2017-08-01 Sascha Wildnerlibthread_xu: Fix checking of pthread_barrier_init... v4.8.1
2017-07-31 Sascha Wildnerkernel/ieee80211: Add missing braces.
2017-07-31 Sascha Wildnerkernel/urtwn: Add missing braces.
2017-07-30 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix improper parens
2017-07-30 Matthew Dillongcore - fix overflow in sscanf
2017-07-30 Matthew Dillonmixer - Fix sscanf() overflow
2017-07-30 Matthew Dillonmfiutil - Fix static buffer overflow
2017-07-30 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix event preset
2017-07-30 Matthew Dillonwindow - Fix Graphics capability enable test
2017-07-30 Matthew Dillonopenssh - Fix a broken assignment
2017-07-30 Matthew Dillonlibdevstat - Limit sscanf field, fix redundant condition
2017-07-30 Matthew Dillonlibtelnet - Fix improper statement construction (not...
2017-07-30 Matthew Dillonppp - Fix minor overflow in protocol search
2017-07-30 Antonio Huete... libc/gmon: Replace sbrk() with mmap()
2017-07-30 Sascha Wildnerkernel/acpi: Call AcpiInitializeSubsystem() before...
2017-07-30 Sascha Wildnerkernel/acpica: Remove no longer needed #include.
2017-07-30 Sascha Wildnerkernel/acpica: Return curthread as thread id from AcpiO...
2017-07-30 Sascha Wildnerkernel/acpica: ACPI_THREAD_ID is unsigned.
2017-07-30 Sascha Wildnerkernel/acpica: Better check AcpiOsPredefinedOverride...
2017-07-30 Sascha Wildnerkernel/acpi: Untangle the wakecode generation during...
2017-07-30 Matthew Dillonlibc - Fix bug in rcmdsh()
2017-07-30 Sascha Wildnerlibpuffs: Fix two asserts.
2017-07-30 Sascha Wildnerccdconfig(8): Add missing free().
2017-07-30 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Add FreeBSD's virtio_scsi(4) driver.
2017-07-30 Sascha Wildnerkernel/cam: Add CAM_SCSI_IT_NEXUS_LOST (in preparation...
2017-07-30 Imre VadászMake sure that cam(4)'s dashutdown handler runs before...
2017-07-30 Imre Vadászif_vtnet - Allocate struct vtnet_tx_header entries...
2017-07-30 Imre Vadászsound - Delete devfs clone handler for /dev/dsp and...
2017-07-05 zrjRevert "Always use unix line endings"
2017-07-04 Matthew Dillonpthreads - Change PTHREAD_STACK_MIN
2017-06-24 François Tigeotdrm/i915: Update to Linux 4.7.10
2017-06-24 Imre Vadászdrm - Fix hrtimer, don't reset timer->function to NULL...
2017-06-01 Sepherosa Ziehauix: Fixup TX/RX ring settings for X550, which supports...
2017-06-01 François Tigeotdrm/linux: make flush_work() more robust
2017-06-01 Sepherosa Ziehauusched: Allow process to change self cpu affinity
2017-06-01 Sepherosa Ziehausched: Change CPU_SETSIZE to signed int, same as FreeBS...
2017-05-24 Sepherosa Ziehauem: Enable MSI by default on devices has PCI advanced...
2017-05-12 Sepherosa Ziehaupf: Normalized, i.e. defragged, packets requiring rehash.
2017-04-23 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix i915 deadlock
2017-04-14 Sascha Wildnerzoneinfo: Create a /usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC link.
2017-04-12 François Tigeotdrm: bring in Linux compability changes from master
2017-04-12 Matthew Dillonparam - Change __DragonFly_version to 400801
2017-04-12 Matthew Dillonkernel - Temporarily set the default machdep.pmap_nx_en...
2017-04-12 Matthew Dillonkernel - Implement NX (3) - cleanup
2017-04-12 Matthew Dillonkernel - Implement machdep.pmap_nx_enable TUNABLE
2017-04-12 Matthew Dillonkernel - Implement NX (2)
2017-04-12 Matthew Dillonkernel - Implement NX
2017-04-12 Matthew Dillongcc - Adjust the unwind code to use the new sigtramp...
2017-04-12 Matthew Dillonkernel - Add KERN_PROC_SIGTRAMP
2017-04-08 Sepherosa Ziehauinet6: Restore mbuf hash after defragmentation.
2017-04-04 Sascha WildnerReally ensure that our world/kernel are built under...
2017-04-01 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix broken wakeup in crypto code
2017-03-31 Sascha WildnerFix some cases where an index was used before its limit...
2017-03-31 Sascha Wildnerlibkvm: Fix char pointer dereference.
2017-03-30 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix deadlock in sound system
2017-03-29 Matthew Dillonkernel - MFC b48dd28447fc (sigtramp workaround)
2017-03-27 Sepherosa Ziehausound/hda: Sync device ID table with FreeBSD
2017-03-26 Matthew DillonKernel - quick workaround for Ryzen v4.8.0
2017-03-26 Matthew Dillonkernel - Stir longer in arc4random
2017-03-23 Matthew Dillonbuild - Add the 'efisetup' script
2017-03-23 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix panic in zget() during heavy paging
2017-03-23 Matthew Dillonbuild - Validate sshd_config
2017-03-23 Matthew Dillontest - Flesh out randread statistics reporting
2017-03-22 Sascha WildnerUpdate the pciconf(8) database.
2017-03-22 Sascha Wildnerbsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
2017-03-22 Sascha WildnerSync zoneinfo database with tzdata2017b from ftp:/...
2017-03-19 Sascha WildnerBring in uefisign(8) example script.
2017-03-19 Sascha Wildnerinstaller: Fix the "missing /var/run/sem" issues better.
2017-03-19 Thomas NikolajsenUPDATING: Add note for OpenSSH HPN removal
2017-03-18 Sascha Wildnerkernel/mmcsd: Add some dummy values for d_nheads and...
2017-03-17 Matthew Dillonsshd - Fix default password authentication (2)
2017-03-17 Matthew Dillonsshd - Fix default password authentication
2017-03-17 Sascha Wildnerdf.1: Fix example for -t. It's null, not nullfs.
2017-03-16 Justin C. SherrillCorrect param.h entry for this version.
2017-03-13 Sascha Wildnerzone.9: Adjust prototypes for some recent changes.
2017-03-12 Justin C. SherrillNumbering changes to name 4.8 branch correctly. v4.8.0rc
2017-03-06 Sepherosa Ziehaure: Only limited versions of this chip require explicit...
2017-03-07 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix cluster_write() inefficiency
2017-03-05 Eitan AdlerAlways use unix line endings
2017-03-05 zrjvkernel: Prevent clang optimizing out the traps.
2017-03-05 zrjwlan: Remove duplicate typedef.
2017-03-05 zrjUnbreak VKERNEL64 for clang compatibility.
2017-03-04 Sascha Wildnerlibc/getnameinfo: Whitespace fix to my last commit.
2017-03-04 Sascha Wildnerlibc/getnameinfo: Clean up the comments in getnameinfo_...
2017-03-03 Sascha WildnerSync ACPICA with Intel's version 20170303.
2017-03-03 Sascha WildnerRemove old timezone Pacific/Johnston via 'make upgrade'.
2017-03-02 Sascha WildnerSync zoneinfo database with tzdata2017a from ftp:/...
2017-03-02 François Tigeotdrm/i915: Fix compilation with clang
2017-03-02 Johannes Hofmannrc.d - Add option to load kernel modules from rc.conf(5)
2017-03-01 Sascha Wildnerxargs.1: Add some words about -r (taken from FreeBSD).
2017-03-01 Sascha Wildnerrc.conf.5: Adjust the memimg documentation a bit.
2017-03-01 Sascha WildnerClean up the namespace in a number of standard headers.
2017-03-01 Sascha WildnerAdjust whitespace in a couple of standard headers ...
2017-03-01 Antonio Huete... rc.conf.5 - Adjust manpage to the last changes.
2017-03-01 Matthew Dillonxargs - Add dummy -r option
2017-03-01 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove unused DIRECTIO option (see 12b70cea73ee...
2017-03-01 Antonio Huete... rc.d - Add an option to specify memimg file for vkernels
2017-03-01 Antonio Huete... rc.d - Allow vkernel to run as non-root
2017-03-01 Antonio Huete... rc.d - Follow up previous commit
2017-02-26 Sascha Wildnerinstaller: Turn off soft updates for /boot in the UFS...