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248bec77 3### Various Tidbits
4* **Hammer** is hands down the best file system currently in existence. **DragonFly BSD** is an awesome operating system, but it's a bit rough around the edges for everyday use. I would like DragonFly to be easier to use so that my everyday desktop environment can use Hammer.
5* **[Dissonance](** is my fork of Apache Harmony, which is a clean room implementation of Java with a permissive license. Apache gave up because they couldn't license the Java compatibility testing framework. If Oracle isn't going to provide the compatibility testing framework, then the community should write its own compatibility framework that's better than the official one. This would cause dissonance between Oracle and the community, but that's no reason to not pursue it. I'd like to get Dissonance running on DragonFly.
a7b44ded 6* **[Jython](** is a Java implementation of Python. It's cool, but it's not installed in DragonFly by default.
7* **ee** is roughly equivalent to **nano**. They are both easy to use command line text editors. The exit option will ask you whether you want to save and you can get to it by pressing Ctrl-[ and selecting 'a) leave editor'. It would be cool if there was a shortcut to ee named nano.
248bec77 8* **pkgin** is roughly equivalent to **apt-get**. They are both fairly straightforward command line package management utilities. It would be cool if there was a shortcut to pkgin named apt-get.
10### Various Issues
a7b44ded 11* The installer should offer the Xfce desktop environment as a supported option.
248bec77 12* The installer should set the keyboard layout before any typing is required.
a7b44ded 13* The installer should set the keyboard layout for encryption password prompt.
14* When encrypting the swap partition, the installer should configure the boot loader to generate a random key each time the system is booted so that the password doesn't have to be typed twice when the system is booted.
15* When configuring the system from the installer, if the system just finished installing with encryption, the hard drive should stay unlocked so that the user doesn't have to type in his password again.
16* When configuring the system from the installer, if the system is encrypted but was not just barely installed, the user should only have to type in his password once, not twice.
17* The installer should provide a shell which lists valid auto completion options after pressing tab twice.
18* The installer doesn't set the keyboard layout for GUI.
19* ->Excepting the bullet point, this syntax should center text in this wiki.<-
21### Various Workarounds
22**Set the GUI Keyboard Layout**
24Edit the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.
26 ee /etc/X11/xorg.conf
28Set the XkbVariant option to your keyboard variant.
30 Section "InputDevice"
31 Identifier "Keyboard0"
32 Driver "kbd"
33 Option "XkbVariant" "dvorak"
34 EndSection
36Valid keyboard options can be found by searching through /usr/pkg/share/X11/xkb/symbols/ for example to find references to the dvorak keyboard layout, run the following command.
38 grep --color -n -r dvorak /usr/pkg/share/X11/xkb/symbols
40If too many lines scroll by, you can use your arrow buttons to scroll back within the non-graphical console screen by pressing the Scroll Lock button on your keyboard.