2012-02-10 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - complain if the hammer2 kld module isn't...
2012-02-10 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - code cleanup, fix kldload issue
2012-02-10 Matthew DillonMerge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh://crater...
2012-02-10 Venkatesh Srinivashammer2 -- Flesh out _mount vfsops, add mountctl.
2012-02-10 Venkatesh Srinivashammer2 -- Remove tmpfs scaffold.
2012-02-09 Matthew DillonMerge branches 'hammer2' and 'master' of ssh://crater...
2012-02-09 Venkatesh Srinivashammer2 -- Cleanup volume header readout a bit.
2012-02-09 Venkatesh Srinivashammer2 -- Compile fixes #2.
2012-02-09 Venkatesh Srinivashammer2 -- Compile fixes.
2012-02-09 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2012-02-09 Sascha Wildnerndis(4): Use callout_init_mp(). Overlooked when I porte...
2012-02-09 Sascha Wildnerpuffs(4): Don't reference vp before it's initialized.
2012-02-09 Sascha Wildnerhptiop(4): Use cam_calc_geometry() instead of duplicati...
2012-02-09 Sascha Wildnerhptiop(4): Remove an unused variable.
2012-02-09 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Initial newfs_hammer2 implementation
2012-02-09 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Adjust media fields
2012-02-09 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - add titling to DESIGN document
2012-02-09 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - More media format spec work, add DESIGN document
2012-02-09 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - create new branch, sync working trees from...
2012-02-08 Matthew Dillontest - Adjust randread to not share file descriptors
2012-02-08 Sascha Wildnermps(4): Add module version.
2012-02-08 Sascha Wildnerlibexec: Remove duplicate includes.
2012-02-08 Sascha WildnerRevert "mount_psshfs: Add a missing include dir to...
2012-02-08 Sascha Wildnerusr.sbin: Remove duplicate includes.
2012-02-08 Sascha Wildnermount_psshfs: Add a missing include dir to the Makefile.
2012-02-08 Sascha Wildnerusr.bin: Remove duplicate includes.
2012-02-08 Sascha Wildnermps(4): Mark a function __printflike() and fix a result...
2012-02-07 Sascha Wildnersbin: Remove duplicate includes.
2012-02-07 Sascha WildnerSome cleanup in the puffs manpages.
2012-02-07 Sascha Wildnerifconfig(8): Use strdup() instead of duplicating it.
2012-02-07 Sascha Wildnermps(4): Remove some useless casts.
2012-02-07 Sepherosa Ziehaumps: Hold lock for the shutdown event handler
2012-02-07 Sepherosa Ziehaumps: If we don't have enough space for a sge and chain...
2012-02-07 Sepherosa Ziehaumps: Use WAITOK to allocate critical data struct on...
2012-02-07 Sepherosa Ziehaumps: Properly define U32 and S32
2012-02-07 Sascha Wildnermps.4: Document how we disable MSI and comment out...
2012-02-07 Sascha Wildnermps(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
2012-02-06 Sascha Wildnerdpt(4): Remove an old unneeded file.
2012-02-06 Sascha Wildnermlx(4): Remove an unused variable.
2012-02-06 Sascha Wildnersnd_hda(4): Use MSI if it is supported by the device.
2012-02-06 Sepherosa Ziehaupci: Fix manual interrupt routing support
2012-02-06 Sascha WildnerUpdate the pciconf(8) database.
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Test EXIT trap with multiple statements in it
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Add testcases that should not be broken by future...
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Avoid possible echo options in a testcase.
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Fix swapped INTON/INTOFF.
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Use vfork in a few common cases.
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Fix $? in the first command of a 'for'.
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Remove "kill" example function, which is superseded...
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Fix execution of multiple statements in a trap...
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Fix some bugs with exit status from case containing ;&.
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Fix two bugs with case and exit status:
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Change input buffer size from 1023 to 1024.
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Fix out of bounds array access when trap is used...
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Properly show "Not a directory" error in cd builtin.
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Make various functions static.
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Remove unused function scopyn().
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Make patmatch() non-recursive.
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Allow quoting ^ and ] in bracket expressions.
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Use dirent.d_type in pathname generation.
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Cache de->d_namlen in a local variable.
2012-02-05 Peter Avalossh: Don't force special builtins non-special in optimiz...
2012-02-05 John MarinoSupport exception handling on statically-linked binaries
2012-02-05 John Marinocdefs: Rework and augment visibility attributes
2012-02-05 Venkatesh Srinivaskernel -- linprocfs: linprocfs_allocvp should return...
2012-02-05 Sascha WildnerRevert "librefuse: Remove from Makefile; it breaks...
2012-02-05 Sascha Wildnerlibpuffs: Fix a path that was assuming source is in...
2012-02-05 John Marinoboot2: slim it down about 300 bytes
2012-02-05 John MarinoCCVER=gcc46: Now builds world and kernel cleanly
2012-02-05 John Marinolibrefuse: Remove from Makefile; it breaks world
2012-02-05 Sascha WildnerBring in the "Port PUFFS from NetBSD/FreeBSD" GSoC...
2012-02-04 John MarinoCCVER=gcc46: Separate LDFLAGS meant for gcc and ld
2012-02-04 John MarinoCCVER=gcc46: Adjust Makefile so boot2 remains < 7.5kb
2012-02-04 John MarinoCCVER=gcc46: Minor tweaks for buildworld
2012-02-04 John Marinocustom cc script: Use gcc46's c++ library instead of...
2012-02-03 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove the no longer functional APIC_IO option.
2012-02-02 Matthew Dillonvkernel - Fix semi-random SIGILL crashes under heavy...
2012-02-02 Antonio Huete... rconfig - Fix getopt options
2012-02-02 Sascha WildnerLINT*: Add DEBUG_LOCKS_LATENCY.
2012-02-02 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove the obsolete SHMALL, SHMMAX and SHMMAXPG...
2012-02-02 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix lockmgr lock mismatch panics when iwn...
2012-02-02 Sascha Wildneruname(1): Bring back CVS IDs except ours.
2012-02-01 Antonio Huete... rconfig - LVM stripe script
2012-02-01 Sascha Wildnersym(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
2012-02-01 Sascha WildnerLINT*: Fix some wrong paths in the comments.
2012-02-01 Matthew Dillonkernel - Add missing DRM_LOCK()
2012-02-01 Sepherosa Ziehauroute utils: Recognize IFT_CARP link layer address
2012-02-01 Sepherosa Ziehaucarp: Make carp interfaces work like ethernet interfaces
2012-02-01 Matthew Dillonkernel - Improve pageout daemon & memory pressure detec...
2012-02-01 Matthew Dillonkernel - Adjust tmpfs to use the new PG_NEED_COMMIT...
2012-02-01 Matthew Dillonkernel - Add vm_page_need_commit() and vm_page_clear_co...
2012-01-31 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix incorrect assertion during udp auto-binding
2012-01-31 Antonio Huete... kern - Skip rlimit check when caller is a kernel thread.
2012-01-31 Sascha Wildnerkernel/cryptodev: Remove useless zlib dependency.
2012-01-31 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Allow zlib to build as a module.
2012-01-31 Sascha Wildnercrypto.ko: Add a missing file.
2012-01-31 Markus Pfeifferlibc: correct copyright notice in makecontext.c
2012-01-31 Sascha Wildner<sys/param.h>: Oops, actually bump the version.
2012-01-31 Sascha Wildner<sys/param.h>: Bump the version for i4b removal (had...
2012-01-31 Sascha WildnerCleanup ISDN remains via 'make upgrade'.