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last changeThu, 8 Oct 2015 08:55:08 +0000 (08:55 +0000)
16 hours ago desAdd -n to the ntpq command line so it will show IP... master github/master
18 hours ago mavAdd missing vnode lock in case of file modify request.
18 hours ago adrianwpi(4): check size before transmitting frames
18 hours ago adrianwpi(4): fix some byteorder conversions
18 hours ago adrianwpi(4): fix 'maybe uninitialized' warnings
18 hours ago adrianwpi(4): add some branch predictions.
18 hours ago adrianwpi(4): drop unnecessary locking in wpi_set_pslevel().
20 hours ago edProperly format pointer size independent CloudABI syste...
22 hours ago rodrigcUse print as a function, not operator.
23 hours ago marcelAdd option -l for specifying which OS loader to dlopen...
24 hours ago peterMove SHLIBDIR?=/lib before <> so that it...
24 hours ago adrianwpi(4): remove software queues
24 hours ago rodrigcUse -fpermissive if compiling with GCC.
25 hours ago bdreweryCorrect a comment.
29 hours ago gjbCorrect the command-line utility in the r285420 entry:
29 hours ago rodrigcUse proper function prototypes.
16 hours ago master