I have a GQ (Great Quality) MX-3201 laptop. I believe it
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3 Compatible laptops
5 This file contains a very incomplete list of laptops known to work
6 reasonably well with DragonFly.
8Craig Dooley:
9 I have an hp pavilion zt3020us (also sold as the hp pavilion nx7000 i
10 believe and a compaq x1000). 3+ hours battery life, 15.4" wxga,
11 radeon 9200 (not really since the intel chipset doesn't support agp
12 8x, and thats the only difference between the 9200 and the 9100 i
13 believe). A little heavier than I'd like at about 6 lbs, but
14 everything works except suspend. Wireless is supported through a
15 third party driver, or the ndis wrapper. Also, it has one firewire
16 port than is mini, but it does work to mount my ipod off of.
18Paul Grunwald:
19 For what it is worth, my IBM r32 seems to be well supported. I got this
20 refurb'd with a 3 Year IBM warranty for $800 from off-leasecomputers.com.
21 I have wireless, Xfree86, and sound working, I have not had time to play
22 with sleep/suspend, firewire, etc. but it all seems to be seen. Battery
23 life is about 2 hours.
25 In general, I think the IBM laptops are well supported (and well
26 supported in Linux). TechBargains had a good deal on a t42 a couple of
27 days ago.
28 "IBM Thinkpad t42 Centrino $1199 - January 5, 2005
29 IBM has the light 4.5lb Thinkpad t42 Centrino Notebook Pentium M 1.6Ghz
30 256MB/40GB, DVD/CDRW, 14.1in screen, 802.11g, Gigabit Ethernet $1199.20
31 shipped free, save $300. $29.99 upgrade to Office 2003 Basic. "
33Matt Dillon:
34 I've had good success with my Sony VAIO TR3A, and my older
35 Sony VAIO PCG-F560. I haven't tried sleep mode on the TR3A and the
36 Sony BIOS does not have any modes that use the full width of its
37 screen (why Sony would not include such a mode is beyond me), but
38 everything else appears to work pretty well.
40 I've had bad luck with the eMachines 6809. Neither USB nor
41 the network work very well.
43Bryan Berch:
44 I had an eMachines 6805, AMD64, for a week in March 2003. Everything
45 worked fine that I tried in FreeBSD and is on the Freebsd compatiblity
46 list. [DragonFly status on 6805 is not known].
48 Compaq R3306US - This is the one that wouldn't boot a normal iso
49 and you did the one to get past the keyboard. It would boot with
50 that iso, but the laptop's keyboard would not work after boot. If a usb
51 keyboard was attached and then booted the usb keyboard would work, but
52 could not get the laptops keyboard to work even then.
54 Gateway 7422GX (AMD64 3400+) I hope to install this weekend as a dual
55 boot till I am sure it all works and I can learn enough to set-up
56 a network.
58 Specs here: https://www.gateway.com/home/products/ret/ret_7422gx.shtml
60 Running the live cd. ifconfig recognizes: vr0 fwe0. Card reader
61 reads Sans Disks from camara USB cordless mouse works. Read and
62 write to SanDisk USB cruzer mini. Has firewire, but not tested.
64Justin Sherrill:
65 I have a IBM ThinkPad 600E, model number 2645-4AU. The pcmica slots
66 do not work unless I add this to /boot/device.hints:
68 hw.cbb.start_memory="0x20000000"
69 hint.acpi.0.disabled="1"
70 hw.pci.allow_unsupported_io_range="1"
72 I have had trouble getting an Xircom Ethernet card and Linksys
73 Linksys Instant Wireless (version 2.5) card working; the wireless
74 card only worked on the first insertion. The Xircom card (xe0) is
75 recognized but errors out when activated. Sound does not work,
76 though there are various tips out there from FreeBSD users on other
77 600E series laptops who did manage to get it working. The CD drive,
78 xorg, keyboard, etc. all work.
80 I hate to do it, but I won't be running DragonFly on it because of
81 the above problems. However, it appears that there are a large
82 number of different 600E models - the 3 character code after the model
83 describes which. Some other models may prove less troublesome.
36ce0070 84
85Jeremy C. Reed:
86 I have a GQ (Great Quality) MX-3201 laptop. I believe it
87 is also known as the ECS G320 (or Green320). It has a VIA C3
88 Nehemiah 1.2 GHz processor. The touchpad mouse (psm0) does not
89 work because the "synaptics" support has not been added
90 (available from FreeBSD). (Using serial port with serial mouse
91 works fine with moused.) The VIA VT6102 Rhine II 10/100BaseTX
92 interface works fine as vr0. Older versions of X do not support
93 the VIA video card, but recent versions of X.org do now support it.
94 TODO: document sound, USB, modem.