24 hours ago npcxgbe/t4_tom: ABORT_RPL_RSS is a shared CPL and t4_tom... master github/master
24 hours ago npcxgbe(4): Make FW4_ACK a shared CPL. ETHOFLD in the...
24 hours ago npcxgbe(4): Fix range checks in is_etid.
25 hours ago npcxgbe(4): Slightly simpler needs_<foo> functions.
25 hours ago mmacypmcstat: add usage strings for -L and -I
25 hours ago mmacylibpmcstat: import aliases table and bug fixes
25 hours ago mmacypmcstat top mode + -I - use fully qualified address
25 hours ago npcxgbe(4): Make sure that the egress queue's cidx is...
27 hours ago mmacypmcstat: don't compare signed and unsigned
28 hours ago mmacyfix !amd64 signature for pmu_sample_rate_get
28 hours ago mmacytake NUMA out
28 hours ago mmacylibpmcstat: compile in events based on json description
31 hours ago mmacydevd: drop WARNS back down to 3 until 6 actually works...
31 hours ago mmacyconvert allocations to INVARIANTS M_ZERO
31 hours ago mmacymalloc: Add flag for conditionally zeroing for INVARIAN...
32 hours ago jhbCatch up two more places to the V_ifnet change to a...
35 hours ago kibx86: stop unconditionally clearing PSL_T on the trace...
35 hours ago kibStop obliterating actual exception type for emulated...
35 hours ago emasteRevert r334081 (-Wmain) as it broke the build on gcc...
35 hours ago kibStyle.
35 hours ago mmacyUDP: further performance improvements on tx
35 hours ago mmacyudp: assign flowid to udp sockets round-robin
36 hours ago traszCentralize USB device mode bus power reporting, and add
36 hours ago mmacypmc: bump PMC major version to reflect ABI breakage...
37 hours ago luporlAdding myself to and calendar.freebsd
37 hours ago manuarm64: rockchip: Add proper armclock support
38 hours ago kibNote that PT_SETSTEP is auto-cleared.
38 hours ago mmacyhwppmc: set threadid in callchain records - second...
39 hours ago mmacyUPDATING: note that the pmc callchain ABI has changed
39 hours ago mmacyhwpmc: add thread id field to callchain and context...
39 hours ago jhbRemove references to the LIBC_SCCS and SYSLIBC_SCCS...
39 hours ago jhbUse __SCCSID() for SCCS IDs.
39 hours ago markjRevert r334090.
39 hours ago mmacyepoch: allow for conditionally asserting that the epoch...
40 hours ago kibSupport IBRS for i386.
40 hours ago brdSwitch calendar installs to use FILES and SYMLINKS...
40 hours ago markjAdd GET_STACK_USAGE() for arm64.
41 hours ago markjDocument the return value of sbuf_bcat(9).
41 hours ago mavAdd ready polling after PHY reset on VIA SATA controllers.
42 hours ago leitaoAdding myself share/misc/
42 hours ago eadlerdevd: Move variable declaration to header
43 hours ago pizzamigImprove MAC address uniqueness on if_epair(4).
44 hours ago eadlerkldstat: align size to the right
44 hours ago eadlermd5: perform compare case-insenstive
45 hours ago eadlerlibmd: build with WARNS=1
45 hours ago eadlerdumpon: point to better kernel debug symbols.
46 hours ago eadlertimedef: Update Czech timedef
46 hours ago mjgRemove incorrect owepreempt assertion added in r334062
46 hours ago eadlerdevd: Unbreak build
46 hours ago eadlermpsutil: correct style
47 hours ago araujopthread_rwlock_unlock(3) returns 0 if successful, other...
47 hours ago eadlercut: Fix out of boundary write on illegal list argument
47 hours ago eadlerAdd missing file for WITH{OUT}_BSDINSTAL
2 days ago add -Wmain to WARNS=1
2 days ago add links and update a bit
2 days ago eadlerdevd: allow build to complete using g++
2 days ago eadlerdevd: compile at WARNS=6
2 days ago eadlerdevd: correct two warnings
2 days ago eadlermrsas(4): Remove unneed extra arg from MR_LdBlockSizeGet().
2 days ago eadlermpsutil: add missing braces
2 days ago mmacyBump FreeBSD_version after r333813
2 days ago eadlerREADME: Reduce the textdump; describe the project
2 days ago eadlerAdd the text '@generated' to src.conf.5
2 days ago wollmanWhoops, forgot to add this file in r334070.
2 days ago wollmanMove unsigned limits to a separate table/recognizer...
2 days ago mmacykern_sendit: use pre-initialized rights
2 days ago philImport libxo-0.9.0:
2 days ago philTag libxo 0.9.0
2 days ago philImport libxo 0.9.0
2 days ago kibabImplement initial MMC partitions support for MMCCAM.
2 days ago kibFix UP build.
2 days ago emasteif_muge: only attach to LAN7800 Chip ID
2 days ago mjgMove preemption handling out of critical_exit.
2 days ago traszAdd new PIDs for Audio, CDCE, MTP, and Mass Storage...
2 days ago markjFix the definition of td_startzero after r333466.
2 days ago kibabFix MMCCAM scanning for new cards.
2 days ago npcxgbe(4): Only valid filters are expected to have a...
2 days ago markjEnsure that "m" is initialized in vm_page_alloc_freelis...
2 days ago andrewHandle reserved memory with the no-map property.
2 days ago markjInitialize the dumper struct before calling set_dumper().
2 days ago fabientAdd a SPD cache to speed up lookups.
2 days ago jhbUse __SCCSID for SCCS IDs in libkvm sources.
2 days ago andrewRevert r334035 for now. It breaks the boot on some...
2 days ago markjTypo.
2 days ago markjFlush caches before initiating a microcode update on...
2 days ago markjSimplify lagg_input().
2 days ago mjgsx: fixup a braino in r334024
2 days ago emasteintel-ucode-split: add -n flag to skip creating output...
2 days ago andrewPass the array length into regions_to_avail.
2 days ago kibUse local unique labels inside most often used macros.
2 days ago manubus_dma(9): Correct arm64 BUS_DMA_COHERENT implementati...
2 days ago kibFix double-load of %cr3 and double-copy of the stack...
2 days ago aeRestore the ability to keep states after parent rule...
2 days ago kibEnable IBRS when entering an interrupt handler from...
2 days ago andrewOnly set realmem based on memory where the EXFLAG_NOALL...
2 days ago andrewOn ThunderX2 we need to be careful to only map the...
2 days ago manubus_dma(9): arm64 implementation notes
2 days ago andrewStop using the DMAP region to map ACPI memory.
2 days ago andrewSwitch arm64 to use the same physmem code as 32-bit...
2 days ago kibImplement printf(3) family %m format string extension.