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b23f8d51 1# DragonFly Release 2.10
2## 25 April 2011 (2.10.1)
4The DragonFly 2.10 release is here!
6## Big-ticket items
457b68fe 8**Hardware and multiprocessor support** - This release supports a much larger variety of hardware and multiprocessor systems than previous releases, thanks to updates of ACPI and APIC support.
10**Hammer Deduplication** - Hammer volumes can now deduplicate volumes overnight in a batch process and during live operation. The 'hammer dedup-simulate' command can be used to estimate space savings for existing data.
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12**Packet Filter (pf)** - Pf was updated to a version based upon OpenBSD 4.4. The previous version of pf in DragonFly was based on OpenBSD 4.2.
457b68fe 14**Compiler updates** - DragonFly now uses gcc 4.4 as the default system compiler, and is the first BSD to take that step.
e32530ce 16**New bridging functionality** - The bridging system has been rewritten. Multiple interfaces on a single system can be bound together transparently under a single virtual MAC address, and bandwidth aggregated to that new interface.
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18**MP Performance** - The MPLOCK (the primary lock, that when held ensures only a single cpu is operating within the kernel) has been removed from every area except the VM system. is one of the few non-academic operating systems to use a primary sychronization mechanism that is not a blocking mutex
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20**Overall Performance** - DragonFly now offers significant performance gains over previous releases, especially for machines using AHCI or implementing swapcache(8).
22## Availability
24Three release options are now available for 32-bit as well as for 64-bit.
26* An ISO, to be burned to a physical cd or used as an image to install a virtual machine.
27* A bootable USB disk-key image (minimum 1G USB stick needed)
28* A GUI bootable USB disk-key image with a full X environment (4G USB stick needed).
30The release ISO images should be available on most of the [[mirrors|mirrors]]. If the ISO is not available on a certain mirror, please try another one or download it from the DragonFly master site. Each image is in the "Live CD" format, meaning that it boots into a running and fully functional DragonFly system, which can be used for testing or system recovery tasks as well as installation
33### MD5 sums
38### pkgsrc packages
40We offer roughly 10,000 pre-built [pkgsrc](http://www.pkgsrc.org) packages for this release. The [pkg_radd(1)](http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/cgi/web-man?command=pkg_radd&section=ANY) utility may be used to download pre-built binary packages. The path can be overridden by setting BINPKG_BASE in `/etc/pkg_radd.conf`.
42To get a list of all packages, let [pkg_search(1)](http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/cgi/web-man?command=pkg_search&section=ANY) download the summary file for that release:
44 # pkg_search -d
46We supply a Makefile in `/usr` to track the pkgsrc tree and we supply a Git mirror of the NetBSD pkgsrc CVS repo at `git://git.dragonflybsd.org/pkgsrcv2.git`. We recommend that users use it, instead of pulling from NetBSD with CVS. Our Git mirror is updated several times a day.
48## DragonFly 2.10 Special Installation and Upgrade Notes
457b68fe 50**Using deduplication** - Hammer volumes need to be upgraded to version 5 to use deduplication. The 'hammer version-upgrade <filesystem> <version>' command will perform this in-place.
52** APIC_IO** - The APIC_IO kernel option is no longer needed.
b23f8d51 54**VirtualBox, Virtual PC, and VMWare users** - Unless your virtual hard disk is 50G or larger, we recommend doing a UFS install and not the default HAMMER install. We also recommend installing from the CD ISO and not the GUI IMG. A more serious installation should use HAMMER with at least a 50G disk image and can install from the GUI IMG.
56**Virtual PC users** - Virtual PC does not supply serial numbers for the virtual disks. The system may need to be manually directed in the boot loader if the disk identifier changes. (Hit ? in the boot loader for a list of available volumes.)
58## DragonFly 2.10 Release Notes
60### Release Improvements
62> ### Kernel changes
63 * Update of pf from OpenBSD 4.2 to 4.4, keeping DragonFly specific additions (support for pickups and fairq).
457b68fe 64 * mlockall(2)/munlockall(2) imported from FreeBSD
b23f8d51 65 * that
67> ### Hardware changes (non-networking)
457b68fe 68 * mfi(4) RAID driver and mfiutil(8) configuration tool added.
69 * arcmsr(4) updated
70 * twe(4) updated
71 * hptmv(4) added
b23f8d51 72
73> ### Hardware changes (networking)
74 * Wireless cards utilizing the following drivers are supported in this release: ath, iwi, iwn, ral, wi, wpi. (update me)
75 * The following drivers have not been ported and will not yet work: acx, an, bwi, ndis, rtw, rum, ural. (update me)
77> ### New Multiprocessor Safe Work
78* this
79* that
82> ### Userland changes
457b68fe 83* libcrypt now supports sha256/512
b23f8d51 84* that
87> ### x86_64-specific changes
457b68fe 88* 64-bit systems now can support up to 63 CPUs and 512G of RAM
b23f8d51 89* that
91> ### Removals
92* this
93* that
95> ### Contributed Software
96* Shipping with pkgsrc-2011Q1 built packages.
457b68fe 97* Code from DragonFly's participation in Google Code-In 2011
f1f5db9a 98* Updated ldns/drill to 1.6.7
457b68fe 99* Updated libarchive to 2.8.4
100* Updated zlib to 1.2.5
101* Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.0d
102* Updated OpenSSH to -5.8p1
103* Updated file to 5.05
104* Updated zoneinfo to tzdata2011g
105* Updated binutils to 2.21
106* Updated acpica to 20110211
107* Updated mdocml to 1.10.9
108* Updated aesni(4)
109* Imported xz-5.0.0
b23f8d51 111
113>### Security related
457b68fe 114* A security issue in OpenSSL (CVE-2011-0014) was fixed.