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c01b3c1b 1Here's how to install a DragonFly BSD Guest under KVM Host:
7fe38ca6 31. Install kvm-84 or later on Linux host
41. Download DragonFly BSD ISO, e.g. dfly-2.2.1_REL.iso
51. Create guest with cpu(2), memory(1024m+), disk(ide), cdrom(ide), nic(e1000)
61. Boot guest use DragonFly BSD ISO with '-no-kvm' option, otherwise your screen will be ***mess*** !
c01b3c1b 71. Install DragonFly BSD as normal
56a7d70c 81. Setup networks and sshd, make sure you can login the guest
c01b3c1b 91. Shutdown down DragonFly BSD guest
7fe38ca6 101. Reboot DragonFly BSD guest as normal(without '-no-kvm' option)
c01b3c1b 111. Login DragonFly BSD guest via ssh
0795a5cd 12
13You might run into some clock sync/jitter problems in the guest - if so,
14the following might help:
18There are several cputimers. You could disable them through tunables
20hw.tsc_cputimer_enable="0" (disable TSC cputimer, enabled by default)
21debug.acpi.disabled="hpet timer" (disable HPET and ACPI cputimer, enabled
22by default)
24If they are all enabled (default) and are all functional, their priority
25relationship is TSC > HPET > ACPI
27If they are all disabled, the only one left is i8254.