2014-04-22 François Tigeotdrm: Import linux/timer.h from FreeBSD's OFED stack
2014-04-21 Matthew Dillonkernel - Improve pid-reuse algorithm, fix bug
2014-04-21 Sascha Wildnervtnet.4: Add a reference to ifmedia(4).
2014-04-21 Imre VadaszImporting slightly modified virtio-net by vsrinivas
2014-04-21 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove some unused options (forgotten in the...
2014-04-21 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - more dmsg/separation work
2014-04-21 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - more dmsg/separation work
2014-04-20 François TigeotRevert "Add missing libraries to some program Makefiles"
2014-04-20 Sascha WildnerRemove support for the IPX and NCP protocols, and for...
2014-04-20 Sascha Wildnerroute.8: Remove NS remains.
2014-04-20 Sascha WildnerRemove some XEROX Network Systems (NS) protocol remains.
2014-04-20 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - more dmsg/separation work, add nmasters field...
2014-04-20 Matthew Dillondmsg, hammer2 - refactor remove hammer2-specific code
2014-04-20 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Revise newfs_hammer2
2014-04-19 Markus Pfeifferkernel: fix buildkernel by adding include to subr_diski...
2014-04-19 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - refactor libdmsg volume configuration
2014-04-19 Matthew Dillonlibdmsg - refactor remove hammer2-specific code
2014-04-19 Sascha WildnerExclude libdmsg temporarily from the build until it...
2014-04-19 Antonio Huete... netinet/in - Fix yet another NULL pointer panic.
2014-04-19 François Tigeotpasswd(1): Allow password changes for PAM users
2014-04-19 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Shift dmsg structures around
2014-04-17 Sascha Wildnerurtwn.4: Fix synopsis (usb4bsd -> usb).
2014-04-17 John MarinoDynamic root: Add "/lib" to gold and ld linker search...
2014-04-16 Sascha Wildnermount{,d}(8): Use the pidfile(3) API for handling mount...
2014-04-16 Matthew Dillonlibthread_xu - Clean up the red zone on library unload
2014-04-16 Sascha WildnerFix a number of typos in messages and manual pages.
2014-04-16 François Tigeotinitrd: Fix installation during make release
2014-04-15 Sascha Wildnerloader/acpi: Fix/remove some comments and remove a...
2014-04-15 Sascha Wildneracpi: machdep.acpi_root should have the RSDP, so taking...
2014-04-15 Sascha Wildnerkernel/acpi: In the OS dependent layer, sync the debug...
2014-04-15 Sascha Wildnerinitrd: Not everyone keeps their source in /usr/src.
2014-04-15 Sascha Wildnerunits(1): Sync the manual page with FreeBSD too.
2014-04-15 François TigeotDynamic root: Remove old libraries from /usr/lib
2014-04-15 Sascha WildnerUpdate the pciconf(8) database.
2014-04-14 Eitan Adlerunits(1): bring in latest changes from FreeBSD
2014-04-14 YONETANI TomokazuFix typo
2014-04-14 Eitan Adlerunits(1): update to the latest library from FreeBSD
2014-04-14 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20140325.
2014-04-14 François Tigeotbuildsystem: Fix libfoo.so links for /lib libraries
2014-04-13 François TigeotDynamic root: Move required libraries to /lib
2014-04-13 François TigeotDynamic root: Build /bin and /sbin dynamically
2014-04-12 François TigeotDynamic root: Move ld-elf.so.2 to /libexec
2014-04-12 François TigeotDynamic root: Create /lib and /libexec
2014-04-11 Matthew Dillonbuildworld - Make auto-backup smarter.
2014-04-11 François TigeotCreate and install an initial ramdisk image
2014-04-11 Sascha Wildnerkernel/acpi: Add back another needed include. That...
2014-04-11 Sascha Wildnerkernel/acpi: Add back two includes which are needed.
2014-04-10 Sascha Wildnerkernel/acpi: Move strstr() to libkern.
2014-04-10 Sascha WildnerAdd some manual pages for the ACPICA utilities provided...
2014-04-10 Sascha WildnerRemove the acpisrc utility which is for ACPICA distribu...
2014-04-10 Antonio Huete... netinet/ip - Avoid a NULL pointer dereference.
2014-04-10 Sascha Wildnerdevd.conf: Comment some entries where we lack support...
2014-04-10 Imre Vadaszkernel/bwn: Replace callout_drain calls. Replace a...
2014-04-10 François Tigeotmkinitrd(8): gzip newly produced images
2014-04-10 Matthew Dillonloader - unset correct kenv for 'r'ecovery ramdisk...
2014-04-10 Matthew Dillonmount - Generate correct argv[0] for crunches
2014-04-09 Matthew Dillonkernel - Add mandatory config hooks delay
2014-04-09 François Tigeotdloader: Add a rescue ramdisk boot option
2014-04-09 François Tigeotinitrd: Add password databases
2014-04-09 François Tigeotinitrd: Create a home directory, initialize $HOME
2014-04-09 François Tigeotinitrd: Add various /etc files
2014-04-09 François Tigeotmkinitrd(8): Stop copying regular binaries to the ramdisk
2014-04-09 François Tigeotinitrd: Add wpa_supplicant
2014-04-09 François Tigeotinitrd: Add various binaries and scripts
2014-04-09 François Tigeotinitrd: Remount / read-write
2014-04-09 François Tigeotinitrd: Run a rescue shell if vfs.real_root is not set
2014-04-09 François Tigeotmini_init: Don't call exit(3), catch SIGTERM
2014-04-09 Sascha WildnerRemove NOLINT from a couple of Makefiles (we don't...
2014-04-09 Sascha Wildnerbwn.4: There is no 'firmware' kernel option in DragonFly.
2014-04-09 François Tigeotinitrd: Move mini_init sources to share/initrd/
2014-04-09 François Tigeotinitrd: Move existing files to an etc/ subdirectory
2014-04-08 François Tigeotmkinitrd(8): Optimize newfs for size
2014-04-08 François Tigeotcrunchgen(1): Stop adding underscores to symbols
2014-04-08 François Tigeotbsd.crunchgen.mk: Add a mechanism to keep handpicked...
2014-04-08 François Tigeotbsd.crunchgen.mk: Change paths
2014-04-08 François TigeotRemove the RELEASE_CRUNCH build variable
2014-04-08 François Tigeotcryptsetup: Fix a compilation warning
2014-04-08 Imre Vadaszkernel/bwn: Remove an unnecessary call to ieee80211_sta...
2014-04-08 Sepherosa Ziehauin6pcb: in6_pcbsetport -> in6_pcbsetlport; no functiona...
2014-04-08 Sepherosa Ziehauinpcb: Add comment about saved inpcbport
2014-04-08 Sepherosa Ziehauinpcb: Add macros to get/release/assert port token
2014-04-08 Sascha Wildnermake upgrade: Add more files for cleaner switching...
2014-04-08 Sascha Wildnerlibu4bhid: Add missing MLINKS.
2014-04-08 Peter AvalosUpdate files for OpenSSL-1.0.1g import.
2014-04-08 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSL'
2014-04-08 Peter AvalosImport OpenSSL-1.0.1g.
2014-04-07 Antonio Huete... network/pf - Avoid a possible bad pointer access.
2014-04-07 Antonio Huete... network/gif - Correctly clear route cache on destroy.
2014-04-06 Matthew Dillonhammer - Fix missing reltoken
2014-04-06 Sascha Wildnerbwn.4: Comment out another bwi(4) reference.
2014-04-06 Markus Pfeifferkernel/drm: Add a missing include
2014-04-05 Sascha Wildnerkernel/run: Add missing unlock.
2014-04-05 Matthew Dillonbmake - Always pass the jobs pipe descriptor
2014-04-05 Sascha Wildnerrun.4: D1 is an mdoc macro, so we have to escape it :)
2014-04-05 Imre Vadaszbwn: fixing performance problems and an RX buffer overf...
2014-04-05 Imre Vadaszbwn: Porting from FreeBSD
2014-04-05 Imre Vadaszbwn: Import from FreeBSD
2014-04-05 Markus Pfeifferkernel/drm: use devfs_*_cdevpriv functions
2014-04-05 Sepherosa Ziehauinpcb/in6pcb: Split port token
2014-04-05 Sascha Wildner<sys/cdefs.h>: Make CTASSERT() kernel only (again).