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7f094b55 1DragonFly is not yet incorporated as a non-profit, meaning no tax benefit is
2available for donating time or goods to the project. However, developers can
0026c633 3still use your contributed hardware and you can make non-tax-deductible donations through PayPal.
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6## Donating money
d131504c 8You can use the donate-button to make a non-tax-deductible donation through PayPal. The money received will be used to fund future hardware acquisitions by the project, code bounties and/or contract development and potentially to defer other ongoing costs. Matthew Dillon maintains primary ownership of this account. It is maintained as a segregated account and Matt will receive no compensation from donations. All donations go to the project. Donations may also be sent directly via PayPal to
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8422510d 10In the past we had a policy of adding links to this page for donations of $100 USD or greater, but as of mid-July 2014 we are suspending that policy because it really isn't having the intended effect of promoting open-source projects. The list below is currently frozen. Keep in mind that search engines will penalize the search results for pages that have a large number of links on completely unrelated websites.
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25## Hardware Donations
27Please email donations at to make a request or when a request is filled, so
7f094b55 28that we may update this page. Requestors on this page should have at least one
29accepted contribution to DragonFly.
7f094b55 30
7f094b55 31Donors, please contact the requestor directly (and CC:
32donations at You and the donating/receiving party must
33independently resolve any delivery issues. The DragonFly BSD Project is
34not responsible for any transactions.
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7f094b55 36Some tips on sending donated equipment through the mail: Mailing materials out of
37the country usually requires some sort of customs declaration. State clearly
38on any customs form that the equipment is used, is a gift to an individual and
39not a business, and the value of the equipment (usually less than $50 USD).
40Adding as a reference can also help, as this provides
988ab2fc 41additional information for a curious customs officer. It also may help to
7f094b55 42repeat that information in a letter inside the packaging, in case it is opened
43or damaged.
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b5652bea 45### Individual DragonFly BSD Developers seeking donations
4ce6db89 46
b5652bea 47* None at this time
bfb8b967 48
b5652bea 49### Donors
267edbf5 50
e0f1b1f3 51#### 2017
f9583236 53* Theodoros Nikolakopoulos
77109935 54* Angela Crews
5eadc3b9 55* Mingyan Guo
2b623a63 56* Clinton Aarts
d8d261c2 57* Thomas Stromberg
90dad177 58* Pierre-Alain TORET
3c4f2789 59* Garnham Cameron
2f8e272c 60* Dmitry Postolov
61* Harold Brinkhof
95b738d4 62* Branislav Ivosev
5f90d128 63* Luke Small
d6a1e362 64* Marty Faile
9d822542 65* Konstantin Schukraft
de9a4b5a 66* Maksim Vialkov
266cf426 67* พิชัย เลิศวชิรกุล
841210b7 68* Michael Scoggins
61198c3e 69* David Marec
e0f1b1f3 70* David CARLIER
eb5d7bb1 72#### 2016
703f5bb4 74* Viktor Cemasko
e442536a 75* Christian Woithe
002eca5e 76* Alan Lynn
aa1253f9 77* Harold Brinkhof
b1b2f2ba 78* Gian-Simon Purkert
c2ca9241 79* Мусин Булат
e47c1396 80* Yang Justin
5e261183 81* Clinton Aarts
2c421512 82* Maya Rashish
90dcb61e 83* Michael Wilson
76793ed2 84* Michael Hrishenko
ba178923 85* Ivar Øines
4525eb4b 86* Vu Chau
272f343c 87* Fabio Tomat
8f5f04b4 88* Felix Suominen
2b186ed1 89* Theodoros Nikolakopoulos
5452f9d8 90* Bjorn Vandenheede
00880d8b 91* Vladislav Papayan
8ce5d10a 92* Sevan Janiyan
ee23ba12 93* Harold Benfield II
eb5d7bb1 94* David CARLIER
470bc262 96#### 2015
bfc87fa7 98* Christian Woithe
06888efb 99* Kira Scarlett
d5dd1895 100* Alexander Gitter
136ef417 101* Li Weitian
8e7c5395 102* Michael Iline
b03cd6e1 103* Marty Faile
0a7ee9d7 104* huang shen
1bc4bbe5 105* Ben Perrault
2da72b60 106* Alan Lynn
16b28194 107* Harold Benfield II
aea96855 108* Fabio Tomat
ebe62743 109* David Bidner
860c735d 110* Ben Perrault
a460bf18 111* Евгений Шиянов
aa1d1826 112* Milan Kovacik
f2b43033 113* David CARLIER
34977f32 114* Benjamin Tovar
a2d76004 115* Fabio Tomat
470bc262 116* Lars-Erik Svensson
267edbf5 118#### 2014
272f343c 120* Nico Wollenzin &lt;nico_at_wollenzin_dot_de&gt; (hardware)
121* Jeremy Chadwick (SSD)
ecf37065 122* Ben Perrault
65d662a4 123* Dominique Rico
6755e302 124* [NYCBSDCon 2014](
7c103b0d 125* Athanasios Athanasopoulos
71232da7 126* Marco Tanzarella
465a9e5b 127* Michael Roach
16d96d2c 128* Harold Benfield II
13d9a560 129* David CARLIER
fabe38e0 130* Ivar Øines ($200)
131* Christopher Feltus ($100)
0cea485c 132* Edward Martinez ($15)
b4521384 133* Joel Nilsson ($100)
7a3ebba2 134* Rob Hunter ($100)
e7a64970 135* Waldemar Bergstreiser ($99)
001a3c14 136* Мутин Сергей ($5)
267edbf5 137* Dmitry Shikalov ($20)
c36358ed 139#### 2013
83c44a44 140
de5b8ceb 141* John Darrah ($20)
de5b8ceb 142* Harold Benfield II ($10)
37c2c4b2 143* Tolga Aytug ($5)
872db255 144* Liran Orevi ($50)
145* Matt Zydorczyk ($25)
146* Daniel Fredriksson ($10)
05d517ef 147* Patrick Martin ($100)
13b55e2b 148* Praveen Bhamidipati ($100)
c36358ed 149
b5652bea 150#### 2012
c36358ed 151* Justin Sherrill ($500)
2d730bab 152* Samuel J. Greear, []( ($100)
97779170 153* David, ($75)
c36358ed 154* Pratyush Kshirsagar ($25)
b05bff6f 155* Ryan Southard ($5)
b5652bea 156
157If you would like to be added to or removed from this list, please email