2 hours ago Sepherosa Ziehaupolling: Simplify the code by using netsr_*msg functions. master
2 hours ago Sepherosa Ziehaunetisr: Add netisr_sendmsg_oncpu()
4 hours ago Sepherosa Ziehaubridge: It should only run in netisr_cpus netisrs
5 hours ago Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Allow @LABEL to be omitted
5 hours ago Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Synchronize write-in-place feature
6 hours ago Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Consolidate backend rename ops
16 hours ago Matthew Dillonlibc - Fix bug in rcmdsh()
16 hours ago Matthew Dillonsshlockout - Improve manual page
18 hours ago Sascha Wildnerlibc/libpthread: Add clock_getcpuclockid() and pthread_...
19 hours ago Sascha WildnerRemove <stab.h> and <struct.h>.
24 hours ago Sascha Wildnerkernel/time: Change get_curthread_cputime() to get_thre...
24 hours ago Sascha Wildner<sys/types.h>: Add guard around lwpid_t, also put under...
2 days ago Sepherosa Ziehaualtq/cbq: Drain pending callout and the cooresponding...
2 days ago Sepherosa Ziehaualtq/cbq: Redispatch restart function to netisr0.
2 days ago Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Update DESIGN document
2 days ago Matthew Dillonhammer2 - correct readdir bug
2 days ago Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Initial HARDLINK -> DIRENT replacement code
2 days ago Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Adjust blockref to create an embedded area...
2 days ago Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Cleanup pass, remove unused fields and code
3 days ago Sepherosa Ziehaualtq: Fix typo
3 days ago Sepherosa Ziehauipflow: Use per-cpu callout, instead of pr_slowtimo.
3 days ago zrjsys: Add size directives to assembly functions.
3 days ago zrjsys: Some whitespace cleanup.
3 days ago zrjFix few typos.
3 days ago zrjhack(6): Allow to play without setgid.
4 days ago Sascha WildnerRemove kernbb(8).
5 days ago Sascha WildnerRemove scsi_low.ko via 'make upgrade' (leftover from...
5 days ago zrjlibstdcxx5: Add profiled library support.
5 days ago zrjlib/libexecinfo: Fix static and profiled archives.
5 days ago zrjcpu/asm.h: Use optimal alignment for assembly functions...
5 days ago zrjpg: Add missing dummy stack frames for mcount for x86_64.
5 days ago zrjpg: Use long for fptrdiff_t type.
5 days ago zrjlibstdcxx5: Fix profiled library creation.
5 days ago zrjbsd.lib.mk: Add INTERNALLIBPROF knob.
5 days ago Sascha Wildner<glob.h>/<sys/time.h>: Clean up the namespace a bit...
5 days ago Sascha Wildner<glob.h>/<sys/time.h>: Some minimal whitespace cleanup.
6 days ago Sepherosa Ziehauvlan: It should only run in netisr_cpus netisrs
6 days ago Sepherosa Ziehauipflow: Regroup percpu data.
6 days ago Sepherosa Ziehauipflow: It can only run in first netisr_ncpus netisrs
6 days ago Sepherosa Ziehauipfw: ipfw only runs on netisr_ncpus
6 days ago Sepherosa Ziehaunetisr: Add add support for netisr_ncpus
6 days ago Sascha WildnerIn <signal.h> and <sys/devicestat.h>, include <sys...
7 days ago Sascha Wildner<sys/posix4.h>: Clean up a bit.
9 days ago Sepherosa Ziehaunetisr: netisr_forwardmsg -> netisr_forwardmsg_all
11 days ago Sascha WildnerSync time(1)'s manual page a bit with FreeBSD, too.
11 days ago Sascha WildnerUpdate the pciconf(8) database.
11 days ago Markus Pfeiffertime: Use clock_gettime
11 days ago Markus Pfeiffertime: Handle SIGINFO in time(1)
11 days ago Markus Pfeiffertime: Handle SIGINFO in time(1)
11 days ago Markus Pfeiffertime: Use close-on-exec instead of fclose() in the...
11 days ago Markus Pfeiffertime: FreeBSD r169346
11 days ago Markus Pfeiffertime: Close an output file -o flag opened before execvp...
11 days ago Imre Vadászpthread: Add pthread_getthreadid_np() function, bump...
12 days ago Sascha Wildnerifnet: Fix typo.
2017-07-12 Imre VadászDefine __* symbols for the malloc(3) functions to make...
2017-07-12 Imre VadászResolve issue with libusb C++ header file inclusion.
2017-07-12 Imre VadászImplement libusb_hotplug_register_callback() and _dereg...
2017-07-11 Sepherosa Ziehauifnet: Log rarely used ifnet address destruction.
2017-07-11 Sepherosa Ziehauifnet: Break long lines.
2017-07-11 Sepherosa Ziehauifnet: ifa_addr should always be configured.
2017-07-11 Sepherosa Ziehauifnet: Delete INET address should not fail; panic upon...
2017-07-10 Sascha Wildnerlibthread_xu: Some small fixes.
2017-07-10 Sepherosa Ziehauipflow: Unroll the first iteration of the hash generati...
2017-07-09 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove old unused #defines in kern_lock.c
2017-07-08 Sascha Wildnerkernel/acpi: Untangle the wakecode generation during...
2017-07-08 Matthew Dillonsshlockout - Also lockout on max authentication attempts
2017-07-08 zrjUnbreak VKERNEL64 after apple_gmux module addition.
2017-07-08 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Let thread IDs start at 1 instead of 0.
2017-07-07 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer: Drop rerundant ()
2017-07-07 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer: Fix get_buffer_data()'s wrong xor for...
2017-07-07 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer: Move cache to tailq end when get_buffer_da...
2017-07-07 Tomohiro Kusumisys/vfs/hammer: Fix a comment on nresolving PFS
2017-07-07 Tomohiro Kusumisys/vfs/hammer: Drop wrong info on inode# from hammer(5)
2017-07-06 Sepherosa Ziehauipfw: Increate FIN states life time.
2017-07-06 Sepherosa Ziehauipfw: Don't allow state allocation to fail and use...
2017-07-05 Matthew Dillonkernel - Automatically downscasle NPROC resource limit
2017-07-05 zrjRevert "Always use unix line endings"
2017-07-05 Sepherosa Ziehausocket: Allow root to pass large buffer to getsockopt.
2017-07-04 John MarinoBump __DragonFly_version after PTHREAD_STACK_MIN increase
2017-07-04 zrjFix mixed line endings.
2017-07-04 Matthew Dillonpthreads - Change PTHREAD_STACK_MIN
2017-07-03 Sascha Wildnerkernel/acpica: Better check AcpiOsPredefinedOverride...
2017-07-03 Sascha Wildnerkernel/acpica: ACPI_THREAD_ID is unsigned.
2017-07-03 Sascha Wildnerkernel/acpica: Remove no longer needed #include.
2017-07-03 Sascha Wildnerkernel/acpica: Return curthread as thread id from AcpiO...
2017-07-02 Sepherosa Ziehauipfw: Remove context generation; the race it tries...
2017-07-01 Sascha WildnerSync ACPICA with Intel's version 20170629.
2017-07-01 Sascha Wildnerkernel/acpi: Call AcpiInitializeSubsystem() before...
2017-06-30 Sepherosa Ziehauroute: Cache align statistics.
2017-06-30 Sascha Wildnerispfw.4: Remove extra .Pp
2017-06-30 Sepherosa Ziehaunetinet: Static assert TCP/UDP/IP stats are cache line...
2017-06-29 Sepherosa Ziehaukmalloc: Reduce ks_loosememuse update frequency.
2017-06-29 Sascha Wildnerkernel/hptrr: Oops, fix some whitespace.
2017-06-29 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Sync hptrr(4) with FreeBSD.
2017-06-29 Jan Sucankernel/isp: Unify firmware handling with the rest of...
2017-06-29 Sepherosa Ziehaukmalloc: Avoid code duplication.
2017-06-29 Sepherosa Ziehaukmalloc: Minor style changes; no functional changes.
2017-06-29 Sepherosa Ziehaubusdma: Add bus_dmamap_load_ccb; ease driver porting...
2017-06-29 Sepherosa Ziehaukmalloc: Minor style changes; no functional changes.
2017-06-28 Sepherosa Ziehaukmalloc: Update comment