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last changeSun, 24 Jun 2018 03:31:23 +0000 (03:31 +0000)
11 hours ago ianFix a comment; the ntp leaplist file is updated periodi... master github/master
11 hours ago ianModernize usage of "restrict" keyword in ntp.conf
15 hours ago ianRetrieve the bus clock speed and mode (polarity/phase...
15 hours ago ianAdd an example for displaying the manufacturer and...
16 hours ago ianAdd spi-max-frequency properties to all spigen nodes...
16 hours ago eadlertop(1): Restructure printing of process states
16 hours ago eadlertop(1): Convert process listing to sbuf too
16 hours ago eadlertop(1): Use basename instead of a homegrown alternative
18 hours ago oshogboDocument libcasper_service.
18 hours ago gonzoDocument multi variants of *prop_alloc functions
19 hours ago gonzoBump .Dd value after r335585
19 hours ago gonzoFix invalid OF_getencprop_alloc usage in fdt_pinctrl(9)
20 hours ago cemaesni(4): Fix {de,en}crypt operations that allocated...
21 hours ago cemaesni(4): Support CRD_F_KEY_EXPLICIT OCF mode
23 hours ago manuaw_mmc: Fix style(9) after r335476
23 hours ago manuallwinner: clkng: Correct mux width and flags
11 hours ago master