2016-01-22 Sascha Wildneri386 removal, part 50/x: Remove the i386 specific kgzldr.
2016-01-22 Sascha Wildneri915kms.4: Add missing space.
2016-01-22 zrjusb4bsd: Cleanup pass1.
2016-01-22 zrjusb4bsd: Cleanup pass0.
2016-01-21 Sascha WildnerFix SEE ALSO sorting in a number of manual pages.
2016-01-21 Sascha Wildnerbus_dma.9: Adjust column width a bit in a list.
2016-01-21 Sascha Wildner<net/if.h>: Cleanup the namespace a bit.
2016-01-21 Sascha Wildner<net/if.h>: Whitespace adjustment (no functional change).
2016-01-20 Imre Vadászbus_dma.9: Document the BUS_DMA_NOCACHE flag for bus_dm...
2016-01-19 Bill Yuanipfw3: forward args verification
2016-01-19 Sascha Wildneri386 removal, part 49/x: Remove the i386 & a.out specif...
2016-01-19 Matthew Dillonpstat - Add -h option
2016-01-18 Imre Vadászif_iwm: Fix up the rate control setup code.
2016-01-16 François Tigeotdrm/linux: Implement pci_iomap()
2016-01-16 Sascha Wildnerdrm/include: Add missing parentheses in a macro.
2016-01-16 Sascha Wildnertip(1): Minor cleanup
2016-01-16 Sascha Wildnertip(1): Remove some dead code that was never built.
2016-01-16 François Tigeotdrm/linux: Add for_each_set_bit()
2016-01-15 Sepherosa Ziehauig_hal/em/emx: Add I219 (Skylake) support
2016-01-15 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Fix the kern.dumpdev sysctl.
2016-01-15 Imre Vadászi915kms.4: Document the new drm.i915.disable_aux_irq...
2016-01-15 Imre Vadászwlan - Migrate the 802.11s locks out into ieee80211_dra...
2016-01-15 Sascha WildnerUpdate the pciconf(8) database.
2016-01-15 Imre Vadászwlan - Cleanup compat shims for FreeBSD version that...
2016-01-14 Imre Vadászdrm/i915: Add tunable for force-disabling usage of...
2016-01-14 François Tigeotdrm/i915: Sync with Linux 4.0
2016-01-14 Sascha Wildner<sys/wait.h>: Clean up a bit.
2016-01-14 Sascha Wildner<sys/wait.h>: Whitespace cleanup (no functional change).
2016-01-14 Matthew Dillonkernel - Report AHCI rev programmatically (2)
2016-01-14 Matthew Dillonssh - Remove undocumented roaming support CVE-2016...
2016-01-14 Sascha Wildnershare/man/man9/Makefile: Fix indent.
2016-01-14 Sascha WildnerAdd a small kstrdup.9 manpage.
2016-01-14 Sascha Wildnerrbootd(8): Remove vax/m68k/tahoe code.
2016-01-14 Sascha Wildnerlibc/xdr: Remove VAX specific code.
2016-01-14 Matthew Dilloncrunchgen - Fix Makefile dependency
2016-01-14 Matthew Dillonkernel - Report AHCI rev programmatically
2016-01-13 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix degenerate condition in dfly_setrunqueue_l...
2016-01-13 Sascha Wildnersliplogin(8): Fix a mistake i made in 0fe90ae88cbf.
2016-01-13 Sascha WildnerSync sed(1) with FreeBSD (various fixes).
2016-01-13 Sascha Wildnertr(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
2016-01-12 François Tigeotdrm: Improve linux dma mapping functions
2016-01-12 François Tigeotdrm: Add linux/bitmap.h
2016-01-12 Sascha Wildnerbasename.1: Small update from FreeBSD.
2016-01-12 Sascha Wildnerjoin(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
2016-01-12 Sascha Wildnercut(1): Small sync with FreeBSD (is_delim() arg type...
2016-01-12 Sascha Wildnerfold(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
2016-01-12 Sascha Wildnerfmt(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
2016-01-12 Sascha WildnerRemove two casts of NULL.
2016-01-12 Sascha Wildnercolumn(1): Small fix from FreeBSD.
2016-01-12 Sascha Wildnerlook(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
2016-01-12 Sascha Wildnerexpand(1)/unexpand(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
2016-01-11 François Tigeotdrm: Add asm/cpufeature.h
2016-01-11 François Tigeotkernel/linux: Add hweight8()
2016-01-11 Sascha Wildnerprintf(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
2016-01-10 Sascha Wildnerlibc/gen: Cleanup Makefile.inc a bit.
2016-01-10 Sascha Wildnermakecontext_quick.3: Adjust swapcontext_quick() prototy...
2016-01-10 Sascha Wildnerwc(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
2016-01-10 Matthew Dillonkernel - Remove kernel debugging message related to...
2016-01-10 François Tigeotdrm/i915: Use dev->pdev to get PCI device revisions
2016-01-10 François Tigeotdrm: Store PCI device information in a struct pci_dev
2016-01-10 François Tigeotdrm: Improve Linux compatibility of pci structures
2016-01-10 Sascha Wildnerkernel/kate: Bad idea to put temporary values in the...
2016-01-10 Sascha Wildnerncal(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
2016-01-10 Sascha Wildneree(1): Raise WARNS to 2.
2016-01-10 Sascha Wildneree(1): Fix an uninitialized variable.
2016-01-10 Sascha Wildnerw(1): Use NELEM(), raise WARNS to 3.
2016-01-10 Sascha Wildnerw(1): inet_addr() returns INADDR_NONE upon failure.
2016-01-10 Sascha Wildnerkernel/kate: CurTmp starts at -28C on Socket AM2 Revisi...
2016-01-09 François Tigeotdrm: Always enable MSI interrupts
2016-01-09 Sascha Wildnervis(1): Fix some warnings and raise WARNS to 6.
2016-01-09 Sascha Wildnerrtadvd(8)/rtadvctl(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix two...
2016-01-09 Sascha Wildnermrouted(8): Raise WARNS to 2 and fix some warnings.
2016-01-09 Sascha Wildnersliplogin(8): Fix a number of style(9) issues / warning...
2016-01-09 Sascha Wildnertzsetup(8): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix a warning.
2016-01-09 Sascha Wildnerrpc.lockd(8): Clean up the Makefile a little.
2016-01-09 Sascha Wildnerrpc.lockd(8): Remove an obsolete file from an older...
2016-01-09 Sascha Wildneri386 removal, part 48/x: Remove ancient bootdev parsing...
2016-01-09 Sascha Wildneri386 removal, part 47/x: Remove the i386 specific spic...
2016-01-08 Sascha WildnerSync ACPICA with Intel's version 20160108.
2016-01-08 Zach Crownoverroute: various small fixes
2016-01-07 Imre Vadászif_run: Sync with FreeBSD up to r270643 (from August...
2016-01-07 Sascha Wildnerkernel/tmpfs: Use the more common 'ap' name for vops...
2016-01-07 Matthew Dillonhammer - remove debugging kprintf
2016-01-06 zrjhangman(6): Update to augmented version from OpenBSD.
2016-01-06 Imre Vadaszif_run: Uncomment code from FreeBSD to defer run_wme_up...
2016-01-06 Sascha Wildnerkernel/tmpfs: Add _PC_2_SYMLINKS support. getconf(1...
2016-01-06 Sascha Wildnergetconf(1): Sort variable/name pairs.
2016-01-06 zrjhals_end: Fix manlint.
2016-01-05 Imre Vadászif_iwm: Fix IEEE80211_ADDR_COPY() usage.
2016-01-05 Imre Vadászif_iwm: Always stop LED blinking when scanning is finished
2016-01-05 zrjpiano(6): Retire. R.I.P.
2016-01-05 zrjgames: Import colorbars and hals_end from NetBSD.
2016-01-05 zrjmdoc.local: Add NetBSD 7.0 for future reference.
2016-01-05 zrjtest: ,,,^..^,,,~~~~
2016-01-05 Sascha Wildner<unistd.h>: Add _POSIX_THREAD_ROBUST_PRIO_{INHERIT...
2016-01-05 Sascha Wildner<unistd.h>: Comment some POSIX options.
2016-01-04 Sepherosa Ziehaure: Only probe fixed PHY location
2016-01-04 Sepherosa Ziehaure: Reduce GMII PHY read/write timeout
2016-01-04 Sepherosa Ziehaure: Change CFG1 and CFG5 after flip EECMD
2016-01-04 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer: Fix hammer(8) manpage