bge: Don't peek at the TX descriptor in txeof()
[dragonfly.git] / sys / dev / netif / bge / if_bge.c
2012-08-14 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Don't peek at the TX descriptor in txeof()
2012-08-12 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Add TSO support for BCM5755 family chips
2012-07-26 Sepherosa Ziehaubge/bnx: Avoid using magic register name
2012-07-17 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: All chips using BGE_PCI_PRODID_ASICREV have CPMU
2012-07-17 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Rework RWDMA configuration
2012-07-17 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Don't bail, even if firmware hand shaking fails.
2012-07-12 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Correct PHY test control register value name
2012-07-12 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2012-07-12 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Force 128 bytes Max Payload Size on old PCI-E...
2012-07-12 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Avoid using magic number for PCI-E PHY Test Contro...
2012-07-12 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Add MSI support
2012-07-11 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENPAM'
2012-07-11 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/XZ'
2012-07-11 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/TNFTP'
2012-07-11 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/LIBARCHIVE'
2012-07-11 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/TCPDUMP'
2012-07-11 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/LIBPCAP'
2012-07-08 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Split if_bgereg.h into if_bgereg.h and if_bgevar.h
2012-07-08 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Cosmetic cleanup
2012-07-07 Sepherosa Ziehaubge/bce: Use mii private data to pass various flags...
2012-07-05 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Add commented out code to set "clear ticks upon TX"
2012-07-05 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Add BGE_IS_CRIPPLED to test BCM5788 and BCM5700
2012-07-05 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Make sure coalesce parameters are in sane range
2012-07-05 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Correct comment
2012-07-05 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Factor our bge_link_poll()
2012-07-05 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Add comment about coalesce parameters during interrupt
2012-07-04 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/FILE'
2012-07-04 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Enable "tagged status" on non-BCM5788 and non...
2012-07-03 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: BGE_PCI_MISC_CTL resides in PCI configuration...
2012-07-03 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Regroup code, no functional changes
2012-07-02 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Don't force PCI Express TLP to be 128 bytes
2012-07-02 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Workaround mbox write reordering for PCI-X devices
2012-07-02 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: If chip has CPMU, let it handle GPHY power down
2012-07-02 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Always enable buffer manager
2012-07-02 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Workaround BCM5906 chip bug
2012-07-02 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Enable hardware patch for TX MAC lockup on BCM5755...
2012-07-02 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Workaround "short DMA" bug on certain chips
2012-07-02 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Avoid accessing invalid internal memory region...
2012-07-02 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Properly configure receive and send RCBs
2012-07-02 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Force interrupt if link status changes
2012-07-02 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Rework MII register accessing and auto-polling...
2012-07-02 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Adjust PHY workaround settings
2012-07-02 Sepherosa Ziehaubge/brgphy: Split PHY flags out of main flags
2012-07-02 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Enable fix for read DMA FIFO overruns on certain...
2012-07-02 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: NetExtreme/NetLink controllers require memory...
2012-07-01 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Utilize new mii_probe()
2012-06-29 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Don't prevent bge_init if IFF_RUNNING is set
2012-06-29 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Improve 5785 performance
2012-06-29 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Reduce the number of dropped frames when flow...
2012-06-29 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Disable UDP hardware checksum
2012-06-29 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Avoid using magic number
2012-06-29 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Properly enable Data Fifo Protection for certain...
2012-06-29 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Zero out the status block during initialization
2012-06-29 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: For dual mode PHY controllers, make sure to enable...
2012-06-29 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Don't touch jumbo frame registers on chips which...
2012-06-29 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Improve TX performance on certain low end chips
2012-06-29 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Reduce status block device update size
2012-06-29 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: x86_64 does not have alignment constraint either
2012-06-28 Alex HornungMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-06-28 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Proper configure PCI-X for BCM5703/5704 devices
2012-06-28 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: For BCM5703, limit DMA read watermark
2012-06-28 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Enable hardware fixes for BCM5704 B0 as recommende...
2012-06-28 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Revert small part of f47afe1, which setup PHY...
2012-06-28 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: In bge_stop, don't isolate PHY; it is unnecessary
2012-06-28 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Add busdma constraints for old chips
2012-06-28 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Add missing bit of commit f47afe1
2012-06-28 Sepherosa Ziehaubge: Limit BCM5701 B5 to 32-bit mode
2012-05-15 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/GDB'
2012-05-14 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/NCURSES'
2012-05-13 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSL'
2012-05-12 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/GMP'
2012-05-11 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/NCURSES'
2012-05-11 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/ZLIB'
2012-05-11 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/GDB'
2012-05-10 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/LIBEDIT'
2012-05-08 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/GREP'
2012-04-28 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove newlines from the panic messages that...
2012-04-27 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSL'
2012-04-21 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSL'
2012-04-13 Sepherosa Ziehauether: Don't manually packing up input mbufs
2012-04-10 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSL'
2012-03-27 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSL'
2012-03-13 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/GCC44'
2012-01-23 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/TCPDUMP'
2012-01-23 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/LIBPCAP'
2012-01-20 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSL'
2012-01-16 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/LIBARCHIVE'
2012-01-12 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/LIBARCHIVE'
2012-01-08 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/XZ'
2012-01-08 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/TNFTP'
2012-01-05 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSL'
2011-12-31 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/FILE'
2011-12-30 Aggelos EconomopoulosModify ktr(4) to be typesafe
2011-12-29 Sepherosa Ziehauintr: Remove no longer correct ithread_cpuid; use rman_...
2011-12-23 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENPAM'
2011-11-28 Jan LentferMerge branch 'vendor/LDNS'
2011-11-26 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/BINUTILS_ALL'
2011-11-26 John MarinoInitial import of binutils 2.22 on the new vendor branch
2011-11-06 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/MPFR'
2011-11-05 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/GMP'