1339then SCSP/ATMARP service for the network interface
1340.Va <netif>
1341will be initiated using the
1342.Xr scspd 8
1344.Xr atmarpd 8
1345daemons. This variable is only applicable if
1347.Va atm_arpserver_ Ns Aq Ar netif
1348.No = Ns Qq local
1350is defined.
1351.It Va atm_pvcs
1352.Pq Vt str
1353Set to the list of ATM PVCs to be added at system
1354boot time. For each whitespace separated
1355.Ar element
1356in the value, an
1357.Va atm_pvc_ Ns Aq Ar element
1358variable is assumed to exist. The value of each of these variables
1359will be passed as the parameters of an
1360.Dq atm add pvc
1362.It Va atm_arps
1363.Pq Vt str
1364Set to the list of permanent ATM ARP entries to be added
1365at system boot time. For each whitespace separated
1366.Ar element
1367in the value, an
1368.Va atm_arp_ Ns Aq Ar element
1369variable is assumed to exist. The value of each of these variables
1370will be passed as the parameters of an
1371.Dq atm add arp
1373.It Va keymap
1374.Pq Vt str
1375If set to
1376.Dq NO
1377then no keymap is installed, otherwise the value is used to install
1378the keymap file in
1379.Pa /usr/share/syscons/keymaps/<value>.kbd
1380.It Va keyrate
1381.Pq Vt str
1382The keyboard repeat speed. Set to
1383.Dq slow ,
1384.Dq normal ,
1385.Dq fast
1387.Dq NO
1388if the default behavior is desired.
1389.It Va keychange
1390.Pq Vt str
1391If not set to
1392.Dq NO ,
1393attempt to program the function keys with the value. The value should
1394be a single string of the form:
1395.Qq Ar "<funkey_number> <new_value> [<funkey_number> <new_value>]..."
1396.It Va cursor
1397.Pq Vt str
1398Can be set to the value of
1399.Dq normal ,
1400.Dq blink ,
1401.Dq destructive
1403.Dq NO
1404to set the cursor behavior explicitly or choose the default behavior.
1405.It Va scrnmap
1406.Pq Vt str
1407If set to
1408.Dq NO
1409then no screen map is installed, otherwise the value is used to install
1410the screen map file in
1411.Pa /usr/share/syscons/scrnmaps/<value> .
1412.It Va font8x16
1413.Pq Vt str
1414If set to
1415.Dq NO
1416then the default 8x16 font value is used for screen size requests, otherwise
1417the value in
1418.Pa /usr/share/syscons/fonts/<value>
1419is used.
1420.It Va font8x14
1421.Pq Vt str
1422If set to
1423.Dq NO
1424then the default 8x14 font value is used for screen size requests, otherwise
1425the value in
1426.Pa /usr/share/syscons/fonts/<value>
1427is used.
1428.It Va font8x8
1429.Pq Vt str
1430If set to
1431.Dq NO
1432then the default 8x8 font value is used for screen size requests, otherwise
1433the value in
1434.Pa /usr/share/syscons/fonts/<value>
1435is used.
1436.It Va blanktime
1437.Pq Vt int
1438If set to
1439.Dq NO
1440then the default screen blanking interval is used, otherwise it is set
1442.Ar value
1444.It Va saver
1445.Pq Vt str
1446If not set to
1447.Dq NO ,
1448this is the actual screen saver to use (blank, snake, daemon, etc).
1449.It Va moused_enable
1450.Pq Vt str
1451If set to
1452.Dq YES ,
1454.Xr moused 8
1455daemon is started for doing cut/paste selection on the console.
1456.It Va moused_type
1457.Pq Vt str
1458This is the protocol type of the mouse connected to this host.
1459This variable must be set if
1460.Va moused_enable
1461is set to
1462.Dq YES .
1464.Xr moused 8
1466is able to detect the appropriate mouse type automatically in many cases.
1467Set this variable to
1468.Dq auto
1469to let the daemon detect it, or
1470select one from the following list if the automatic detection fails.
1472If the mouse is attached to the PS/2 mouse port, choose
1473.Dq auto
1475.Dq ps/2 ,
1476regardless of the brand and model of the mouse. Likewise, if the
1477mouse is attached to the bus mouse port, choose
1478.Dq auto
1480.Dq busmouse .
1481All other protocols are for serial mice and will not work with
1482the PS/2 and bus mice.
1483If this is a USB mouse,
1484.Dq auto
1485is the only protocol type which will work.
1486.Bd -literal
1487microsoft Microsoft mouse (serial)
1488intellimouse Microsoft IntelliMouse (serial)
1489mousesystems Mouse systems Corp mouse (serial)
1490mmseries MM Series mouse (serial)
1491logitech Logitech mouse (serial)
1492busmouse A bus mouse
1493mouseman Logitech MouseMan and TrackMan (serial)
1494glidepoint ALPS GlidePoint (serial)
1495thinkingmouse Kensington ThinkingMouse (serial)
1496ps/2 PS/2 mouse
1497mmhittab MM HitTablet (serial)
1498x10mouseremote X10 MouseRemote (serial)
1499versapad Interlink VersaPad (serial)
1502Even if the mouse is not in the above list, it may be compatible
1503with one in the list.
1504Refer to the man page for
1505.Xr moused 8
1506for compatibility information.
1508It should also be noted that while this is enabled, any
1509other client of the mouse (such as an X server) should access
1510the mouse through the virtual mouse device:
1511.Pa /dev/sysmouse
1512and configure it as a sysmouse type mouse, since all
1513mouse data is converted to this single canonical format when
1515.Xr moused 8 .
1516If the client program does not support the sysmouse type,
1517specify the mousesystems type.
1518It is the second preferred type.
1519.It Va moused_port
1520.Pq Vt str
1522.Va moused_enable
1523is set to
1524.Dq YES ,
1525this is the actual port the mouse is on.
1526It might be
1527.Pa /dev/cuaa0
1528for a COM1 serial mouse,
1529.Pa /dev/psm0
1530for a PS/2 mouse or
1531.Pa /dev/mse0
1532for a bus mouse, for example.
1533.It Va moused_flags
1534.Pq Vt str
1536.Va moused_type
1537is set, these are the additional flags to pass to the
1538.Xr moused 8
1540.It Va allscreens_flags
1541.Pq Vt str
1542If set,
1543.Xr vidcontrol 1
1544is run with these options for each of the virtual terminals
1545.Pq Pa /dev/ttyv* .
1546For example,
1547.Dq -m on
1548will enable the mouse pointer on all virtual terminals
1550.Va moused_enable
1551is set to
1552.Dq YES .
1553.It Va cron_enable
1554.Pq Vt bool
1555If set to
1556.Dq YES
1557then run the
1558.Xr cron 8
1559daemon at system boot time.
1560.It Va cron_program
1561.Pq Vt str
1562Path to
1563.Xr cron 8
1565.Pa /usr/sbin/cron ) .
1566.It Va cron_flags
1567.Pq Vt str
1569.Va cron_enable
1570is set to
1571.Dq YES ,
1572these are the flags to pass to
1573.Xr cron 8 .
1574.It Va lpd_program
1575.Pq Vt str
1576Path to
1577.Xr lpd 8
1579.Pa /usr/sbin/lpd ) .
1580.It Va lpd_enable
1581.Pq Vt bool
1582If set to
1583.Dq YES
1584then run the
1585.Xr lpd 8
1586daemon at system boot time.
1587.It Va lpd_flags
1588.Pq Vt str
1590.Va lpd_enable
1591is set to
1592.Dq YES ,
1593these are the flags to pass to the
1594.Xr lpd 8
1596.It Va mta_start_script
1597.Pq Vt str
1598This variable specifies the full path to the script to run to start
1599a mail transfer agent.
1600The default is
1601.Pa /etc/rc.sendmail .
1603.Va sendmail_*
1604variables which
1605.Pa /etc/rc.sendmail
1606uses are documented in the
1607.Xr rc.sendmail 8
1608man page.
1609.It Va dumpdev
1610.Pq Vt str
1611Indicates the device (usually a swap partition) to which a crash dump
1612should be written in the event of a system crash.
1613The value of this variable is passed as the argument to
1614.Xr dumpon 8 .
1615To disable crash dumps, set this variable to
1616.Dq NO .
1617.It Va dumpdir
1618.Pq Vt str
1619When the system reboots after a crash and a crash dump is found on the
1620device specified by the
1621.Va dumpdev
1623.Xr savecore 8
1624will save that crash dump and a copy of the kernel to the directory
1625specified by the
1626.Va dumpdir
1628The default value is
1629.Dq /var/crash .
1630Set to
1631.Dq NO
1632to not run
1633.Xr savecore 8
1634at boot time when
1635.Va dumpdir
1636is set.
1637.It Va savecore_flags
1638.Pq Vt str
1639If crash dumps are enabled, these are the flags to pass to the
1640.Xr savecore 8
1642.It Va enable_quotas
1643.Pq Vt bool
1644Set to
1645.Dq YES
1646to turn on user disk quotas on system startup via the
1647.Xr quotaon 8
1649.It Va check_quotas
1650.Pq Vt bool
1651Set to
1652.Dq YES
1653to enable user disk quota checking via the
1654.Xr quotacheck 8
1656.It Va accounting_enable
1657.Pq Vt bool
1658Set to
1659.Dq YES
1660to enable system accounting through the
1661.Xr accton 8
1663.It Va ibcs2_enable
1664.Pq Vt bool
1665Set to
1666.Dq YES
1667to enable iBCS2 (SCO) binary emulation at system initial boot
1669.It Va ibcs2_loaders
1670.Pq Vt str
1671If not set to
1672.Dq NO
1673and if
1674.Va ibcs2_enable
1675is set to
1676.Dq YES ,
1677this specifies a list of additional iBCS2 loaders to enable.
1678.It Va linux_enable
1679.Pq Vt bool
1680Set to
1681.Dq YES
1682to enable Linux/ELF binary emulation at system initial
1683boot time.
1684.It Va osf1_enable
1685.Pq Vt bool
1686Set to
1687.Dq YES
1688to enable OSF/1 (Digital UNIX) binary emulation at system
1689initial boot time.
1691.It Va rand_irqs
1692.Pq Vt str
1693Set to the list of IRQs to monitor for random number creation
1694(see the man page for
1695.Xr rndcontrol 8 ) .
1696.It Va clear_tmp_enable
1697.Pq Vt bool
1698Set to
1699.Dq YES
1700to have
1701.Pa /tmp
1702cleaned at startup.
1703.It Va ldconfig_paths
1704.Pq Vt str
1705Set to the list of shared library paths to use with
1706.Xr ldconfig 8 .
1708.Pa /usr/lib
1709will always be added first, so it need not appear in this list.
1710.It Va ldconfig_insecure
1711.Pq Vt bool
1713.Xr ldconfig 8
1714utility normally refuses to use directories
1715which are writable by anyone except root.
1716Set this variable to
1717.Dq YES
1718to disable that security check during system startup.
1719.It Va kern_securelevel_enable
1720.Pq Vt bool
1721Set to
1722.Dq YES
1723to set the kernel security level at system startup.
1724.It Va kern_securelevel
1725.Pq Vt int
1726The kernel security level to set at startup.
1727The allowed range of
1728.Ar value
1729ranges from -1 (the compile time default) to 3 (the
1730most secure). See
1731.Xr init 8
1732for the list of possible security levels and their effect
1733on system operation.
1734.It Va start_vinum
1735.Pq Vt bool
1736Set to
1737.Dq YES
1738to start
1739.Xr vinum 8
1740at system boot time.
1741.It Va sshd_program
1742.Pq Vt str
1743Path to the SSH server program
1744.Pa ( /usr/sbin/sshd
1745is the default).
1746.It Va sshd_enable
1747.Pq Vt bool
1748Set to
1749.Dq YES
1750to start
1751.Xr sshd 8
1752at system boot time.
1753.It Va sshd_flags
1754.Pq Vt str
1756.Va sshd_enable
1757is set to
1758.Dq YES ,
1759these are the flags to pass to the
1760.Xr sshd 8
1762.It Va unaligned_print
1763.Pq Vt bool
1764If set to
1765.Dq NO
1766then unaligned access warnings will not be printed.
1768.\" ----- isdn settings ---------------------------------
1769.It Va isdn_enable
1770.Pq Vt bool
1771Set to
1772.Dq NO
1773by default.
1774When set to
1775.Dq YES ,
1776starts the isdn daemon
1777.Pa /usr/sbin/isdnd
1778at system boot time.
1779.It Va isdn_flags
1780.Pq Vt str
1781Set to
1782.Dq -dn -d0x1f9
1783by default.
1784Additional flags to pass to
1785.Xr isdnd 8
1786(but see
1787.Va isdn_fsdev
1789.Va isdn_ttype
1790for certain tunable parameters).
1791.It Va isdn_ttype
1792.Pq Vt str
1793Set to
1794.Dq cons25
1795by default.
1796The terminal type of the output device when
1797.Xr isdnd 8
1798operates in fullscreen mode.
1799.It Va isdn_screenflags
1800.Pq Vt str
1801Set to
1802.Dq NO
1803by default.
1804The video mode for fullscreen mode (only for
1805.Xr syscons 4
1806console driver, see
1807.Xr vidcontrol 1
1808for valid modes).
1809.It Va isdn_fsdev
1810.Pq Vt str
1811Set to
1812.Dq /dev/ttyv4
1813by default.
1814The output device for
1815.Xr isdnd 8
1816in fullscreen mode (or
1817.Dq NO
1818for daemon mode).
1819.It Va isdn_trace
1820.Pq Vt bool
1821Set to
1822.Dq NO
1823by default.
1824When set to
1825.Dq YES ,
1826enables the ISDN protocol trace utility
1827.Pa /usr/sbin/isdntrace
1828at system boot time.
1829.It Va isdn_traceflags
1830.Pq Vt str
1831Set to
1832.Dq -f /var/tmp/isdntrace0
1833by default.
1834Flags for
1835.Pa /usr/sbin/isdntrace .
1836.\" -----------------------------------------------------
1838.Sh FILES
1839.Bl -tag -width /etc/defaults/rc.conf -compact
1840.It Pa /etc/defaults/rc.conf
1841.It Pa /etc/rc.conf
1842.It Pa /etc/rc.conf.local
1844.Sh SEE ALSO
1845.Xr catman 1 ,
1846.Xr gdb 1 ,
1847.Xr info 1 ,
1848.Xr makewhatis 1 ,
1849.Xr vidcontrol 1 ,
1850.Xr tcp 4 ,
1851.Xr udp 4 ,
1852.Xr exports 5 ,
1853.Xr motd 5 ,
1854.Xr accton 8 ,
1855.Xr amd 8 ,
1856.Xr apm 8 ,
1857.Xr atm 8 ,
1858.Xr cron 8 ,
1859.Xr dhclient 8 ,
1860.Xr gated 8 ,
1861.Xr ifconfig 8 ,
1862.Xr inetd 8 ,
1863.Xr isdnd 8 ,
1864.Xr isdntrace 8 ,
1865.Xr lpd 8 ,
1866.Xr mountd 8 ,
1867.Xr moused 8 ,
1868.Xr mrouted 8 ,
1869.Xr named 8 ,
1870.Xr nfsd 8 ,
1871.Xr nfsiod 8 ,
1872.Xr ntpd 8 ,
1873.Xr ntpdate 8 ,
1874.Xr pcnfsd 8 ,
1875.Xr portmap 8 ,
1876.Xr quotacheck 8 ,
1877.Xr quotaon 8 ,
1878.Xr rc 8 ,
1879.Xr rc.sendmail 8 ,
1880.Xr rndcontrol 8 ,
1881.Xr route 8 ,
1882.Xr routed 8 ,
1883.Xr rpc.lockd 8 ,
1884.Xr rpc.statd 8 ,
1885.Xr rpcbind 8 ,
1886.Xr rwhod 8 ,
1887.Xr savecore 8 ,
1888.Xr sshd 8 ,
1889.Xr swapon 8 ,
1890.Xr sysctl 8 ,
1891.Xr syslogd 8 ,
1892.Xr timed 8 ,
1893.Xr vinum 8 ,
1894.Xr vnconfig 8 ,
1895.Xr xtend 8 ,
1896.Xr yp 8 ,
1897.Xr ypbind 8 ,
1898.Xr ypserv 8 ,
1899.Xr ypset 8
1903file appeared in
1904.Fx 2.2.2 .
1906.An Jordan K. Hubbard .