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0f2a1d3b 1## Making changes
3* All files can be edited by anyone. Start with the the `/sandbox` page.
4* Changes to the site config are generated into the site with the command `ikiwiki --setup /usr/local/etc/ikiwiki.setup`.
5* To create new pages on the web, add a new wiki link and then follow the link. If you cannot find a good place for the link, use the [[/sandbox]].
6* To move a page, create a new page with the old page's content, and place '\[\[!meta redir=newpage\]\]' on the old page for a redirect.
7* To delete a page, edit it and press the "Remove" button.
8* This entire site is kept in a git repo, so larger changes/reversions can be done at the repo level.
e3edf184 9* Add images directly to the repo in `/usr/local/www/ikiwiki-srcdir/` with git, and they will automatically be brought into the site by the post-commit hook.
8301afaa 10* Users on in the ikiwiki group can clone from `/usr/local/www/ikiwiki-repo.git/` and edit with a favorite editor, and then push back. You need to be in the 'ikiwiki' group.
64236c94 11* If some random person completely scrambles a page, and there's no subsequent commits, you can undo it on leaf by going to `/usr/local/www/ikiwiki-srcdir` and performing `git revert HEAD`, then rebuilding.
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13## Styles
15* When naming a page, use underscores to indicate spaces between words in the name.
16* Avoid CamelCase.
17* When creating a new page, make sure to link to it somewhere else on the site.
18* Use [Markdown]( for page syntax.
19* Straight HTML can be used for page element if needed, though it can get messy; stick to Markdown where possible.
21## For more information
23* This site contains ikiwiki documentation under /[[ikiwiki]].
24* Markdown is documented at [](
25* [[Formatting information|ikiwiki/formatting]] is linked at the bottom of the form when editing any page.
26* ikiwiki is documented at the [ikiwiki site](