Don't send masses of mails when pushing branch without new commits
[dragonfly.git] / post-receive-email
2009-02-03 Simon SchubertDon't send masses of mails when pushing branch without...
2009-01-10 Simon SchubertUpdate gitweb urls to a nicer format.
2008-12-03 Simon 'corecode... Treat subsequent revs as updates
2008-12-03 Simon 'corecode... Use a summary shortlog for initial tags
2008-12-03 Simon 'corecode... Change the subject to be more terse
2008-12-01 Simon 'corecode... Show involved files when displaying a merge
2008-12-01 Simon 'corecode... Don't use tabs for header line whitespace folding
2008-12-01 Simon 'corecode... Fix commit id reporting in the subject
2008-11-30 Simon 'corecode... Cut down on mail output.
2008-11-30 Simon 'corecode... Don't print the project name or "branch" in the subject.
2008-11-30 Simon SchubertAdd gitweb URL support
2008-11-30 Simon 'corecode... Rework hook to send separate mails per commit
2008-11-30 Simon 'corecode... Make hook executable.
2008-11-30 Simon 'corecode... Add hook from git/contrib.