Add manual pages for virtio (taken from FreeBSD with modifications).
[dragonfly.git] / share / man /
2013-01-06 Sascha WildnerAdd manual pages for virtio (taken from FreeBSD with...
2013-01-01 Sascha Wildnermsgport.9: Adjust some comments to be <80 chars.
2012-12-20 Sascha WildnerRemove the mknod(8) utility.
2012-12-20 Sascha Wildnerstandards.7: Add URLs for a couple of standards.
2012-12-18 Sepherosa Ziehaupolling: Increase default polling rate to 6000Hz
2012-12-16 Sascha Wildnersglist.9: Add a missing include to the SYNOPSIS.
2012-12-16 Sascha WildnerRemove VFS_INIT.9 manual page, there is no such macro.
2012-12-16 Sascha WildnerVFS_MOUNT.9: Adjust to the current state in /usr/src.
2012-12-14 Sepherosa Ziehaupolling: Increase default rx.each_burst to 50
2012-12-10 Sepherosa Ziehaupolling: Add tunable for net.ifpoll.X.rx.user_frac
2012-12-08 François Tigeotkernel: Import sglist subsystem from FreeBSD
2012-12-07 Sascha Wildnerrc.conf.5: Document rc.conf.d/
2012-12-05 Sascha Wildnertwe(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
2012-12-01 Sascha Wildnercy(4): Remove ISA support.
2012-12-01 Sascha WildnerRemove stli(4). Also remove ISA support from stl(4).
2012-11-29 Sascha Wildnerbt(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
2012-11-29 Sascha Wildnerbt(4): Remove support for ISA adapters.
2012-11-26 Sepherosa Ziehaupolling: Increase default status polling fraction to 80
2012-11-21 Sascha Wildnerhptiop(4): Add support for RocketRAID 4520 and 4522.
2012-11-18 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove unused KTR_POLLING option.
2012-11-16 Sepherosa Ziehaupolling: Update manpage for device_polling to ifpoll...
2012-11-14 Sascha Wildnerinit(8): Resurrect kern.shutdown_timeout as kern.init_s...
2012-11-08 Stathis Kamperisobjcache.9: cluster_limit is no longer changed
2012-11-05 Sascha Wildnersysctl.9: Fix another typo. frequence -> frequency
2012-11-04 Sascha WildnerFix some typos in the manpages.
2012-11-04 Sascha WildnerRemove word duplicates in some manual pages.
2012-10-28 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSH'
2012-10-26 Sascha Wildnervkernel.7: Remove SMP related info.
2012-10-26 Sascha Wildnervkernel.7: Add back some info I accidentally removed.
2012-10-26 Sascha WildnerAdjust some manual pages for the recent SMP changes.
2012-10-24 Matthew DillonMerge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh://crater...
2012-10-24 Sascha Wildneridr.9: Clean up a bit.
2012-10-24 Matthew DillonMerge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh://crater...
2012-10-23 Vishesh Yadavidr: Integer ID management library
2012-10-22 Sascha Wildnercondvar.9: Remove trailing whitespace.
2012-10-21 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/BMAKE'
2012-10-20 Markus Pfeiffercondvar(9): adjust manpage to reflect reality
2012-10-20 CharlieMerge branch 'vendor/GCC47'
2012-10-20 CharlieMerge branch 'vendor/GCC47'
2012-10-19 Matthew DillonMerge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh://crater...
2012-10-14 Sascha Wildnercompilers.conf.5: Some more cleanup.
2012-10-13 Matthew DillonMerge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh://crater...
2012-10-13 Sascha Wildnercompilers.conf.5: Remove docs about *_VERSION, it no...
2012-10-13 Matthew DillonMerge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh://crater...
2012-10-12 Sascha Wildnersleep.9: Really write PINTERLOCKED in the example.
2012-10-12 Sascha Wildnersleep.9: s/PINTERLOCK/PINTERLOCKED/
2012-10-12 Sascha Wildnercompilers.conf.5: We only describe non-base compilers...
2012-10-11 Matthew DillonMerge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh://crater...
2012-10-11 Sascha Wildnerusb4bsd: Hook the userland part into the build.
2012-10-08 Matthew DillonMerge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh://crater...
2012-10-08 Sascha Wildnerkmalloc.9: Document M_POWEROF2.
2012-10-01 John MarinoSwitch on gcc47 and switch off gcc41
2012-10-01 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/GCC47'
2012-09-29 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/MPC'
2012-09-26 Matthew DillonMerge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh://crater...
2012-09-25 Sascha Wildnermake.conf.5: Add some words about WANT_NETGRAPH7.
2012-09-25 Sascha Wildnerarcmsr(4): Sync with FreeBSD (Areca's driver version...
2012-09-18 François Tigeottuning(7): shm_use_phys is now enabled by default
2012-09-18 Sascha WildnerMention KTR_USCHED_DFLY in the manpage and in the LINTs.
2012-09-17 Sascha Wildnerixgbe.4: Use .Dx
2012-09-17 Sascha Wildnermsgport.9: Some mdoc and typo fixes.
2012-09-17 Sascha Wildnerem.4: Mention TSO support.
2012-09-17 Nuno Antunesmsgport.9: Catch up with recent changes to lwkt_initpor...
2012-09-17 Sascha Wildnerfortune(6)/mutex.9: s/is is/is/
2012-09-17 Sascha Wildnerem.4: Add some words about emx(4) and create MLINKS.
2012-09-11 Matthew DillonMerge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh://crater...
2012-09-11 Sascha Wildnerhier.7: Oops, use Xr
2012-09-11 Sascha Wildnerhier.7: Add some words about /usr/share/terminfo.
2012-09-11 François Tigeotixgbe: Document a performance tuning sysctl
2012-09-10 Chris Turnerperiodic.conf(5): document new 'daily_clean_hammer_pfsl...
2012-09-09 Sascha WildnerInstall apm(4)'s manual page on x86_64, too.
2012-09-07 Sascha WildnerBUS_SETUP_INTR.9: Add missing comma and bump .Dd
2012-09-07 François TigeotDocument bus_setup_intr_descr(9)
2012-09-07 Sascha WildnerVFS.9: Add a reference to VFS_SET(9).
2012-09-07 Matthew DillonMerge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh://crater...
2012-09-03 Nuno Antunesmsgport.9: Fix a path.
2012-09-02 Sascha Wildnertbridge: Sync NAME, SYNOPSIS and MLINKS.
2012-09-02 Sascha WildnerBring in a VFS_SET(9) manual page (from FreeBSD).
2012-08-26 Sascha Wildnermake_dev.9: Fix typo.
2012-08-26 Sascha Wildnerkernel/devfs: Pass more arguments to the callback for...
2012-08-25 Sascha WildnerAdd a device_get_name(9) manual page (from FreeBSD).
2012-08-25 Matthew DillonMerge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh://crater...
2012-08-24 Nuno Antunesmutex.9: Misc updates and minor improvements.
2012-08-23 Sascha Wildnermake_dev.9: devfs_scan_callback() takes an arg to pass...
2012-08-23 Nuno Antunesmsgport.9: Sort cross references alphabetically.
2012-08-23 Nuno Antunesmsgport.9: Add cross reference to sleep(9).
2012-08-23 Nuno Antunessleep.9: Catch up with spin_{,un}lock_wr() -> spin_...
2012-08-22 Matthew DillonMerge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh://crater...
2012-08-22 Sascha WildnerAdd an MLINK for KTR_COND_LOG.
2012-08-22 Alex Hornungktr.4 - add note about KTR_USCHED_BSD4
2012-08-22 Mihai Carabasvkernel{,64} - CPU topology support
2012-08-22 Mihai Carabasktr - add KTR_COND_LOG
2012-08-22 Sascha Wildnermsgport.9: Fix some minor mdoc issues.
2012-08-21 Nuno Antunesmdoc: Add a msgport(9) manual page documenting LWKT...
2012-08-16 Matthew DillonMerge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh://crater...
2012-08-15 Antonio Huete Jimenezhammer - Add tunable vfs.hammer.skip_redo
2012-08-11 Matthew DillonMerge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh://crater...
2012-08-11 Sascha Wildnerhptrr.4: Remove unneeded .Pp
2012-08-08 Matthew DillonMerge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh://crater...
2012-08-08 Sascha WildnerAdd the hpt27xx(4) driver for HighPoint RocketRAID...