16 hours ago robakEnable bsdinstall hardening options by default. master github/master
16 hours ago avgmca: change type of last_intr to time_t for consinstency
19 hours ago mavDo not blindly free completed ATIOs/INOTs on invalidation.
20 hours ago jhibbitsCorrect the return value for pmap_change_attr()
24 hours ago bdreweryMake it more clear that -k sends SIGKILL, not the ...
26 hours ago oshogboCapsicumize traceroute.
29 hours ago jhbConsolidate statements to initialize files.
30 hours ago mjgmtx: fix spin mutexes interaction with failed fcmpset
32 hours ago traszAdd /proc/self/mounts to linprocfs; some linux binaries...
33 hours ago traszSimplify devfs_fsync() by removing it. This might also...
33 hours ago traszReimplement linux_arch_prctl() as a wrapper around...
33 hours ago badgerDefer ptracestop() signals that cannot be delivered...
41 hours ago sgalabovetherswitch: Fix RT305x vlan group operation
41 hours ago adrian[wlanstats] We actually /do/ support per-STA stats!
45 hours ago adrian[net80211] validate VHT IEs.
45 hours ago adrian[net80211] teach the probe response routine to add...
45 hours ago adrian[net80211] fix up VHT IE comparison typo
46 hours ago adrian[net80211] fix NULL pointer dereference in VHT operatio...
46 hours ago pfgsys/dev: Replace zero with NULL for pointers.
46 hours ago adrian[ifconfig] fix a memory leak!
46 hours ago adrian[ifconfig] fix a memory leak.
47 hours ago adrian[net80211] RX parameter shuffle in net80211 in preparat...
2 days ago ngieRemove lib/libpam tests after they were removed from...
2 days ago desUpgrade to OpenPAM Radula.
2 days ago baptAdd a file descriptor in struct url for netrc
2 days ago ngieA forced commit to note other portion of the Makefile...
2 days ago ngieUnbreak the build when "make obj" is executed beforehand
2 days ago desVendor import of OpenPAM Radula.
2 days ago kibApply noexec mount option for mmap(PROT_EXEC).
2 days ago kibMFamd64 r313933: microoptimize pmap_protect_pte1().
2 days ago lidlOnly notify blacklistd for successful logins in auth.c
2 days ago jhibbitsAdd a driver for the RouterBoard RB800 User LED
2 days ago mavDocument r313854 (
2 days ago allanjudeimprove PBKDF2 performance
2 days ago baptUpdate pci_vendors to 2017.02.15
2 days ago alcIn pmap_enter(), set the PG_MANAGED flag on the new...
2 days ago traszAdd USB Mass Storage CTL frontend. This makes it possible
2 days ago baptImport mandoc 1.4.1rc2
2 days ago baptImport mandoc 1.4.1rc2
2 days ago emastebsdgrep: document ignored option -u
2 days ago impRemove obsolete comment after prior rev.
2 days ago baptImport libucl 20170219
2 days ago mavRemove dead mentions of CAM target mode APIs from drivers.
2 days ago emastebsdgrep: fix EOF handling with --mmap
2 days ago traszThere are some Linux binaries that expect the system...
2 days ago traszMake savecore(8) output nicer by specifying the maximum...
2 days ago mavRemove broken remnants of obsolete INOT API.
2 days ago mjglocks: make trylock routines check for 'unowned' value
2 days ago traszMake mdconfig(8) not segfault when the kernel returns...
2 days ago hselaskyMake sure the thread constructor and destructor eventha...
2 days ago dchaginImplement rt_tgsigqueueinfo system call used by glibc...
2 days ago kibMFamd64 r313933: microoptimize pmap_protect_pde().
2 days ago allanjudeCapsicum-ize lam(1)
2 days ago mavMissed addition to r313936.
2 days ago mavMove CTIO waitq from per-LUN to per-channel.
2 days ago sbrunoRestore PBA setup for igb(4) class devices.
2 days ago kibFix regression in r313898 on i386.
2 days ago kibMicrooptimize amd64/pmap.c pmap_protect_pde().
2 days ago jahBring back r313037, with fixes for mips:
3 days ago mjglocks: clean up trylock primitives
3 days ago ngieInclude ${LOCALBASE}/bin in $PATH when running "make...
3 days ago ngieQuote path to doxygen/kyua in test(1) -x check
3 days ago mmokhiAdd new catrigl.c (r313761) APIs to include/complex.h
3 days ago aeFor translated packets do not adjust UDP checksum if...
3 days ago glebiusFix the last case when kldload(8) wasn't printing the...
3 days ago ianAdd dtb files for Boundary Devices Nitrogen 6 family...
3 days ago ianAdd definitions for the IEEE-1588 registers.
3 days ago ianChange the naming of imx{5,6} gpio pins to exactly...
3 days ago traszMake fsck(8) default to "ufs", like eg mount(8) does.
3 days ago dchaginStyle(9), some XXX comments fix. No functional changes.
3 days ago dchaginInitialize cap_rights before use.
3 days ago dchaginFinich r313684.
3 days ago loosSpell VMXNET3_LEGACY_TX correctly.
3 days ago mavChange XCOPY memory allocations.
3 days ago bdreweryFix panic with unlocked vnode to vrecycle().
3 days ago mjgmtx: plug the 'opts' argument when not used
4 days ago bdreweryxdev: Fix after libc++ update in r300873.
4 days ago avosiwi, ral, zyd: fix possible use-after-free.
4 days ago bdreweryxdev: Build yacc which is needed for recent libpcap...
4 days ago bdreweryMETA_MODE+xdev: Don't rebuild build-tools during normal...
4 days ago kibRely on CPUID feature only to enable attaching. MTRR...
4 days ago kibsmp_rendezvous() works for UP case as well, reduce...
4 days ago mjgsx: fix mips builld after r313855
4 days ago sbrunoPush max_frame_len back into iflib so that jumbo frame...
4 days ago brooksEnable capsicum on MALTA kernels.
4 days ago kibMerge i386 and amd64 mtrr drivers.
4 days ago pfgext2fs: Remove unused assignment.
4 days ago kenMake ctl(4) build with CTL_IO_DELAY defined.
4 days ago kenAdd task attribute support to camcontrol(8).
4 days ago sbrunoUpdate OLD_DIRS for various targets so that some of...
4 days ago pfgsort(1): Remove unneeded initializations.
4 days ago adrian[asmc] Add support for MacBook Pro 11,2
4 days ago jpaetzelMVF: 313876
4 days ago mjgmtx: get rid of file/line args from slow paths if they...
4 days ago mjgmtx: restrict r313875 to kernels without LOCK_PROFILING
4 days ago mjgmtx: microoptimize lockstat handling in __mtx_lock_sleep
4 days ago mjgMake inline lockstat checks just inspect lockstat_enabled
4 days ago mmelPublish fp[get][set]sticky() for ARMv6.
4 days ago hselaskyImplement GFP_DMA32 flag in the LinuxKPI.
4 days ago roygerx86: fix MTRR initialization if EARLY_AP_STARTUP is...