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8776a914 1# DragonFly Release 2.6
8a77bc5d 2## 5 April 2010 (2.6.1)
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4The DragonFly 2.6 release is here!
8a77bc5d 6Three release options are now available for 32-bit: Our bare-bones CD ISO, a bare-bones bootable USB disk-key image (minimum 1G USB stick needed), and a gui bootable USB disk-key image with a full X environment. The gui USB image replaces the DVD ISO image we has in the previous release to work around issues with DVDs simply being too slow to boot an X environment from.
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8a77bc5d 8Two release options are available for 64-bit: Our base-bones CD ISO and our bare-bones bootable USB disk-key image. The 64-bit release is now fully supported.
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10## Availability
12The release ISO images should be available on most of the [[mirrors|mirrors]]. If the ISO is not available on a certain mirror, please try another one or download it from the DragonFly FTP server.
15### MD5 sums
8a77bc5d 17* MD5 (dfly-i386-2.6.1_REL.img.bz2) = 661a41dab81b6870eda6431f95e6905f
18* MD5 (dfly-i386-2.6.1_REL.iso.bz2) = e7101da11ad8b9b7c1a0da53a60efd48
19* MD5 (dfly-gui-i386-2.6.1_REL.img.bz2) =
20* MD5 (dfly-x86_64-2.6.1_REL.img.bz2) = b086e6be72a925c1b9a7bfe0d4a8254b
21* MD5 (dfly-x86_64-2.6.1_REL.iso.bz2) = d6e1735b20c991771ac19a90776b97f3
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23### pkgsrc packages
25We offer over 8000 pre-built [pkgsrc](http://www.pkgsrc.org) packages for this release. The [pkg_radd(1)](http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/cgi/web-man?command=pkg_radd&section=ANY) utility may be used to download pre-built binary packages. By default this script will query the main package site for a random redirect to one of our mirrors. The path can be overridden by setting BINPKG_SITES in `/etc/settings.conf`.
27To get a list of all packages, let [pkg_search(1)](http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/cgi/web-man?command=pkg_search&section=ANY) download the summary file for that release:
29 # pkg_search -d
31We supply a Makefile in /usr to track the pkgsrc tree. We also supply a GIT mirror of the NetBSD pkgsrc CVS repo as
32well as the pkgsrc/wip (work in progress) repo at git://git.dragonflybsd.org/pkgsrc.git and we recommend that
33users use it instead of pulling from NetBSD with CVS. Our GIT mirror is updated four times a day.
35## DragonFly 2.6.x Special Installation and Upgrade Notes
37**VirtualBox and VMWare users** - Unless your virtual hard disk is 50G or larger we recommend
38doing a UFS install and not the default HAMMER install. We also recommend installing from the CD ISO
39and not the DVD ISO. The DVD ISO HAMMER install has bugs (see [[Known Release Issues|issues24]]).
8a77bc5d 41## DragonFly 2.6.1 Release Notes
8776a914 42
43### Release Improvements
45> ### Kernel changes
8a77bc5d 46* Ported tmpfs (efficient memory filesystem) from NetBSD
47* Added support for minidumps
48* Added swapcache support for SSDs
be125dc6 49* Ported POSIX Message Queues from NetBSD (Google Summer of Code Project).
bae8a2c1 50* Updated Linuxulator (now runs java, flash,...) for pc32
51* fixed vinum root mounts
995babf6 52* Added watchdog framework (compatible with watchdogd(8))
53* Added gpio framework
54* Ported minidumps from FreeBSD (enabled by default)
8a77bc5d 55* Added vkernel64 (64-bit vkernels - experimental)
995babf6 56* Added hotplug pseudo-device
783d4cd0 57* Removed msfbufs and reimplemented sfbufs as a consumer of the newly added lwbufs (lightweight buffers)
24e60dcc 58* fixed checkpointing
80bf8831 59* Updated opencrypto from FreeBSD-current
b7503628 60* Updated ACPI from FreeBSD 7.2
61* Updated CPU initialization code From FreeBSD
bae8a2c1 62
8776a914 63> ### HAMMER changes
8a77bc5d 64* Updated to HAMMER version 4
65* snapshot settings and snapstops moved out of <fs>/snapshots and into meta-data
66* REDO generation and recovery added to support fast fsync
b03f31d2 67* Extended 'hammer snapls' output to print mountpoints and snapshot notes.
99729188 68* 'hammer viconfig' takes editor preference into account now
8a77bc5d 69*
8776a914 70
71> ### Hardware changes (non-networking)
2e4f8350 72* uchcom(4): The driver for WinChipHead CH341/CH340 is now working stable
995babf6 73* glxsb(4): The driver has been imported from FreeBSD
74* hifn(4): The driver has been fixed to work with updated opencrypto
75* cs5536: Added support for watchdog and gpio on this chip
76* nsclpcsio(4): The driver has been imported from OpenBSD
77* Geode LX: Enable identification and features of this CPU
687584fc 78* New aibs(4) driver for ASUSTeK AI Booster ACPI ATK0110 voltage, temperature and fan sensors
a73be7a5 79* New kate(4) and km(4) drivers for AMD Family 0Fh, 10h and 11h AMD64 temperature sensors
687584fc 80* New aps(4) driver for ThinkPad Active Protection System accelerometer
81* New wbsio(4) driver for Winbond LPC Super I/O attachment of lm(4) on any ISA port
8776a914 82
83> ### Hardware changes (networking)
ac65a347 84* Imported the alc(4) driver for Atheros AR8131/AR8132 NICs
24e60dcc 85* Imported the e1000(4) driver from FreeBSD for Intel Pro/1000 NICs
8776a914 86
87> ### Userland changes
08ecb757 88* null mounts now accept -o update
fc976cbc 89* awk(1): increased input field separator width to handle extended regexps.
6ddfa02d 90* cpdup(1): added -VV option to verify file's contents and ignore mtime entirely.
269bf1c5 91* mount_nfs(8):rdirplus is now the default
594f2768 92* periodic(8) security now also reports pkgsrc vulnerabilities
dabad017 93* watchdogd: import from OpenBSD
995babf6 94* hotplugd(8): import from OpenBSD
8776a914 95
96> ### amd64 related changes
d20a6744 97* amd64 has been renamed to x86_64
8776a914 98
99> ### Removals
45e6f62b 100* The T/TCP extension is no longer supported
8776a914 101
102> ### Contributed Software
109ebecd 103* Updated BIND to 9.5.2-P3 incl. DNSSEC support available by default
659d0026 104* Updated SENDMAIL to 8.14.4
105* Updated wpa_supplicant to 0.6.10
106* Updated hostapd to 0.6.10
107* Updated groff to 1.20.1
108* Updated file to 5.04
109* Updated ncurses to 5.7
110* Updated top to 3.8beta1 including DragonFly specific patches
111* Updated less to 436
213c9525 112* Updated openssh to 5.3p1 (with HPN patch)
b7503628 113* Updated gcc 4.4 to 4.4.2
114* Added binutils 2.20
4fea0cc5 115* Added cryptodev support to OpenSSL
8776a914 116
213c9525 117>### Security related
213c9525 118* ssh server: change defaults for new installations to disallow plain text passwords and allow root login via public key
120>### General Improvements