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eee5414d 1# DragonFly Release 3.8
3Version 3.8.0 released 04 June 2014.
6## Big-ticket items
80c9b34b 8### Dynamic root and PAM
10PAM is now usable for other authentications systems in DragonFly. DragonFly now uses a dynamic /root to support this.
12### New USB
14USB4BSD is now default in DragonFly. USB3 devices are supported, though some network devices may not be recognized.
020d084a 16### Graphic drivers
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020d084a 18The drm/i915 driver had originally been ported from FreeBSD. An ongoing synchronization job with the version present in the Linux 3.8 branch is now going on. The mid-term goal is to be able to use GPUs included in Haswell and ValleyView/Bay Trail processors.
19Supported GPUs are currently limited to HD4000 from the Ivy Bridge processor generation.
21Even if this goal has not been reached yet, the partial synchronization with the drm/i915 implementation from Linux 3.8.x has already allowed many bugs to be fixed and general driver stability to be improved.
23The drm/ttm memory manager used by the drm/radeon driver has been partially synchronized with the version present in Linux 3.9, improving its stability. Howewer, many issues remain and thus Xorg still doesn't use the drm/radeon driver by default.
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25### Last 32-bit release
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b12cee5d 27A 32-bit address space is now a significant limitation in the high-performance world where DragonFly lives.
29This is the last DragonFly release planned to work on i386. Please plan to upgrade to 64-bit when possible. Note that prebuilt packages for this release will only exist for 64-bit systems; 32-bit users will have to build by hand.
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31## Availability
80c9b34b 3364-bit (x86_64) installations are recommended. The 32-bit (i386) should only be used if your hardware cannot support 64-bit operating systems. Each version is available as:
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35* An ISO, to be burned to a physical CD or used as an image to install a virtual machine.
36* A bootable USB disk-key image. (minimum 2G USB stick needed)
38The release ISO images should be available on most of the [[mirrors|mirrors]]. If the ISO is not available on a certain mirror, please try another one or download it from the DragonFly master site. Each image is in the "Live CD" format, meaning that it boots into a running and fully functional DragonFly system, which can be used for testing or system recovery tasks as well as installation. Check the [hardware page](http://www.dragonflybsd.org/docs/supportedhardware/) or boot a Live CD to check for compatibility.
40"GUI" images with a desktop are not ready at release time.
42### MD5 sums
44MD5 sums for the compressed images:
47MD5 sums for the uncompressed images:
50### dports packages
80c9b34b 52Packages for [[dports|docs/howtos/HowToDPorts]] on DragonFly 3.8 are available, for 64-bit platforms. The 'pkg' command will automatically access the main dports repository for DragonFly. Modify /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf if you want to change this and select a different mirror.
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54If you have pkgsrc packages installed, move or rename /usr/pkg and /var/db/pkg before installing from dports. Dump databases before starting this process. Use 'pkg search' to verify the existence of your needed packages before moving the existing pkgsrc files away, and 'pkg install' to add them.
56If you need specific build options for dports packages that aren't on by default, you will need to build your own versions of the software. Download the dports src repository with 'make dports-create' in the /usr directory, and build from there.
58See the [[docs/howtos/HowToDPorts]] page for more details on using and maintaining dports.
f0565a58 60## DragonFly 3.8 Special Installation and Upgrade Notes
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62This is the most important part of this page.
64* HAMMER installations should be over 50G in size to accomodate filesystem history. Otherwise, use UFS.
65* The boot loader may need manual intervention (hit ?) if you are using Virtual PC, since Virtual PC does not supply disk serial numbers.
66* Qemu users can boot with ACPI disabled or with hw.ioapic_enable=0 in /boot/loader.conf, to reduce console error message.
67* xorg may require a config file on i386 DragonFly, under VMWare.
68* The installer can only encrypt the root and swap volumes.
4111369b 70## DragonFly 3.8.0 Release Notes
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4111369b 72For a list of per-commit changes, see the [3.8.0rc](http://lists.dragonflybsd.org/pipermail/commits/2014-May/270103.html) tag, [3.8.0rc2](http://lists.dragonflybsd.org/pipermail/commits/2014-May/270130.html) tag and the [3.8.0 tag commit](TBD).
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74> ### Kernel changes
80c9b34b 76* DragonFly now has a dynamic root
77* PAM will work with DragonFly.
78* Various netmap updates.
79* ohci, uhci, and xhci synced with FreeBSD.
80* USB4BSD is now default
81* Add native C-state support for Intel CPUs
82* Fix and extend mwait C-state support
83* Add Intel performance-energy hint support
84* Overhaul Intel software controlled clock modulation support
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80c9b34b 86> ### Userland changes
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80c9b34b 88* tcplay has been updated to version 2.0.
89* pfi now supports authorized_keys
90* tools/hammer-backup.sh, a simple Hammer backup script, added
91* Updates/syncs for units(1), sed(1), cmp(1), and newgrp(1).
92* fetch, patch, install, and daemon updated.
93* GSoC project 'SysV IPC in userspace' committed
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eee5414d 95
80c9b34b 96> ### Hardware changes
98* drm/ttm/i915 updated significantly to match Linux 3.8's approach to DRM.
99* Updates to bwn(4)
100* Updates to vtnet(4)
101* cyapa(4) support added (Chromebook touchpads)
102* arcmsr(4) updated
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80c9b34b 104> ### Network changes
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80c9b34b 106* Possible panics fixed in gif, pf, ip, and in.
107* iwn(4) updated
108* ath(4) updated
109* Unnecessary network stack IPIs reduced
110* ix updated to 2.5.15, with a drop in processing requirements
111* TCP port token split for better TCP connect(2) performance
112* IPv4 multicast support fixed
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114> ### HAMMER2
116* HAMMER2 is in the system but not ready for use. Development of HAMMER2 is ongoing in DragonFly 3.9.
118> ### Removals
80c9b34b 120* Last bits of Xerox NS support removed
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eee5414d 122
80c9b34b 123> ### Contributed Software
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80c9b34b 125* bmake updated to bmake-20131001.
126* mdocml updated to mdocml-1.12.3
127* binutils updated to 2.24
128* dma updated to version 0.9
129* libpcap updated to 1.4.0
130* file updated to 5.18
131* OpenSSL updated to 1.0.1g
132* ee updated to 1.5.2
133* tzdata updated to tzdata2014c
134* ACPICA updated to 20140424
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136>### Security related
80c9b34b 138* Nothing to note.