2010-10-29 Matthew Dillondummy commit so a 2.8 commitid is at the top for tagging. v2.8.2
2010-10-29 Matthew Dillonnata - properly teardown interrupts on ENXIO
2010-10-29 Matthew Dillonboot - Multiple changes to try to make cdboot work...
2010-10-28 Antonio Huete... nullfs - Add 'noexec' flag support.
2010-10-28 Matthew Dillonnrelease gui - add xterm resources
2010-10-28 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix serious issue w/ smp_invltlb(), plus other...
2010-10-28 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix serious issue w/ smp_invltlb(), plus other...
2010-10-28 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'DragonFly_RELEASE_2_8' of ssh://crater...
2010-10-28 Sascha Wildnernrelease: Add two options (dri and inet6) to the defaul...
2010-10-28 Sascha Wildnernrelease/installer: Rename the UP/SMP kernel directorie...
2010-10-27 Sascha Wildnerinstaller: Install the kernel used to install the syste...
2010-10-27 Sascha Wildnernrelease: Fix an annoying bug that was preventing the...
2010-10-27 Sascha Wildnerinstaller: Add __printflike()s and fix resulting format...
2010-10-27 Sascha Wildnernrelease: Add a missing semicolon.
2010-10-27 Sascha Wildnernrelease: Remove unused variable.
2010-10-27 Sascha Wildnerdloader: Fix error messages.
2010-10-26 Sascha Wildnerzic(8): Sync with tzcode2010n from elsie.nci.nih.gov
2010-10-26 Sascha Wildnerlibc/stdtime: Sync localtime.c with tzcode2010n from...
2010-10-26 Sascha WildnerSync zoneinfo database with tzdata2010n from elsie...
2010-10-25 Matthew Dillonnrelease - gui - Change window manager, cpdup additiona...
2010-10-25 Matthew Dillonnrelease - Provide default /etc/X11, better rc.conf
2010-10-25 Matthew Dillonnrelease - gui build adjustments
2010-10-25 Matthew Dillonbuild - define struct in6_addr in arpa/inet.h
2010-10-25 Matthew Dillondummy commit so a 2.8 commitid is at the top for tagging. v2.8.1
2010-10-25 Matthew Dillonnrelease - installer - Use different emergency interrup...
2010-10-25 YONETANI Tomokazuehci - add missing dependency on usb driver
2010-10-25 Matthew Dillondocs - update tuning(7)
2010-10-25 Antonio Huete... Fix typo in argv handling.
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonkernel - Temporarily back-out smp_invltlb() changes
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix bug in the emergency interrupt polling...
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonsysctl.conf - Enable emergency interrupt polling at...
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonhammer utility - Add force support to cleanup
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonnrelease - Add *_GENERIC_SMP for this release
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonnrelease - Release build adjustments
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonmtree - no longer create /boot/modules
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonboot - Massage dloader.menu a bit more
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonboot - Add a ton of features to the boot loader & adjus...
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonnetwork - Fix issue with recent unix domain socket...
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix pmap deactivate/reactivation race.
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonkernel - synchronize smp_invltlb()
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonkernel - x86_64 - Add additional checks to lwp_wait...
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonkernel - x86_64 - Remove intrframe->if_gs
2010-10-24 Alex Hornungfix typo in previous commit
2010-10-24 Alex HornungAdd comment regarding T_DNA passthrough with db
2010-10-24 Alex Hornunglibdevmapper, liblvm - stop inter-lib linking
2010-10-24 Alex Hornungcryptdisks rc.d - remove rcvar
2010-10-24 Alex Hornungcrypttab.5 - Add LUKS-only note, remote empty line
2010-10-24 Sascha WildnerFix UP kernel build.
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonlibkvm - Add ability to access userspace from kgdb...
2010-10-24 Alex Hornungdevice mapper - implement dumping
2010-10-24 Alex Hornungdm dumping - peripheral changes
2010-10-24 Alex Hornungdev_ddump - fix double get_mplock
2010-10-24 Alex Hornungdevice-mapper - fix dmsize
2010-10-24 Alex Hornungcryptdisks - A small tool to parse /etc/crypttab
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonkernel - (mainly x86_64) - Fix a number of rare races
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillondhclient - Do not remove default route unless setting...
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonnetwork - Fix socket & mbuf leak
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillondebug - Add mbufinfo
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillondevfs - Fix broken assertion
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix another hard critical section issue with...
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonkernel - revamp mtx_spinlock()
2010-10-24 Alex Hornungcryptosoft - Zero out ctx after SHA1 or MD5 op
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonkernel - Force NFSv3 for diskless nfs mount
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonboot - Bring in fix for qemu menu time bug
2010-10-24 Matthew DillonHAMMER VFS - Minor bug (caught by assertion panic)
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix bug in unp_gc()
2010-10-24 Matthew Dillonkernel - Remove confusing warning
2010-10-23 Sascha Wildnerinstaller: Move chflags to the right place.
2010-10-23 Sascha Wildnerinstaller: The sources.conf path is relative.
2010-10-22 Sascha Wildnermake upgrade: Remove orphan symbolic links as well.
2010-10-20 Matthias Schmidtlibc - Fix security issue in globbing code
2010-10-20 Sascha Wildnerdhclient-script.8: Comment out resolv.conf.tail(5)...
2010-10-20 Sascha Wildnermkinitrd.8: Adjust the manpage to the recent changes...
2010-10-19 Alex Hornungdloader - remove header and footer bars
2010-10-18 Sascha WildnerFix a typo in the vkernel rc script.
2010-10-18 Sascha WildnerRaise default .Os value for the manual pages to 2.8...
2010-10-18 Matthew Dillonrelease engineering - Branch release and set to 2.8 v2.8.0
2010-10-18 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix race in bio_track_wait()
2010-10-18 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix NFS client & server bugs
2010-10-17 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix padlock panic in hw crypto
2010-10-17 Sascha WildnerBring in uguru(4) for ABIT temperature, voltage and...
2010-10-15 Alex Hornungdevfs - Fix mountpoint specific rules
2010-10-15 YONETANI Tomokazuundo - stat(2) may not populate struct stat upon failure.
2010-10-14 Antonio Huete... test/vkernel - Include ROOTSIZE environment variable...
2010-10-14 Sascha Wildnerloader.8: Improve wording. Fix typos and an error.
2010-10-14 Sascha Wildnerpowernow(4): Make it build on x86_64 and hook it in...
2010-10-12 RumkoUpdate the rc.conf's man page's vkernel section.
2010-10-12 Rumkorc.d/vkernel: pidfile related enhancements
2010-10-12 Rumkorc.d: completely stop the vkernels
2010-10-12 Rumkovkernel: rc improvements
2010-10-12 YONETANI Tomokazuucom - destroy device node on detach
2010-10-12 Sascha Wildneridentcpu.c: Fix a typo in the Features2 strings and...
2010-10-12 Sascha Wildneraesni(4): Move CPUID2_AESNI to specialreg.h. Also add...
2010-10-12 Sascha WildnerAdd an aesni(4) manual page (taken from FreeBSD).
2010-10-12 Sascha Wildnermdoc.local: Add FreeBSD 9.0.
2010-10-12 Sascha Wildnerchroot.2: Add chroot_kernel() to .Nm.
2010-10-12 Sascha Wildnerrename.2: Add renameat() to .Nm and .Rv.
2010-10-11 Venkatesh Srinivasfortune -- Its time for pie.
2010-10-11 Peter AvalosEnable DSO support in OpenSSL.
2010-10-11 Matthew Dillonnmalloc - Fix depot race - this should fix remaining...