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last changeSat, 31 Dec 2016 10:01:25 +0000 (10:01 +0000)
2016-12-31 ngiesnmp_pdu_free the right object at the right time in... master github/master
2016-12-31 hrsRemove extra NULL-check before free(3).
2016-12-31 ngieDon't call snmp_pdu_free(..) until finished with the...
2016-12-31 adrian[net80211] add placeholders for the VHT action frame...
2016-12-31 hrsReplace two fat signal handlers with function calls in
2016-12-31 jkimDo not remove llvm-objdump. It is installed by default...
2016-12-31 hrsRetry to open an F_PIPE process when it dies unexpectedly.
2016-12-31 loosFix rcc_gpio_modify_bits(). Obviously (1 << 0) is...
2016-12-31 loosFixes the sensor initialization, always reset the digit...
2016-12-30 baptRemove extra entries from the option enum
2016-12-30 ngieGuard against use-after-free after calling mibif_free(..)
2016-12-30 baptMake sdiff --left-column work as expected
2016-12-30 mmMFV r310869:
2016-12-30 mmMFV r310798:
2016-12-30 avosrtwn: add (untested) radar detection support for RTL8821AU
2016-12-30 mmMFV r310796, r310797:
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