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1The images on this page are only to be used with the DragonFly BSD Project.
2Please ask on the
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8<a href="/images/FullLogo.gif">FullLogo.gif</a>|Created by Joe Angrisano - official logo
9<a href="/images/image.gif">image.gif</a> | Created by Joe Angrisano.
10<a href="/images/bug-big.gif">bug-big.gif</a><br /> <a href="/images/bug-fat.gif">bug-fat.gif</a><br /> <a href="/images/bug-small.gif">bug-small.gif</a> | Copied from the Dover book: "Animals: 1,419 Copyright-Free Illustrations of Mammals, Birds, Fish, Insects, etc."<br /> Edited by Jim Harter. <br /> ISBN: 0486237664
11<a href="/images/"></a><br /> <a href="/images/fred.eps">fred.eps</a><br /> <a href="/images/fred.png">fred.png</a><br /> <a href="/images/fred.svg">fred.svg</a><br /> <a href="/images/fred.swf">fred.swf</a> | Alternate, vector-based formats of the Joe Angrisano logo.<br /> Created by Devon H. O'Dell.
12<a href="/images/dfly_1024.jpg">dfly_1024.jpg</a><br /> | Wallpaper, generated from our base logos. By Brendan Kosowski
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