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d22efb0a 1# DragonFly Documentation
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3[General documentation](/docs/documentation/), the [FAQ](/docs/faq/) and the [Handbook](/docs/newhandbook/) are put together by the DragonFly community. This site is a wiki, so further contributions are welcome and can be made at any time.
47d50d40 5Most users need the specific pages documenting how to use [Pkgsrc](/docs/howtos/HowToPkgsrc/) or [DPorts](/docs/howtos/HowToDPorts/). Please note that DragonFly is now officially settled on using DPorts.
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7[Man pages]( are available online, and source is visible through [Gitweb](;a=summary) and from various [OpenGrok](/docs/opengrok/) sites.
47d50d40 9Documentation on [[ maintenance]] is also here, intended for people administrating services.
3a45fa14 11DragonFly [presentations](/presentations/) from various conferences are saved here.