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66ba289f 2 **Feature** | **DragonFly** | **Linux**
3 Distribution formats | ISO image, pkgsrc, tarballs | ISO image, rpm, dpkg, tarballs
4 Distribution Depots | Central repository with mirrors for base, NetBSD mirrors for source packages, several binary package repositories | Debian: many mirrors; Redhat: central; Ubuntu: central; SUSE: ?
5 Number of Distributions | one (3 sibs: FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD; most popular: FreeBSD) | hundreds (most popular: RedHat, Debian (sub-distro: Ubuntu))
6 Update methods | git, cvsup, rsync, pkg_add | up2date, apt-get, pacman, emerge, etc.
7 Xen | not yet | yes
8 Compiler | gcc 3.4,4.1.2 | gcc 3,4, gcc 3.4, gcc 4.1, gcc 4.2
9 Firewall | default: pf; other: ipfw2, ipf | default: iptables; other: pf
10 Livecd | yes (DVD) | yes, many sizes, versions
11 Kernel SCM | git | git
12 Default GUI | none (or bare X) | none, kde, gnome, xfce, etc.
13 File systems | UFS1, MFS, EXT2, FAT (16/32), NTFS (write experimental), HAMMER | EXT2, EXT3, FAT (16/32), NTFS (read-write experimental?), XFS, REISERFS, REISER4, JFS, ZFS, UFS2
14 Kernel compilable from supplied source? | Yes | Yes (depend on distro)
15 Predominant Licenses | 3-clause DragonFly, 3-clause BSD, 4-clause BSD, MIT, GPL | GPL, Lesser GPL, MIT, 3-clause BSD?
16 Commercial Support | Not yet | many; leaders: RedHat, Novell?
17 Processor Architectures | x86 | x86, AMD64, Sparc, PowerPC, etc
18 SMP | yes | yes
19 NUMA | under development | yes (depending on kernel?)
20 Boot loader | default: bsd boot block; lilo, grub work | default: lilo, grub
21 Disk partitioning | BSD-style: slices on fdisk'ed partitions | fdisk partitions
22 Logical volume management | vinum | LVM1, LVM2,
6988cfdf 23 Release schedule | about twice a year (developer-driven) | Redhat: 18 month; Debian: feature-driven; Ubuntu: 6 month; Fedora Core: 6 months; |
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6988cfdf 25"""]]DD:Distribution dependant
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6988cfdf 29### Advantages over Linux
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6988cfdf 32* BSD licensed
33* All you have to do is give credit.
34* Except where the 4-clause BSD License is used, of course: BSD License (
35* More control
36* You can easily build your own base system / release / live cd.
37* The rpm based distros lack that.
38* Everything is developed in CVS. And the CVSROOT is available, so that you can download it and commit to your own repository.
39* Guaranteed to build from source
40* [jail(2)]( support
41* A jail is a [chroot(2)]( on steroids with low overhead.
42* Since jails have their own IP, you can easily setup up Virtual Hosting enviroments on shared servers.
44* VKERNELs can be compared with UML.
45* Many packet filter packages:
46* ipf - by Darren Reed
47* ipfw2 - the successor to ipfw
48* pf - by Daniel Hartmeier and the OpenBSD project, the most flexible, can e.g. match Operating Systems
49* SIGINFO signal
50* You can send a SIGINFO to a process (e.g. via CTRL-T) and it prints useful information e.g. fsck reports how many percent are done
51* Kernel debugger
52* CTRL-ALT-ESC in a console gives you a debugger prompt.
53* There are non-standard patches for something like that for Linux.
54* Debugging via a firewire console is also available, see dconschat(8)
55* Linux compatibility
56* Since the kernel exposes a Linux ABI, many Linux binaries run natively.
57* Integration of gcc 3.x and gcc 4.x
58* Easily switch your default compiler by setting the environment variable CCVER to gcc34 or gcc40.
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6988cfdf 60 $ CCVER=gcc34 cc -v
61 Using built-in specs.
62 Configured with: ./configure --prefix#/usr --hosti386-just-dragonflybsd
63 Thread model: posix
64 gcc version 3.4.3 [DragonFly] (propolice, visibility)
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6988cfdf 68### Disadvantages compared to Linux
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6988cfdf 70Most of these disadvantages are curable, not inherent.
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6988cfdf 72* Less popular :-) which means fewer developers, testers
73* Linux ABI support not complete (actively developed)
74* Not all Linux binaries run. . e.g. we can't do the new nptl threading, but maybe possible in future.
75* No binary driver support from some graphics card companies
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