2013-02-28 Antonio Huete... varsym(1) - Fix return codes.
2013-02-28 Antonio Huete... vke(4) - Dynamic mbuf cluster allocation.
2013-02-28 Sascha Wildnerkernel/u4b: sc is NULL here, so don't dereference it.
2013-02-28 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix incorrectly ordered lwkt_reltoken() call...
2013-02-28 Antonio Huete... vkernel64 - Remove some dead code (JGV).
2013-02-28 Matthew Dillonworld - Fix world build
2013-02-28 Matthew Dillonkernel - Remove improper EBUSY error on mount (2)
2013-02-28 Matthew Dillonkernel - Remove improper EBUSY error on mount
2013-02-27 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove <machine/apm_segments.h>.
2013-02-27 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Fix -Wundef in a number of places.
2013-02-27 Sepherosa Ziehaugcc47/i386: Add more -mno flags
2013-02-26 Matthew Dillonsystat - Fix overflowing path lookup fields
2013-02-26 Sascha Wildnerisp(4): Remove a duplicate xpt_alloc_ccb() that was...
2013-02-26 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix mount bug caught by assertion
2013-02-26 Antonio Huete... kqueue.2 - Mention tmpfs(5) as a kqueue-enabled filesystem.
2013-02-26 Sepherosa Ziehaubce: Put interrupt reenabling into each interrupt handlers
2013-02-26 Sepherosa Ziehaubce: Move status index's location and cached status...
2013-02-26 Sascha WildnerRevert "<malloc.h>: Restrict support for <malloc.h...
2013-02-26 Sepherosa Ziehaugcc47/x86_64: Add more -mno flags
2013-02-26 Matthew Dillonkernel - Try harder to unmount a filesystem
2013-02-26 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix shared/excl livelock with vm.shared_fault
2013-02-26 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix vm.shared_fault for vkernels and 32-bit
2013-02-26 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix panic on ptrace termination
2013-02-26 Matthew Dillonkernel - Beef up lwkt_dropmsg() API and fix deadlock...
2013-02-25 Matthew Dillonkernel - Remove symbol space corruption from ncp_conn...
2013-02-25 Matthew Dillonkernel - Remove symbol space corruption from ncp_conn.h
2013-02-25 Sascha Wildnerkernel/i386: Use offsetof() here.
2013-02-25 Sepherosa Ziehauarp: Embed netmsg_inarp in mbuf for asynchronized ARP...
2013-02-25 Sepherosa Ziehaunetmsg: Update comment
2013-02-25 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix incorrect assertion in nlookup()
2013-02-25 Sepherosa Ziehaunetisr: Dedicated network thread is not netisr
2013-02-24 Sascha Wildnerccd(4): Fix operator precedence.
2013-02-24 Sepherosa Ziehaubce: Cache TX/RX consumer indices' location
2013-02-24 Sepherosa Ziehaubce: Save CID into related TX/RX ring struct
2013-02-24 Sascha Wildnerath(4): s/long long unsigned/unsigned long long/
2013-02-24 Sascha Wildnerkernel/vm_object: Add debugvm_object_hold_maybe_shared...
2013-02-23 Matthew Dillondebug - vmpageinfo changes
2013-02-23 Matthew Dillonkernel - Clean up if_bridge bif_state tests
2013-02-23 Matthew Dillonkernel - Track slabs allocated and freed
2013-02-23 Matthew Dillonkernel - Separate page activity heuristic for anonymous...
2013-02-23 Matthew Dillonkernel - Implementat much deeper use of shared VM objec...
2013-02-23 Sascha Wildner<malloc.h>: Restrict support for <malloc.h> to !defined...
2013-02-23 Sascha Wildnerlibkern: Stop compiling in (u)cmpdi2.c, because they...
2013-02-23 Sascha Wildnerkernel/x86_64: Remove some bogus #ifndefs.
2013-02-23 Sascha Wildnerkernel/isa: Remove empty isa_init() (formerly used...
2013-02-23 Matthew Dillonkernel - Implement shared namecache locks
2013-02-23 Matthew Dillonkernel - cpu_pause() needs to be memory-modifying
2013-02-23 Sascha WildnerUse NULL for pointers in a couple of places.
2013-02-23 Sascha Wildnerlibdmsg: Fix pointer dereference.
2013-02-23 Sascha Wildnerhier.7: Document that /boot/kernel is a directory and...
2013-02-22 Sascha Wildneriso639: Add Standard Moroccan Tamazight.
2013-02-22 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix cross-mount handling in tmpfs hardlink...
2013-02-22 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix deadlock in tmpfs
2013-02-22 Matthew Dillonkernel - Remove getnewvnode() bottlenecks
2013-02-22 Matthew Dillonkernel - Add negative caching to cache_findmount()
2013-02-22 Matthew Dillonkernel - Increase NCMOUNT_NUMCACHE, add enable & statistics
2013-02-22 Sepherosa Ziehaubce: Move RX serializers before TX serializers
2013-02-22 Sepherosa Ziehaubce: Free serializer array in detach path
2013-02-22 Sepherosa Ziehaualtq/hfsc: Fix wrong malloc size
2013-02-22 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix performance issue due to buffer fragmentation
2013-02-22 Matthew Dillonkernel - Add frontend cache for cache_findmount()
2013-02-22 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix network lockup due to msgport bug
2013-02-22 Antonio Huete... vkd(4) - Announce virtual disks upon initialization.
2013-02-22 Antonio Huete... vke(4) - Show backing tap only if one was used.
2013-02-22 Antonio Huete... vkernel(7) - Minor manpage adjustments.
2013-02-22 Antonio Huete... vkernel - Settable serial numbers for virtual disks.
2013-02-21 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix issue with ARP packets stalling out entire...
2013-02-21 Matthew Dillonkernel - Add critical section in lwkt_yield_quick()
2013-02-21 Sascha Wildnerasr(4): Remove a case that is not a member of the enum...
2013-02-21 Sepherosa Ziehaubce: Fix tick/pulse callout target CPU setting
2013-02-21 Sepherosa Ziehauigb: Fix timer cpuid settings when entering/exiting...
2013-02-21 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix cpu/token starvation, vfs_busy deadlocks...
2013-02-21 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix excessive kprintf()s during refcount_wait()
2013-02-21 Matthew Dillonkernel - Implement vm.read_shortcut support in tmpfs
2013-02-21 Matthew Dillonkernel - add yields in the swap pager freeing path
2013-02-21 Matthew Dillonkernel - cleanup
2013-02-21 Matthew Dillonkernel - Remove remaining mplock use cases from tmpfs
2013-02-21 Sepherosa Ziehauicmp: ICMP is MPSAFE
2013-02-21 Sepherosa Ziehaubce: RX and TX ring counts are not required to be same
2013-02-21 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix cpu/token starvation, vfs_busy deadlocks...
2013-02-20 Sascha Wildnervkernel/vke: Comment out 'ifp', just like the code...
2013-02-20 John Marinobuild: Only auto-save once per build
2013-02-20 Sepherosa Ziehaubce: Switch to IFQ subqueue functions and use per-TX...
2013-02-20 Sascha Wildner<sys/bus.h>: Fix wording.
2013-02-20 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Use DEVMETHOD_END in the drivers.
2013-02-20 Sascha Wildner<sys/bus.h>: Add DEVMETHOD_END.
2013-02-20 Matthew Dillonkernel - Properly account system time for contending...
2013-02-19 Matthew Dillonvkernel - Fix if_vke
2013-02-19 Peter AvalosAdjust files for libarchive-3.1.2 import.
2013-02-19 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/LIBARCHIVE'
2013-02-19 Sascha Wildnerpatch(1): Fix typo.
2013-02-19 Sascha Wildnerpatch(1): When -C is specified, do not claim to have...
2013-02-19 Sepherosa Ziehaubce: Reimplement polling in non-compat mode
2013-02-19 Sepherosa Ziehaubce: Split TX/RX serializer
2013-02-19 Sepherosa Ziehaubce: Defer interrupt allocation until the TX/RX rings...
2013-02-19 Sepherosa Ziehaubce: Regroup function declaration
2013-02-19 Sepherosa Ziehaubce: Fix supported devices list in comment
2013-02-19 Sepherosa Ziehaubce: Put RX related fields into bce_rx_ring
2013-02-18 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix a race and enable the VM read shortcut...
2013-02-18 Sascha Wildnerrc.d/addswap: Load the vn(4) module if not already...