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last changeSun, 31 Jul 2016 08:05:15 +0000 (08:05 +0000)
107 min ago edFix up setgrent(3) to have a POSIX-compliant prototype. master github/master
2 hours ago adrian[gpioled] update manpage.
3 hours ago adrian[wdr4300] invert the GPIO LED polarity.
3 hours ago adrian[ar71xx_gpio] handle AR934x and QCA953x GPIO OE polarity.
3 hours ago ngieConditionalize code which defines sysctls per _KERNEL...
3 hours ago ngieRemove calls to `die` added for associated bugs
3 hours ago adrian[gpioled] add support for inverting the LED polarity.
3 hours ago ngieCast result from third parameter to int instead of...
4 hours ago ngieFix regression with /i caused by r303047
4 hours ago pfgindent(1): Bail out if there's no more space on the...
5 hours ago pfgindent(1): Consistently indent declarations.
6 hours ago acheReflect CLDR timedef changes
6 hours ago acheRemove another vestige of scripted conversion
6 hours ago pfgresolvconf(8) now needs an additional @RESTARTCMD@...
7 hours ago acheRemove vestige of scripted conversion
7 hours ago acheIn addition to prev. commit. Since potentially glob2...
107 min ago master