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81fcee21 1I have a IBM ThinkPad 600E, model number 2645-4AU. The pcmica slots do not work unless I add this to /boot/device.hints:
3 hw.cbb.start_memory="0x20000000"
4 hint.acpi.0.disabled="1"
5 hw.pci.allow_unsupported_io_range="1"
7I have had trouble getting an Xircom Ethernet card and Linksys Linksys Instant Wireless (version 2.5) card working; the wireless card only worked on the first insertion. The Xircom card (xe0) is recognized but errors out when activated. Sound does not work, though there are various tips out there from FreeBSD users on other 600E series laptops who did manage to get it working. The CD drive, xorg, keyboard, etc. all work.
9The card troubles may be due to physical damage; It's used, and I saw the same problems with the card slot under other operating systems. This was with DragonFly version 1.6, I think.
12-- JustinSherrill (2008-02-03)