iwi.4: Update iwi(4)'s manual page (from FreeBSD).
[dragonfly.git] / usr.bin /
2010-07-13 Sascha Wildnerlt(1): Change mode to 644.
2010-07-11 Alex Hornunglibdevattr & udevd - add man pages
2010-07-08 Alex Hornunglt - add new tree-like utility
2010-07-04 Stathis Kamperistop: Fix count of process states
2010-06-22 Sascha Wildnergetconf.1: The sysconf variable for _POSIX_VERSION...
2010-06-12 Sascha Wildnerevtranalyze.1: Oops, add back the '.' I removed by...
2010-06-12 Sascha Wildnerevtranalyze.1: Fix some .El mixup.
2010-06-12 Aggelos Economopoulosevtranalyze.1: update and expand manpage
2010-06-12 Aggelos Economopoulosevtranalyze: plotting capability
2010-06-12 Venkatesh SrinivasMerge branch 'master' of /repository/git/dragonfly
2010-06-12 Sascha Wildnernetwork code: Convert if_multiaddrs from LIST to TAILQ.
2010-06-12 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2010-06-12 Matthew Dillontop - Fix seg-fault when window made very wide
2010-06-07 Sascha Wildnerindent.1: Add missing description of -bs/-nbs.
2010-06-06 Jan Lentferdrill: Import dig replacement into base.
2010-06-05 Sascha Wildnerindent(1): Sync with FreeBSD (brings in -ta).
2010-06-02 Sascha Wildnerioprio(1): Partial revert of the previous commit to...
2010-06-02 Sascha Wildnerioprio(1): We want to set the absolute I/O priority...
2010-06-02 Sascha Wildnerioprio.1: Fix typo.
2010-06-02 Sascha WildnerRename ionice(1) to ioprio(1) and add a short manual...
2010-05-28 Sascha WildnerAdjust some comments/manpages regarding where profiling...
2010-05-28 Sascha Wildnerevtranalyze(1): Staticise some functions for now to...
2010-05-28 Aggelos Economopoulosevtranalyze: support for completion event statistics
2010-05-26 Aggelos Economopoulosktrdump: constify pointer
2010-05-26 Aggelos Economopoulosktrdump: dump some device info
2010-05-26 Aggelos Economopoulosevtranalyze: don't try to open stdin by default
2010-05-26 Aggelos Economopoulosevtranalyze: correctly print out name of variable
2010-05-22 Sascha Wildnerncplist(1): Raise WARNS to 3 and fix warnings.
2010-05-14 Venkatesh Srinivaspatch: Free temporary buffer after stripping.
2010-05-06 Jan LentferBIND: entirely purge BIND and related stuff from base
2010-04-28 Sascha Wildnermkioctls: Miscellaneous cleanup.
2010-04-24 Sascha Wildnermanpages: Fix some mdoc issues and remove trailing...
2010-04-24 Sascha Wildnerxstr(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
2010-04-23 Aggelos Economopoulosevtr: hook into the x86_64 build
2010-04-23 Aggelos Economopoulosevtranalyze: clean up warnings
2010-04-23 Aggelos Economopoulosevtranalyze: fix thinko in debug code
2010-04-23 Aggelos Economopoulosevtr: initial implementation of a DSL
2010-04-15 Alex Hornungdsched - Implement priorities and other improvements
2010-04-13 Matthew DillonMerge remote branch 'crater/master' into net80211-update
2010-04-13 Rui PauloMerge branch 'master' into net80211-update
2010-04-12 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2010-04-12 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'net80211-update' of git://leaf.dragonflyb...
2010-04-10 YONETANI Tomokazuwindow(1): Perform NULL check before strcmp() rather...
2010-04-09 Sascha Wildnerwindow(1): Remove __RCSID & friends.
2010-04-08 Sascha Wildnerlook(1): Fix my previous commit.
2010-04-08 Sascha WildnerFix look(1) on x86_64.
2010-04-07 Rui PauloMerge branch 'master' into net80211-update
2010-04-04 Antonio Huete Jimenezsystat - Fix a deja vu in a header file.
2010-03-30 Sascha Wildnermandoc(1): Update to 1.9.20.
2010-03-29 Thomas NikolajsenMerge commit 'crater/master'
2010-03-29 Thomas Nikolajsensystat: update vmstat & improve man page
2010-03-29 Thomas Nikolajsenvknet(1)/vknetd(8): improve markup, sync SYNOPSIS/usage...
2010-03-29 Thomas Nikolajsenswapcache.8/chflags.[12]: adjust markup & add flags...
2010-03-29 Rui PauloMerge branch 'master' into net80211-update
2010-03-28 Sascha WildnerSort sections in various manual pages.
2010-03-27 Sascha Wildnermandoc(1): Update to 1.9.19.
2010-03-18 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'net80211-update' of git://leaf.dragonflyb...
2010-03-18 Rui PauloMerge branch 'master' into net80211-update
2010-03-17 Matthew Dillonvmstat - update for changes in nch structure
2010-03-16 Matthew Dillonsystat - break out read and write I/O activity, change...
2010-03-12 Matthew Dillonfstat - Fix path construction for "wd".
2010-03-05 Matthew DillonMerge remote branch 'crater/master' into net80211-update
2010-03-05 Michael NeumannMerge branch 'master' of git://git.dragonflybsd.org...
2010-03-04 Sascha WildnerFix typos in manual pages and user visible messages.
2010-03-04 Sascha WildnerSort the SEE ALSO sections in some manual pages.
2010-03-02 Alex Hornungtalk - unbreak for unix98 ptys
2010-02-28 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSL'
2010-02-23 Rui PauloMerge branch 'master' into net80211-update
2010-02-23 Jan Lentfertop: Fix man page
2010-02-23 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'vendor/EXPAT'
2010-02-22 Matthew Dillonchflags, swapcache manual page updates - cache flag...
2010-02-20 Sascha Wildnermandoc(1): Update to 1.9.15.
2010-02-18 Aggelos Economopoulosevtranalyze: share debugging declarations
2010-02-17 Aggelos Economopoulosevtranalyze: correct allocation size
2010-02-17 Matthew Dillonkernel - SWAP CACHE part 21/many - more manual page...
2010-02-17 Matthew Dillonkernel - SWAP CACHE part 20/many - add 'cache' and...
2010-02-15 Aggelos Economopoulosevtr: modularize debug output
2010-02-15 Aggelos Economopoulosevtranalyze: add summary command and refactor interval...
2010-02-13 Aggelos Economopoulosevtranalyze: fix sloppy format strings
2010-02-13 Aggelos Economopoulosktrdump: always sort entries when dumping
2010-02-13 Aggelos Economopoulosevtr: dump core frequencies and use them to print times...
2010-02-13 Aggelos Economopoulosevtranalyze: correct a couple of filtering bugs
2010-02-13 Sascha WildnerPut evtranalyze and ktrdump in the already existing...
2010-02-12 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2010-02-12 Matthew Dillonutilities - Temporary map out libevtr, ktrdump, and...
2010-02-10 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2010-02-09 Sascha Wildnerktrdump.8: Fix typo in xref.
2010-02-08 Stathis Kamperisawk(1): Increase input field separator width.
2010-02-08 Aggelos EconomopoulosBring in a simple event tracing library and POC utility
2010-02-06 Matthew Dillonvmstat - Adjustments for kmalloc size_t changes
2010-02-06 Michael NeumannMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2010-02-05 Matthew Dillonvmstat - increase the maximum number of kmalloc types...
2010-01-25 Jan LentferMerge branch 'vendor/FILE'
2010-01-25 Jan LentferMerge branch 'vendor/SENDMAIL'
2010-01-17 Matthew Dillonvmstat - Allow sub-second intervals to be specified.
2010-01-17 Jan LentferBIND: enable DNSSEC support for named and related tools...
2010-01-10 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSH'
2010-01-10 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSH'
2010-01-09 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSH'
2010-01-05 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...