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9b8042ed 1DragonFly BSD was forked from FreeBSD 4.8 in June of 2003, by Matthew Dillon. The project is "the logical continuation of the FreeBSD 4.x series", as quoted in [Matthew Dillon's announcement](
3DragonFly has been going through rapid development ever since, working towards the goal of creating a single system image across multiple computers. In the process of moving towards this goal, improvements to the code have been made and changes from other BSDs have been brought in.
50ba0cac 5From 2003 (when DragonFly first forked from FreeBSD), to early 2007,
6the DragonFly project focused on rewriting most of the major kernel
7subsystems to implement required abstractions and support mechanics
8for the second phase of the project. This involved a great deal of work
9in nearly every subsystem, particularly the filesystem APIs and kernel core.
10During all of this we have managed to keep the system updated with regards
11to the third party applications and base system utilities needed to make
12any system usable in production. We have also adopted the [pkgsrc]( system for
13management of all non-base-system third-party applications in order to pool
14our resources with other BSD projects using the system.
16In the 2007-2008 time-frame a new filesystem called [[HAMMER|hammer]] was developed
4d517919 17[http"// essay writers]
50ba0cac 18for DragonFly. HAMMER saw its first light of day in the July 2008
192.0 release. This filesystem has been designed to solve numerous issues
20and to add many new capabilities to DragonFly, such as fine-grained
21snapshots, instant crash recovery, and near real-time mirroring.
0663f94a 22The Hammer filesystem is also intended to serve as a basis for the clustering
50ba0cac 23work that makes up the second phase of the project.
9b8042ed 25Further information on the project goals and status are available on this website, and discussion of the project is possible on a variety of newsgroups and mailing lists.