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last changeSat, 23 Sep 2017 08:26:42 +0000 (08:26 +0000)
22 hours ago scottlGarbage collect usued fields master github/master
24 hours ago cyCorrect two misspellings. Also align */.
29 hours ago shurdMake struct grouptask gt_name member a char array
29 hours ago shurdMake the rx budget a tunable
29 hours ago shurdChain mbufs before passing to if_input()
29 hours ago shurdSome small packet performance improvements
34 hours ago cemddb(4): Add 'show badstacks' command to show witness...
36 hours ago jhbDetect NEON and set HWCAP_NEON if present.
36 hours ago jhbCorrect HWCAP_VFP3* values to match Linux.
38 hours ago kibFix 32bit build.
40 hours ago gjbRevert r323812 from release/tools/arm.subr, which has...
42 hours ago mckusickContinuing efforts to provide hardening of FFS, this...
42 hours ago scottlClean up error messages related to device discovery
46 hours ago avgMFV r323917: 8648 Fix range locking in ZIL commit codepath
46 hours ago hselaskyExtend sysctl description for hw.usb.disable_enumeration .
46 hours ago avgMFV r323914: 8661 remove "zil-cw2" dtrace probe
22 hours ago master