Consistency in how the branching steps are shown
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2013-04-02 justinConsistency in how the branching steps are shown
2013-04-02 justinmis-pasted line in instructions
2012-11-03 justinNote about md5 values
2012-11-01 justinnote about /usr/Makefile
2012-10-31 justinNote about committing before tag.
2012-10-27 swildnerAdd instructions for mdoc.local
2012-10-10 justinCorrecting what param.h gets set with in branched and...
2012-10-09 justinMore verbose notes.
2012-08-23 justinFixing my notes on tagging
2012-08-23 justinbetter note about __DragonFly_version in tagging.
2012-04-04 luxhTesting
2012-03-27 justinNote on what to do on the web site
2012-03-26 justinLink to source for DFBSD_MAJOR comment
2012-03-26 justinNote about DFBSD_MAJOR in gcc 4.1
2012-03-22 justinNote about minor tags
2012-03-22 justinNote remote/local break
2012-03-03 justinRelease notes, notes
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