2009-10-05 YONETANI Tomokazuamd64 - mpt(4) should use {,u}int32_t for S32/U32
2009-10-04 Sascha Wildnermd.4: Remove an unnecessary .Pp
2009-10-04 Stathis Kamperissyscalls.master: Fix typo in comment.
2009-10-04 Sascha Wildnerbsd-family-tree: Update for DragonFly 2.4.
2009-10-04 Sascha Wildnerinclude/Makefile: Revert part of the previous commit...
2009-10-04 Simon Schubertetc: no need to upgrade dma configs
2009-10-04 Sascha Wildner<crypto/rijndael.h> is now taken from sys/crypto/rijndael/.
2009-10-04 Sascha Wildneripsec/esp: Move #include to silence 2 warnings.
2009-10-04 Sascha Wildnerubsec(4): Silence some 'unused variable' warnings.
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungconfig - Add new SOEKRIS config, add options to LINT
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungwatchdogd - Adapt to our needs
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungwatchdogd - Import from OpenBSD
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungpc32 files/options - Update glxsb, geode
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungglxsb/nsclpcsio - cleanup
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungglxsb - Make it work for us
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungglxsb - Initial import from FreeBSD
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungkern_shutdown - Add led and wdog magic
2009-10-04 Alex Hornunggeode/cs5536 - Add support for wdog/gpio/timers/identfi...
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungpc32 identcpu - Detect Geode LX
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungpc32 bios - Add bios_oem_strings from FreeBSD
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungoptions/files - Add support for wdog, gpio, nsclpcsio
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungnsclpcsio - make it work for us
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungnsclpcsio - Initial import from OpenBSD
2009-10-04 Alex Hornunggpio - gpio framework, initial commit
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungwdog - Watchdog framework, initial commit
2009-10-04 Simon Schubertdma: move config files to source directory
2009-10-03 Simon Schubertrelease engineering: DragonFly 2.5.1 v2.5.1
2009-10-03 Sascha Wildnerlarn(6): Remove some dead SYSV code.
2009-10-03 Simon Schubertdma: add a plain Makefile for other systems
2009-10-03 Simon Schubertdma: add DragonFly compat files
2009-10-03 Simon Schubertdma: don't use sockaddr_storage.ss_len
2009-10-03 Simon Schubertdma: don't use __unused
2009-10-03 Simon Schubertdma: sort includes
2009-10-03 Simon Schubertdma: use st_mtim to make source more POSIXy
2009-10-03 Simon Schubertsys/stat.h: implement st_atim et al
2009-10-03 Sascha WildnerBring in a padlock(4) manual page and also sync crypto.4.
2009-10-03 Sascha Wildnergcc44 warnings: Shift in order to fit in 8 bits.
2009-10-03 Alex Hornungamd64 - Add missing AMD64_CPU_FAMILY/MODEL
2009-10-03 Alex Hornungtools/tools/crypto - Update from FreeBSD
2009-10-03 YONETANI Tomokazuamd64 - add kvtop and add back ed(4) to AMD64_GENERIC
2009-10-03 Alex Hornungamd64 - Add via variable decls to md_var.h
2009-10-03 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2009-10-03 Matthew DillonNFS - Fix BIO size panics
2009-10-02 Sascha Wildnerhammer.sh: Adjust for devfs.
2009-10-02 Matthew Dillonvkernel - Fix build after recent crypto import when...
2009-10-02 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2009-10-02 Matthew Dillonvkernel - Fix FP corruption from preemptive thread...
2009-10-02 Sascha Wildnercrypto.9: Sync with FreeBSD's crypto(9) manual page.
2009-10-02 Alex Hornungtaskqueue - Beautify thread names
2009-10-02 Alex Hornungtaskqueue - Mark taskq threads MPSAFE again
2009-10-02 Alex Hornungtaskq - Make consumer tasks MPALMOSTSAFE
2009-10-02 Matthew Dillonktrace - Add kern.ktrace_suid, allowing suid/sgid execs...
2009-10-02 Matthew Dillontaskq - Fix SMP spinlock recursion
2009-10-02 Matthew Dillontaskq - Fix SMP panic due to incorrect lwkt_setpri...
2009-10-02 Matthew Dillonlwkt - Add lwkt_setpri_initial()
2009-10-02 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2009-10-02 Matthew DillonHAMMER - Fix root inode creation for slave.
2009-10-02 Alex Hornungopencrypto - Finish porting
2009-10-02 Alex Hornungmbuf - Add m_apply and m_getptr
2009-10-02 Sascha WildnerWIP crypto/opencrypto update
2009-10-02 Sascha WildnerVIA CPU support: Detect and enable CPU features (RNG...
2009-10-02 Alex Hornungkern_descrip - Remove leftover debug from devfs
2009-10-02 Alex Hornungtaskqueue.9 - Update to reflect ncpu changes
2009-10-02 Alex Hornungtaskqueue - Improve _start_threads, refactor code
2009-10-01 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'master' of /repository/git/dragonfly
2009-10-01 Peter AvalosUpdate build for libarchive-2.7.1 import.
2009-10-01 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/LIBARCHIVE'
2009-10-01 Matthew DillonAHCI - Minor fixes
2009-10-01 Peter AvalosImport libarchive-2.7.1.
2009-10-01 Sascha WildnerSync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009n from elsie.
2009-09-30 Matthew DillonCAM - Fix missing SIM lock in cam_periph_release()
2009-09-30 Matthew Dillonkernel - add missing header commit to interrupt config...
2009-09-30 Matthew Dillonkernel - close holes in autoconf's run_interrupt_driven...
2009-09-30 Matthew Dillonkernel - CAM - track busses for configuration
2009-09-30 Matthew Dillonkernel - add missing M_ZERO in taskqueue_create()
2009-09-30 Matthew Dillonnrelease - gui build www/firefox3 -> www/firefox
2009-09-30 Simon 'corecode... Merge commit 'crater/master'
2009-09-30 Alexander Polakovacpi_thermal: add sensors framework support
2009-09-30 Simon 'corecode... Fix chdir/fchdir for setuid/setgid binaries
2009-09-30 Simon 'corecode... development.7: clarify vendor import section
2009-09-30 Simon 'corecode... man: fix bug with relative file names
2009-09-30 Simon 'corecode... tcsh: fix warning to keep compiling with WARNS=2
2009-09-30 Simon 'corecode... tcsh: add our READMEs
2009-09-30 Simon 'corecode... Merge branch 'vendor/TCSH'
2009-09-30 Simon 'corecode... Import tcsh-6.17.00
2009-09-30 Alex Hornungtaskqueue.9 - Update to reflect tq changes
2009-09-30 Alex Hornungtaskqueue - Major overhaul
2009-09-30 Alex Hornungsleep.9 - Update for ssleep,lksleep
2009-09-30 Alex Hornunglksleep - Add lksleep for lockmgr locks
2009-09-30 Alex HornungAdd a karc4rand() to libkern
2009-09-30 Simon SchubertFix exec from setuid/setgid binaries
2009-09-29 Sepherosa ZiehauGC contrib/dev/acpica-unix-20061109
2009-09-28 Thomas Nikolajseni386/identcpu.c: Add VIA Nano support
2009-09-28 Thomas Nikolajseni386/identcpu.c: Add support for VIA C7
2009-09-28 Thomas Nikolajsenperiodic(8): Add time stamps to log
2009-09-28 Thomas Nikolajsenzmore: Fix incorrect test
2009-09-28 Thomas Nikolajsengpt.8: Update example and note
2009-09-28 Thomas Nikolajsendragonfly-tips: Add missing spaces
2009-09-28 Thomas Nikolajsendragonfly-tips: Add to varsym tip & add some HAMMER...
2009-09-28 Thomas Nikolajsenrc.8: Fix description of fsck durig startup