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96212c47 1# DragonFly Release 2.2.0 - 17 February 2009
c29359ff 2## ***Release 2.2.1 - 17 April 2009***
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8f0af48a 4The DragonFly 2.2 release is here! The HAMMER filesystem is considered production-ready in this release; It was first released in July 2008. The 2.2 release represents major stability improvements across the board, new drivers, much better pkgsrc support and integration, and a brand new release infrastructure with multiple target options.
2e6b0cef 6Three release options are now available: Our bare-bones CD ISO, a DVD ISO which includes a fully operational X environment, and a bare-bones bootable USB disk-key image (less than 512M).
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8## Availability
10The release ISO images should be available on most of the [[mirrors|mirrors]]. If the ISO is not available on a certain mirror, please try another one or download it from the DragonFly FTP server.
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d6b6948d 12### MD5 sums
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6b4ce082 14* MD5 (dfly-2.2.0_REL.iso) = 3b8c2bba722db02eac76776fe40f3632
484d92d2 15* MD5 (dfly-gui-2.2.0_REL.iso) = 69ad64019ab28010d38cef7a90f0185e
dd69680f 16* MD5 (dfly-img-2.2.0_REL.img) = 06c5850ab4c9ca3c19e6b993b7ac32b4
17* MD5 (dfly-2.2.0_REL.iso.gz) = 159765a8fd685b6104455dd0a167bc2b
18* MD5 (dfly-gui-2.2.0_REL.iso.gz) = 08699d909e41b7b1e9184ef8242e0615
19* MD5 (dfly-img-2.2.0_REL.img.gz) = 390068595ed08fb9021c123915d66d79
c29359ff 20
96212c47 21* MD5 (dfly-2.2.1_REL.iso.gz) = 1eef8e6b826324c8f4123b07699aa70e
22* MD5 (dfly-gui-2.2.1_REL.iso.gz) = b0fb27267e3af944d02a89f80ab0a518
23* MD5 (dfly-img-2.2.1_REL.img.gz) = 40847a847abff1bd9a617c7152d41a8f
24* MD5 (dfly-2.2.1_REL.iso) = 9e4ecffaa7f9b0843c5e354e1711f9aa
25* MD5 (dfly-gui-2.2.1_REL.iso) = ed7078efb2256abd3b0d6eb9cc8dc13d
26* MD5 (dfly-img-2.2.1_REL.img) = cddb5437d7e827f029e205c97162f436
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d6b6948d 29### pkgsrc packages
9e6019bf 31We offer over 7300 pre-built [pkgsrc]( packages for this release. The [pkg_radd(1)]( utility may be used to download pre-built binary packages. By default this script will query the main package site for a random redirect to one of our mirrors. The path can be overridden by setting BINPKG_SITES in /etc/settings.conf.
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8f0af48a 33To get a list of all packages, let [pkg_search(1)]( download the summary file for that release:
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35 # pkg_search -d
96212c47 37## DragonFly 2.2.1 Release Notes
c29359ff 39### Kernel changes
40* Fixes for libthread_xu: MAP_STACK and an errno leak.
42### Hardware changes
43* Bug fixes for sln(4), sppp(4), and i4b(4).
44* Fixed recursive lock in detached close of /dev/tty.
46### HAMMER changes
47* HAMMER VFS: Added missing hammer_rel_volume() call in deadlock/retry case.
49### Networking changes
50* Allowed the IP_MINTTL socket option to be set to zero.
52### Release improvements
53* Fixed an installworld failure due to kernel fixes and a libthread_xu issue.
54* Installer now works correctly in the console, and includes the TEST_DEV command.
55* 2.2.x releases can now be built on 2.3.
57### Userland changes
58* Updates for msdosfs, pax(1), and magic(3)
59* Allowed uid/gid/flags changes to fail if running cpdup as a user
61### Contributed software
62* Synced zoneinfo database with tzdata2009c through tzdata2009f from elsie.
64### Security updates
65* FreeBSD-SA-09:05.telnet - fix environment based code execution vulnerability
fbbd4c99 68## DragonFly 2.2.0 Release Notes
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af2f7cc1 70### Release Improvements
71* A new DVD ISO release image is now available, in addition to the CD release.
72* The new DVD release has a full X environment ready-to-go and many packages pre-installed.
73* A full pkgsrc tar is now available on the CD/DVD in /usr.
74* Full sources tar now available on the DVD (kernel sources only on the CD), in /usr.
75* The nrelease build now trivializes package selection for people creating customized releases.
76* The installer is now able to create a HAMMER filesystem setup.
ec5c9b74 78### Kernel changes
79* First step towards AMD64 support (done by Jordan Gordeev during the Google Summer of Code 2008).
80* The system control *intr_mpsafe* is enabled by default.
81* Move <tt>/kernel</tt> to <tt>/boot/kernel</tt> and <tt>/modules</tt> to <tt>/boot/modules</tt>.
82* Add RFC3542 support (done by Dashu Huang during the Google Summer of Code 2008).
83* Add HW checksum support to the loopback interface, which doubles performance.
84* acpi_cpu(4) update. It's now possible to use higher (lower power usage) C states than C1 in modern (multicore) CPUs.
ec5c9b74 85* First steps to use network threads without the Big Giant Lock (this feature is considered experimental).
86* Fixed CVE-2008-2476 IPv6 security issue with modified patches from NetBSD.
87* <tt>bridge_input</tt> works now in parallel.
88* Fix bugs in dealing with low-memory situations when the system has run out of swap or has no swap.
89* Major rewrite of usched_bsd4 and related support logic, plus additional improvements to the LWKT scheduler.
90* Major revamping of the pageout and low-memory handling code.
91* suser_* replaced with priv_* implementation from FreeBSD.
c29359ff 93### HAMMER changes
ec5c9b74 94
af2f7cc1 95* HAMMER is now considered production-capable. Many bug fixes and other improvements have been made.
8f0af48a 96* It is now possible to boot from a HAMMER-only disk. No need for a single UFS partition for /boot. However, for production systems we still recommend a small UFS /boot followed by swap followed by one large HAMMER partition.
fbbd4c99 97* Add HAMMER read support to the boot loader.
af2f7cc1 98* Now uses per-mount kmalloc pools for bulk data structures, particularly for inodes and records.
ec5c9b74 99
100### Hardware changes
102* Add ACPI support module for IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad laptops (from FreeBSD).
836625b7 103* Add ACPI support module Asus laptops (from FreeBSD).
ec5c9b74 104* Add acpi_video(4) - a driver for ACPI video extensions (from FreeBSD).
105* It is possible to power down PCI devices during detach. This should save some power when using mobile devices (from FreeBSD).
106* Update acpi_battery(4) related code to the latest one from FreeBSD HEAD.
107* Correctly handle Intel G33 chips and add support for G45 chips to the agp(4) driver (from FreeBSD).
108* Fixed CVE-2008-3831. Affects the Intel G33 series and newer only.
109* Sync ciss(4) with FreeBSD's RELENG_4 branch.
836625b7 110* Sync iir(4) with FreeBSD. This fixes disk recognition with the Intel RAID Controller SRCU42L.
ec5c9b74 111
fbbd4c99 112#### Networking
ec5c9b74 113
114* Add support for cards with "RealTek 8102EL PCIe 10/100baseTX" chipset.
c29359ff 115* Add polling support for jme(4).
ec5c9b74 116* Add driver for Attansic PHYs (from FreeBSD).
117* Add ale(4) for Atheros AR8121/AR8113/AR8114 PCIe ethernet controller (from FreeBSD).
118* Add age(4) for Attansic/Atheros L1 gigabit ethernet controller (from FreeBSD).
ec5c9b74 120### Userland changes
122* The DragonFly source repositories are now maintained with [git]( instead of CVS. See [development(7)]( for instructions how to clone the repository.
123* A lot of man pages were updated due to the switch to git.
124* Add LiveDVD support to our nrelease framework. (done by Louisa Luciani during the Google Summer of Code 2008).
125* Enhance the DragonFly Mail Agent (done by Max Lindner during the Google Summer of Code 2008).
126* Add a new multi-player terminal game: hunt.
127* Bring in the devinfo(3) library and devinfo(8) utility from FreeBSD. The utility and library can be used to view the internal device hierarchy.
128* Add devctl(4) and devd(8) from FreeBSD and enable related support in acpi_thinkpad(4).
129* Update sensorsd(8) to the latest version from OpenBSD (October 2008).
130* Sync libc/stdtime and zdump(8)/zic(8) with tzcode2008h from elsie.
131* Symlink <tt>/dev/dsp</tt> to <tt>/dev/audio</tt> to preserve compatibility with older programs (all pkgsrc apps by default up to 2008Q3).
132* A new daily periodic script cleans up all HAMMER volumes at night.
133* Sync libusbhid with other BSDs. Sync usbhidctl with FreeBSD.
134* Add ftw(), nftw(), associated header files and documentation.
135* Fixed hundreds of warnings in various userland tools.
136* i486 is now the default architecture for gcc(1).
c4b20e17 137* dntpd: Can now connect to NTP servers with IPv6 addresses.
138* dntpd: Fix hang in dntpd startup when network down.
ec5c9b74 139* Use BIND's resolver in libc.
140* Add nsswitch.conf(5) support and add the Name Service Cache Daemon nscd(8) from FreeBSD.
fbbd4c99 141* Import several pam_* modules from FreeBSD.
836625b7 142* Several bugs in the installer were fixed.
143* nrelease: Additional to the ISO generation, nrelease can now generate an USB stick image.
144* nrelease: It is now possible to build chosen pkgsrc packages in a chroot.
c4b20e17 145* telnetd: filter potentially dangerous environment variables passed from telnet client.
ec5c9b74 146
147### Removals
149* Removed the ISC DHCP server and client. **NOTE**: If you install DragonFly 2.2 from the live CD, you already have a pkgsrc version of the DHCP server installed. If you update from a previous version, you have to install the pkgsrc version manually.
836625b7 150* Remove rexecd(8).
151* Remove libskey(3), it is replaced by libopie.
152* Remove ISA part of sr(4).
153* Remove ISA network device cx(4).
ec5c9b74 154
155### Contributed Software
157* Bring in the privilege separation ready DHCP client from OpenBSD.
836625b7 158* Bring in pam_passwdqc from the Openwall project.
ec5c9b74 159* Update OpenPAM to Hydrangea.
160* Update OpenSSH to version 5.1p1.
836625b7 161* Update OpenSSL to version 0.9.8j.
716745ba 162* Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009b.