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2009-10-15 matthiasRemove note about 2.4.1. most mirrors have the ISO...
2009-10-15 VenkateshSrinivas/* Add acm.jhu.edu git mirror */
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2009-09-30 mrbondAdd git protocol to Avalon's list of services
2009-09-22 matthiasRemove Pro-Internet mirror in UK on jwh's request
2009-09-18 justinBetter listing for avalon
2009-09-18 justins/pkgbox/avalon/
2009-08-23 matthiasminor style fixes
2009-08-23 matthiasAdd new mirror in Greece, provided by University of...
2009-08-15 mrbondremove ftp from danish mirror
2009-08-03 matthiasAdd new mirror in Bulgaria provided by InterBGCom....
2009-08-03 matthiasAdd new mirror in Germany, TU Berlin. Thanks!
2009-07-21 sjgRemove Flixn mirror
2009-06-01 matthiasUpdate details about kiev.ua mirror, submitted by Dayne...
2009-05-28 matthiasadd another git mirror (as6911.net) and add some more...
2009-05-28 matthiasstyle fix
2009-05-28 justinAdding Mr_Bond's git mirror in Norway
2009-05-28 justinRemoving tihilde.org; no longer has dragonfly packages
2009-05-27 matthiasAdd new mirror in UK, provided by Plig Ltd and Christia...
2009-05-20 matthiasAdd git mirror provided by estpak.ee
2009-05-20 matthiasadd git source mirrors and re-add mirror in ireland...
2009-05-14 matthiasfix rsync link
2009-05-14 matthiasAdd more protocols for gamma mirror in russia, submitte...
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2009-05-08 matthiasadd new mirror in russia
2009-03-17 matthiaschange desc of mirror
2009-03-17 matthiasAdd mirror in south korea operated by Junho CHOI. Thanks!
2009-02-26 matthiasadd mirror in belarus provided by Sergey V. Dyatko
2009-02-25 matthiasrussian mirrors are in moscow and thats europe
2009-02-23 matthiassame blah about new mirrors
2009-02-23 justinAdded v12 mirror in Russia
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