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4c8baf91 1This site is managed using ikiwiki.
3## File locations
bd72fa1b 5* `/usr/local/www/ikiwiki-repo.git/` : The bare Git repo for the site. (clone from here)
379b2784 6* `/usr/local/www/ikiwiki-srcdir/` : The checked out work for site generation. (commit here)
868ee75f 7* `/usr/local/www/www.dragonflybsd.org/` Static output from ikiwiki.
4c8baf91 8* Source is publically browsable at [gitweb.dragonflybsd.org](http://gitweb.dragonflybsd.org/).
16a47008 9* Configuration file is at `/usr/local/etc/ikiwiki.setup`.
631f19c9 10* Page layouts are at `/usr/local/etc/ikiwiki-templates/` - page.tmpl is probably the one you want. These are just the overrides from /usr/pkg/share/ikiwiki/templates. This affects all pages; the sidebar menu is here.
defcbe7f 11* Stylesheet changes are in `/usr/pkg/share/ikiwiki/basewiki/local.css`.
379b2784 12* After modifying any of the templates or stylesheet info, regenerate the site with `ikiwiki --setup /usr/local/etc/ikiwiki.setup`.
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464ab5b6 14## Upgrading
1e050101 16* Back up `/usr/local/www/ikiwiki-srcdir/`, `/usr/local/www/ikiwiki-repo.git/`, `/usr/pkg/share/ikiwiki/templates/`, and `/usr/local/etc/ikiwiki.setup`, just to be safe.
0b346f09 17* Save `/usr/pkg/share/ikiwiki/basewiki/favicon.ico` and `/usr/pkg/share/ikiwiki/basewiki/local.css` separately. These will need to be restored after upgrade, as they're modified from what comes with the ikiwiki package.
1e050101 18* Upgrade. Delete/rebuild or pkg_rolling-replace or whatever.
464ab5b6 19* Run any ikiwiki transition commands mentioned in the release notes at http://ikiwiki.info/news/ .
20* Check for any new plugins that could be enabled; place them in the ikiwiki.setup file.
cc473653 21* textproc/p5-Search-Xapian and textproc/xapian-omega is needed for the search engine, and the path to the omega CGI listed in ikiwiki.setup, though this should never be needed for a separate install unless rebuilding everything.
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0109227d 23## Feeds
25* The sidebar on the main page displays recent headlines from the DragonFly BSD Digest.
960e10a9 26* Pages are saved to /digest/ and displayed using an 'inline' statement. \[[!inline pages="internal(digest/*)" feeds="no" template="digestitem"]]
0109227d 27* The actual feed information is gathered using an aggregate command, kept here so that instructions and actions are in the same place.
28* Don't remove the aggregate command from this page unless you have someplace else for it.
29* Here's the command and output: [[!aggregate name="DragonFly Digest Feed" dir="digest"
e7dd88c0 31url="http://www.shiningsilence.com/dbsdlog/" updateinterval="15"
32expireage="14" expirecount="20"]]
0109227d 33
4c8baf91 34## For more information
36* This site contains ikiwiki documentation under /[[ikiwiki]].
37d9cbab 37* For document editing, visit [[How to edit pages on dragonflybsd.org|docs/howtos/How_To_Edit_This_Site]]