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e30d3486 1# DragonFly Release 3.0
ba124e59 2## 21 February 2012
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3cfe5eba 4The DragonFly 3.0 release is here! This release was delayed from our regular schedule for tracking down what [appears to be a AMD CPU bug](http://gitweb.dragonflybsd.org/dragonfly.git/commit/8e32ecc0a77082f1e232a3e6d12e2f163f9667a4). As a pleasant side effect, the giant kernel lock has been removed from much of the system and this release performs significantly better on multi-core systems than all previous DragonFly versions.
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6## Big-ticket items
79a2e5d7 8### Major VM SMP work
10Previously the majority of the VM was under a single token, the vm_token; now vm_objects (mappable entities) are each under a private token, concurrent page faults in the same object can proceed, and VM SMP scalability overall improved. Results for Postgres and MySQL, among others, are excellent.
d7a336d4 12Francois Tigeot [worked on benchmarks](http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/mailarchive/kernel/2011-11/msg00004.html) comparing DragonFly 2.10 and DragonFly 2.13, among other operating systems. The [resulting graphs](http://dl.wolfpond.org/Pg-benchmarks.dfly_only.pdf) show how well DragonFly responds to multiple CPUs. (2.13 is the development version of DragonFly that became 3.0.)
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ec2cfb63 14### HAMMER performance greatly increased
d5518634 15
ec2cfb63 16A new [time domain multiplexing method](http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/mailarchive/commits/2011-07/msg00086.html) has been added to balance storage operation types over long time periods. HAMMER fairness and throughput under heavy storage loads has significantly improved.
a896c6a1 17
ec2cfb63 18HAMMER's behavior in very low memory configurations has also improved; it will no longer readily starve a system of kernel allocation space. HAMMER should work on systems with as little as 256M of RAM.
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afdfc39f 20### SMP kernel installed by default
a896c6a1 21
86dab385 22ACPI + interrupt routing have been upgraded. A SMP kernel will work on all machines and is installed by default.
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eedd8701 24### Disk Encryption
26DragonFly now has [tcplay(8)](http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/cgi/web-man?command=tcplay&section=8), a tool for creating and managing encrypted disk volumes. It is 100% [TrueCrypt](http://www.truecrypt.org/) compatible and BSD licensed.
9c890424 28## Availability
ba124e59 30Four release options are now available for 32-bit as well as for 64-bit. 64-bit installations are recommended if you do not need the linux emulation layer.
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97a8a568 32* An ISO, to be burned to a physical CD or used as an image to install a virtual machine.
ba124e59 33* A bootable USB disk-key image. (minimum 2G USB stick needed)
34* A GUI bootable USB ISO image with a full X environment. DVD disc required.
35* A GUI bootable USB disk-key image with a full X environment. (minimum 4G USB stick needed)
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f08aa669 37The release ISO images should be available on most of the [[mirrors|mirrors]]. If the ISO is not available on a certain mirror, please try another one or download it from the DragonFly master site. Each image is in the "Live CD" format, meaning that it boots into a running and fully functional DragonFly system, which can be used for testing or system recovery tasks as well as installation. Check the [hardware page](http://www.dragonflybsd.org/docs/supportedhardware/) or boot a Live CD to check for compatibility.
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afdfc39f 39The GUI bootable USB image also contains the DragonFly git repo in /usr/src and the pkgsrc git repo in /usr/pkgsrc. The code can be trivially checked out using these repos and can be incrementally updated from master sites, post-install.
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41### MD5 sums
4f376c67 43* MD5 (dfly-i386-3.0.1_REL.img) = a7cc87b26c04a179476f9c3f20f8ce9d
44* MD5 (dfly-i386-3.0.1_REL.iso) = dcabe48f2c5b427a1afbe5c44d9b2f04
45* MD5 (dfly-i386-gui-3.0.1_REL.img) = f4e098334058e692f257545f7f7e0cda
46* MD5 (dfly-i386-gui-3.0.1_REL.iso) = 64a1a228da4ee1ec37942f092094bdcf
47* MD5 (dfly-x86_64-3.0.1_REL.img) = 9c235b5e8d8a59b0c53db3523647f9fc
48* MD5 (dfly-x86_64-3.0.1_REL.iso) = 8bd79fb3174184f8ddf1e6ebceb028eb
49* MD5 (dfly-x86_64-gui-3.0.1_REL.img) = 25bf66c189809910d855419551e5cd26
50* MD5 (dfly-x86_64-gui-3.0.1_REL.iso) = 1383ed5c7adf4ac16ef887cf2296c85a
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53### pkgsrc packages
55We offer roughly 10,000 pre-built [pkgsrc](http://www.pkgsrc.org) packages for this release. The [pkg_radd(1)](http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/cgi/web-man?command=pkg_radd&section=ANY) utility may be used to download pre-built binary packages. The path can be overridden by setting BINPKG_BASE in `/etc/pkg_radd.conf`.
57To get a list of all packages, let [pkg_search(1)](http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/cgi/web-man?command=pkg_search&section=ANY) download the summary file for that release:
59 # pkg_search -d
afdfc39f 61We supply a Makefile in `/usr` to track the pkgsrc tree and we supply a Git mirror of the NetBSD pkgsrc CVS repo at `git://git.dragonflybsd.org/pkgsrcv2.git`. We recommend that users use it, instead of pulling from NetBSD with CVS. Our Git mirror is updated several times a day. Type 'make' in /usr to see the available commands for performing these actions.
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86dab385 63## DragonFly 3.0 Special Installation and Upgrade Notes
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afdfc39f 65**Disk size warning** - Unless your hard disk is 50G or larger, we recommend doing a UFS install and not the default HAMMER install. We also recommend installing from the CD ISO, not the GUI .img, for smaller drives. A more serious installation should use HAMMER with at least 50G of disk space and can install from the GUI .img. HAMMER on smaller disk drives is possible but requires careful pruning to keep from filling the disk with file history.
9c890424 66
67**Virtual PC users** - Virtual PC does not supply serial numbers for the virtual disks. The system may need to be manually directed in the boot loader if the disk identifier changes. (Hit ? in the boot loader for a list of available volumes.)
69**Installer Crypt Options** - The installer can encrypt the root volume and the swap volume. It will not work properly for other volumes despite any additional check-boxes you might see. Installer and boot-time support works but is still a bit rough around the edges. Performance will be relatively high on multi-core machines.
92d4b6c9 71**ISA driver removal** - A number of ISA hardware drivers have been removed. One of these drivers, ie(4), was in our GENERIC config. Another driver, aha(4), was in both our GENERIC and our X86_64_GENERIC kernel configuration files. If you are using a kernel config based on a previous release's GENERIC config file, you may need to remove these drivers in order to successfully compile the kernel.
eedd8701 73**PAM Changes** - The pam_krb5 and pam_ksu modules have been removed as part of a PAM update. If you were using these modules, the security/pam-krb5 package in pkgsrc is a suitable replacement.
ba124e59 75**Remaining issues** - The DragonFly bug tracker mentions some issues still known but not fully diagnosed at time of release. Specifically, building world with more than 4 processes (-j 5) may cause issues on i386, and some users have seen issues with NFS. Check the [3.0 release ticket](http://bugs.dragonflybsd.org/issues/2286) for details.
92d4b6c9 76
86dab385 77## DragonFly 3.0 Release Notes
9c890424 78
79### Release Improvements
81> ### Kernel changes
92e7a92a 82* crypto(4) now supports the AES-GCM, Twofish, Serpent, Twofish-XTS and Serpent-XTS ciphers.
83* Fixed dm(4)'s remove_all so that it works correctly when the volumes are interdependent.
84* Improved dm(4) performance by reducing serialization in the I/O path.
85* dm_target_crypt now supports plain64 IV generator.
86* dm_target_crypt now supports Serpent and Twofish XTS modes.
87* dm_target_crypt now uses per-volume mpipes. This fixes a major issue with stacked volumes.
88* devfs(4) has been changed to track related devices explicitly by cdev pointer instead of by (sub)name. The devfs subname* API has been completely replaced by the related* API.
89* Fixed some potential deadlocks in dsched(4) and dsched_fq.
e8939ade 90* bfq(4), an experimental, work-in-progress budget fair queuing dsched(4) policy has been added.
612a9a4d 91* mps(4) driver has been updated and now supports RAID.
823d4ba4 92* pf(4) has been converted to use kmalloc instead of zalloc.
93* Substantial update to the kernel's ELF handling.
9f07c779 94* The refcount API has been overhauled.
95* A netgraph MP race has been fixed.
96* A bug in the kernel smb code relating to directory scanning has been fixed.
20ba3570 97* NFS server updates were pulled in from FreeBSD; read and write clustering behavior is improved.
8ac09e85 98* MSI (Managed System Interrupt) and MSI-X support has been greatly expanded.
79a2e5d7 99* Soft tokens can now be taken in shared mode in addition to the classical exclusive mode.
b7649713 100* Virtual file system accounting support has been added and will serve as a basis for future file-system independent quota work.
101* Appletalk support removed.
b7649713 102* tmpfs filesystems can now be exported via NFS.
f08aa669 103* libm has been updated with multiple math functions brought in from NetBSD/FreeBSD.
104* Position-Independent Executables (PIE) support added.
105* TRIM support added.
823d4ba4 106* PCI MMC/SD drivers are included in the GENERIC kernel.
9c890424 107
108> ### Hardware changes (non-networking)
92e7a92a 109* padlock(4) now supports the built-in random number generator and feeds entropy into the kernel's entropy pool.
110* ubsec(4) has now been fixed to be compatible with the new crypto(4) framework.
3e295e6e 111* mfi(4) updated to LSI's version 3.981.
92d4b6c9 112* hptiop(4) updated.
113* safe(4) added.
79a2e5d7 114* mps(4) driver updated
eedd8701 115* ecc(4) now supports more hardware.
4f633add 116* coretemp(4) updated.
9c890424 117
118> ### Hardware changes (networking)
9a6d4a26 119* bge(4) now supports the 5761, 5784, and 57780 chipsets.
92d4b6c9 120* ndis(4) updated.
3e9a6ca7 121* msk(4) updated.
eedd8701 122* re(4) updated.
3e9a6ca7 123* lgue(4) added.
4f633add 124* bce(4) updated.
125* em(4)/emx(4) updated.
9c890424 126
73fc1a6a 127> ### New Multiprocessor-safe Work
79a2e5d7 128* VM: vm_objects now use per-object tokens and a hold/release based-lock protocol, rather than the global VM token.
129* VM: VM page queues locking is now fine-grained
130* VM: x86-64 PMAP has been rewritten to synchronise at the page/object level rather than using the vm_token.
131* kqueue: kqueue uses per-kq and per-list token rather than a global page queue token
132* signals: Move some signal processing unto LWP rather than process tokens
9c890424 133
134> ### Userland changes
20ba3570 135* The C library slab allocator (nmalloc) has been replaced with a considerably more scalable, faster design on x86-64 (dmalloc).
92e7a92a 136* proplib(3) has been updated
137* libdm, a simple BSD-licensed device mapper library that is API-compatible with libdevicemapper has been added.
138* tcplay(8), a simple BSD-licensed tool that allows creation, managing and mapping of TrueCrypt volumes has been added. It is fully integrated with initrd and cryptdisks and 100% compatible with TrueCrypt.
139* tcplay(3), a library based on tcplay(8) that allows access to TrueCrypt volumes, has been added.
f2bba171 140* POSIX 2008 fmemopen(3) and open_memstream(3) routines have been added to libc
141* Bug in socket timeouts has been fixed, allowing Varnish to run w/ default configuration.
9f07c779 142* The jail rc.d script can now automatically mount a devfs inside the jails.
143* Minor fix in hammer(8) for snapshot count in the info directive.
144* Major update to rtld-elf.
145* Major update and bugfixes to sh(1).
f08aa669 146* 'hammer dedup' can run in fixed memory by running multiple passes.
eedd8701 147* buildworld can now be run in parallel for faster results.
73fc1a6a 148* dfregress, a regression testing framework, added.
f08aa669 149* Support for exception handling on statically-linked binaries.
150* libhammer, a library for HAMMER functions, has been added.
4f633add 151* tuxload, a tool for stressing the VM system's free memory, has been added.
152* Patches for use with Coccinelle and DragonFly are now included.
9c890424 153
154> ### x86_64-specific changes
92e7a92a 155* A bug in the initial stack pointer alignment has been fixed.
f2bba171 156* File-descriptor passing via sendmsg has been fixed on x86_64
9f07c779 157* MTRR support added to x86_64 kernel
4f633add 158* dmalloc added (see Userland Changes)
9c890424 159
160> ### Removals
92d4b6c9 161* The following ISA only drivers have been removed along with a couple of associated userland tools: aha(4), asc(4), sasc(1), ctx, dgb(4), el(4), gpib, gsc(4), sgsc(1), ie(4), labpc(4), le(4), mse(4), rc(4), rdp(4), spigot, tw(4) & xten(1) & xtend(8), wl(4), wlconfig(8), wt(4).
9c890424 162
163> ### Contributed Software
86dab385 164* Shipping with pkgsrc-2011Q4 built packages.
f08aa669 165* binutils 2.20 removed
b89dc473 166* libgnuregex removed
167* BSD gprof replaced with GNU gprof
168* GNU sort replaced by NetBSD sort
9f07c779 169* xchat removed from GUI build
92d4b6c9 170* awk updated to 20110810
b89dc473 171* binutils updated to 2.22 (2.21 is the default)
eedd8701 172* dma updated to 0.7
bc7e7934 173* diffutils updated to 3.2
b89dc473 174* file updated to 5.10
4f633add 175* ftp updated to match NetBSD's tnftp as of 2012/01/08
b89dc473 176* gcc44 updated to 4.4.7
177* gdb (and kdgb) updated to 7.3
178* gdtoa 20110321 added
179* grep updated to 2.9
180* ldns/drill updated to 1.6.11
181* less updated to 444
182* libarchive updated to 3.0.3
73fc1a6a 183* libgmp updated to 5.0.2
184* libmpfr updated to 3.1
b89dc473 185* libpcap updated to 1.2.1
186* mdocml updated to 1.11.3
187* OpenPAM updated to 'Lycopsida'
188* OpenSSH updated to 5.9p1
189* OpenSSL updated to 1.0.0g
190* sendmail updated to v8.14.15
191* tcpdump updated to 4.2.1
73fc1a6a 192* texinfo updated to 4.13
b89dc473 193* xz updated to 5.0.3
194* zoneinfo database updated to tzdata2011n
73fc1a6a 195
4f633add 196>### Security related
198* CVE-2011-4862, telnetd, fixed.
199* CVE-2011-3581, CVE-2011-3207, CVE-2011-3210, CVE-2010-3864 CVE-2010-2939 fixed through contrib software updates.
200* crypt(3) changed to use the Linux implementation of SHA256/512. SHA512 is the new default.