Replace local array size calculations with NELEM().
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3 hours ago Sascha WildnerReplace local array size calculations with NELEM(). master
2 days ago Eitan Adlerselect(2): mark as restrict in man page
2 days ago Sascha WildnerAdd missing restrict qualifiers in POSIX function defin...
3 days ago zrjworld: Remove references to %r and %b.
4 days ago Sascha Wildnerpthread.3: Add missing functions.
4 days ago Sascha WildnerChange __restrict -> restrict in two manual pages.
11 days ago Sascha WildnerUse 'null' and 'NULL' instead of 'nil' in some manual...
2018-02-03 Sascha Wildnerpthread_join.3: Add a missing header in the SYNOPSIS.
2018-02-03 Sascha WildnerFix a few mdoc issues.
2018-02-02 Sascha WildnerNormalize libcrypto and libssl DPADD variable names...
2018-02-02 zrjlibusb: Use more common "vendor product" order.
2018-02-02 zrjlibtcplay: Add some format safety.
2018-02-02 zrjlibcompat: Use %hu for unsigned shorts.
2018-02-02 zrjrpc: Fix xdr_* macros and limit buffer sizes.
2018-02-02 zrjlibutil: Use local wrapper for exit(3).
2018-02-01 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix kernel minidumps
2018-01-28 Sascha WildnerRemove an unused variable in various's.
2018-01-28 zrjlibfetch: Suppress fallthrough warning.
2018-01-21 Sascha Wildnerlib/i18n_module: Add a missing break.
2018-01-20 Sascha Wildnerpam_exec(8): Raise WARNS to 3.
2018-01-19 Sascha Wildnerlibthread_xu: Fix issues detected by gcc80.
2018-01-05 Sascha Wildnerlibthread_xu: Fix a typo in a comment.
2018-01-04 zrjlibc/nls: Sync with FreeBSD.
2017-12-31 zrjworld: Avoid extended ASCII.
2017-12-31 Sascha WildnerRemove various 'r' commands and daemons.
2017-12-31 zrjlib/libc_rtld: Fix 'make install'.
2017-12-30 zrjlibc: Remove 'table' argument from call to collate_rang...
2017-12-30 zrjlibc/locale: Fix leading space issue in wcstof().
2017-12-30 zrjnewlocale(3): Add support for native complex locale.
2017-12-29 zrjnewlocale(3): Add compat support for c++ runtime libs.
2017-12-29 zrjlibc/locale: Prevent bad builds on partial XLC_ enum...
2017-12-29 zrjmbtowc(3): Set EILSEQ on incomplete character case.
2017-12-29 zrjlibc/locale: Misc cleanup.
2017-12-27 zrjlibc/nmalloc: Handle size_t overflows in malloc().
2017-12-27 Eitan AdlerFix several speelling errors
2017-12-25 zrjlibc/stdtime: Use style(9) comments in strftime.c
2017-12-23 zrjfflush(3): Return success on a read-only stream.
2017-12-19 Sascha Wildnerlibc/sysconf: Add _SC_LEVEL1_DCACHE_LINESIZE.
2017-12-18 zrjlibc/nmalloc: Handle size_t overflows in posix_memalign().
2017-12-18 zrjlibc/nmalloc: Whistespace cleanup.
2017-12-10 Sascha Wildnerlibc: Forgotten adjustment in Versions.def
2017-12-10 Sascha Wildnerlibc/termios: Add cfmakesane().
2017-12-05 Sascha Wildnerlibcipher: Minimal K&R cleanup.
2017-12-05 Sascha Wildnerlibcrypt: K&R cleanup.
2017-12-05 Sascha Wildnerlibcrypt: Remove some __STDC__ checks.
2017-12-05 Sascha WildnerRemove some orphaned externs.
2017-12-04 Matthew Dillonlibc - Adjust comment
2017-12-04 Sascha WildnerFix mdoc issues in various manual pages.
2017-12-02 Sascha Wildnerpthread_join.3: Document pthread_timedjoin_np() (taken...
2017-12-02 Sascha Wildnerpthread_mutex_*.3: Add {get,set}prioceiling to SEE...
2017-11-30 Sascha Wildnerlibpthread: Document some more functions.
2017-11-30 Sascha Wildnerlibpthread: Add pthread_mutex_timedlock() reference...
2017-11-30 Sascha Wildnerlibpthread: Sort a few things in the Makefile.
2017-11-28 Sascha Wildnerlibarchive: Revert commit that was not meant to be...
2017-11-28 Sascha Wildnerlibc/nls: Use current locale (set by thread).
2017-11-25 Sascha WildnerRemove faith(4) and faithd(8) from the tree.
2017-11-25 Sascha WildnerRemove some duplicated includes.
2017-11-23 Sascha Wildnerreboot.2: Remove obsolete BUGS section.
2017-11-22 Matthew Dillonlibc - Use O_CLOEXEC in srandomdev()
2017-11-21 Tomohiro Kusumikqueue: Fix kqueue(2) EVFILT_FS section
2017-11-18 Sascha Wildnerlibc/citrus: Catch a NULL pointer earlier, check for...
2017-11-18 Sascha WildnerRemove the NO_CRYPT build option.
2017-11-15 zrjncurses: Privatize the last public header.
2017-11-15 zrjncurses: Add hostprog variant of tic.
2017-11-15 zrjncurses: Move in panel handling to Makefile.sources.
2017-11-15 zrjncurses: Separate generators and sources list.
2017-11-15 zrjncurses: Do not use LIB_SUFFIX.
2017-11-15 zrjRevert "Hack-fix buildworld after the ncurses upgrade."
2017-11-15 Sascha WildnerFix some typos in manual pages.
2017-11-14 Sascha Wildnerlibcrypto: Remove unused old version and date in Makefi...
2017-11-10 zrjlibpam: Play some 4D chess for static pam modules support.
2017-11-10 zrjlibpam: Reorganize libpam build structure.
2017-11-10 Sascha Wildnerlibc: Move unused rcsid[] etc. constants into the
2017-11-10 Sascha Wildnerlibc: Remove unused string constant.
2017-11-09 Activate LIBDMSG.
2017-11-09 zrjlibpam: Update Makefile.
2017-11-08 Matthew Dillonlibc and pthreads - Fix atfork issues with nmalloc...
2017-11-08 Matthew Dillonkernel - Update umtx documentation
2017-11-08 zrjlibcrypt: Fix symbol conflict with LIBRECRYPTO.
2017-11-08 zrjlib/csu: Fix longstanding quickworld issue.
2017-11-06 zrjworld: Honour the NO_SHARE in make.conf
2017-11-02 Matthew Dillonpthreads - Fix rtld-elf and libthread_xu
2017-11-02 Matthew Dillonlibc - Add rtld stubs for pthreads
2017-11-02 Matthew Dillonlibthread_xu - Fix rtld and refactor locks
2017-11-02 Matthew Dillonrtld - Add fork hooks for libthread_xu to install
2017-10-17 Sascha WildnerRemove "kernel ppp", i.e. if_ppp.ko and pppd(8).
2017-10-15 Matthew DillonRevert "libthread_xu - Wakeup all waiters"
2017-10-15 Matthew Dillonlibthread_xu - Wakeup all waiters
2017-10-14 Lubos BoucekFix additional cases of seg-faults on crypt(3) failure
2017-10-13 Matthew DillonImport OpenSSH-7.6p1
2017-10-12 Sascha Wildnerlibc/net: Add NI_NUMERICSCOPE flag for getnameinfo().
2017-10-08 Sascha Wildnerhammer2.8/pthread_attr_setaffinity_np.3: Fix mdoc issues.
2017-10-01 Sascha WildnerFix some minor issues in several manual pages.
2017-09-30 Sascha WildnerFix some Xr punctuation issues in several manual pages.
2017-09-30 Sascha WildnerUse standard section name 'AUTHORS' in several manual...
2017-09-28 Matthew Dillonkernel - Restrict kill(-1, ...) to the reaper group...
2017-09-28 Sascha WildnerRemove libmandoc.
2017-09-23 Sascha WildnerUpdate files for file-5.32 import.
2017-09-23 Sascha WildnerMerge branch 'vendor/FILE'
2017-09-23 Tomohiro Kusumisys/vfs/hammer: Add typedef hammer_uuid_t