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1The images on this page are only to be used with the DragonFly BSD Project.
2Please ask on the
a23401fa 3[[mailing lists|mailinglists]] before using any of these files.
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2a81fb22 5## General images
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7[[!table data="""
b790f880 8Document|Notes
6f5eac5d 9[[!img /images/FullLogo.gif size="150x" alt="FullLogo.gif"]]|Created by Joe Angrisano - official logo
10[[!img /images/image.gif size="150x" alt="image.gif"]] | Created by Joe Angrisano.
11[[!img /images/bug-big.gif size="150x" alt="bug-big.gif"]]<br /> [[!img /images/bug-fat.gif size="150x" alt="bug-fat.gif"]]<br /> [[!img /images/bug-small.gif size="150x" alt="bug-small.gif"]] | Copied from the Dover book: "Animals: 1,419 Copyright-Free Illustrations of Mammals, Birds, Fish, Insects, etc."<br /> Edited by Jim Harter. <br /> ISBN: 0486237664
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14## Badges
15[[!table data="""
17[[!img /images/badges/dfly_powered1.png]]<br /> | Badge 1 "Powered By DragonFly"
6e3524b1 18[[!img /images/badges/dfly_powered2.png]]<br /> | Badge 2 "DragonFly LWKT Powered"
2a81fb22 19[[!img /images/badges/dfly_powered3.png]]<br /> | Badge 3 "Powered By DragonFly" bold
6e3524b1 20[[!img /images/badges/dfly_powered4.png]]<br /> | Badge 4 "DragonFly LWKT Powered" bold
2a81fb22 21[[!img /images/badges/dragonfly80x15.png]]<br /> | 80x15 DragonFlyBSD banner, Micha 'GiM' Spadlinski
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24## Wallpapers
26[[!table data="""
24556203 28[[!img /images/dfly_1024.jpg size="150x" alt="dfly_1024.jpg"]]| Wallpaper, generated from our base logos. By Brendan Kosowski
6e3524b1 29[[!img images/wallpaper/aa-s1-1024x768.jpg size="150x" alt=""]]|Ahmed Aneeth's DragonFly wallpaper 1, [1024x768](/images/wallpaper/aa-s1-1024x768.jpg), [1280x1024](/images/wallpaper/aa-s1-1280x1024.jpg), [1280x960](/images/wallpaper/aa-s1-1280x960.jpg), [1280x800](/images/wallpaper/aa-w1-1280x800.jpg), [1440x900](/images/wallpaper/aa-w1-1440x900.jpg)
30[[!img /images/wallpaper/aa-s2-1024x768.jpg size="150x" alt=""]]|Ahmed Aneeth's DragonFly wallpaper 2, [1024x768](/images/wallpaper/aa-s2-1024x768.jpg), [1280x1024](/images/wallpaper/aa-s2-1280x1024.jpg), [1280x960](/images/wallpaper/aa-s2-1280x960.jpg), [1280x800](/images/wallpaper/aa-w2-1280x800.jpg), [1440x900](/images/wallpaper/aa-w2-1440x900.jpg)
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