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1<p>I can&#8217;t keep up with all the things to post.  I desperately want to clear my inbox, so here&#8217;s a week&#8217;s worth of posts all smushed together.  Enjoy!</p>
3<li>Naoya Sugioka&#8217;s <a href="">tmpfs work</a> is almost ready to go.</li>
4<li>Francois Tigeot is <a href="">looking to find supported RAID hardware</a> for DragonFly; the LSI1068e <a href="">isn&#8217;t useable</a>.  Freddie Cash listed a number of <a href="">different and fully supported cards</a>, and Francois listed some other <a href="">potential choices</a>.</li>
5<li>While talking about hardware, Steve O&#8217;Hara-Smith <a href="">reported excellent results</a> with a particular Atom 330-based board and DragonFly.</li>
6<li>Stathis Kamperis has <a href="">added to &#8216;hammer snapls&#8217; output</a>; an example is in <a href="">his submit@message</a>.</li>
7<li>The 2.6 release of DragonFly, scheduled for March, will have version 4 of HAMMER.  2.4 has version 2.  Upgrading from version 2 to 4 can happen in place, live, and only needs to happen once per volume, not per PFS.  That&#8217;s about as easy as it gets.  <a href="">More details are available</a>.</li>
8<li>The <a href="">default sshd config has been updated</a>; this shouldn&#8217;t affect your normal operations unless you&#8217;re using one of the mentioned options.</li>
9<li>Oliver Fromme linked to <a href="">more discussion of SSD durability</a>.</li>
10<li>Also, Matthew Dillon <a href="">posted</a> more <a href="">notes</a> and <a href="">benchmark</a> <a href="">numbers</a> for his swapcache work.  There&#8217;s been some <a href="">side benefits</a> too.  A <a href=";section=ANY">man page for swapcache</a> is now available.</li>
11<li>Aggelos Economopoulos&#8217;s libevtr has <a href="">been added</a>, for event tracing.  He&#8217;s posted some <a href="">additional notes</a> on this work-in-progress.</li>
12<li>We now have <a href="">/var/log/daemon</a>, too.</li>
13<li><a href="">Notes on prepping for Google Summer of Code 2010</a> from the GSOC Discussion list; I don&#8217;t know if that link is readable for nonsubscribers.</li>
14<li>The <a href="">Definitive Guide to PC-BSD</a> is out at the end of this short month.  Dru writes <a href="">good books</a>.</li>
15<li>Did you know <a href="">FreeCiv</a> (a Civilization clone, of sorts) is playable in a web browser?  Goodbye free time!  <a href="">Details are available</a> at my favoritest game site.</li>
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