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2014-08-16 justin3.8.2 details, links, md5
2014-06-18 thomas.nikolajsenfixup url for 3.8.1 tag commit (3.6.3 ditto was used)
2014-06-18 justin3.8.1 notes
2014-06-05 justinNote PAM fix
2014-06-05 justinAdd link for 3.8.0 tag commit
2014-06-05 justinWhoops, grepped 2 extra lines
2014-06-05 justinAdd md5 sums
2014-06-04 ftigeotRemoved bits
2014-06-04 ftigeots/approach to/implementation
2014-06-04 ftigeotDynamic binaries and PAM/NSS are not kernel features
2014-06-04 ftigeots/job/work
2014-06-04 ftigeotRephrase dynamic root paragraph
2014-06-04 jrmarinopkg.conf isn't were mirror information is located anymo...
2014-06-04 ftigeotTypo fix
2014-06-04 justinMake various updates based on feedback
2014-06-03 ftigeot64-bit is not only for servers
2014-06-03 ftigeotRewrite graphic drivers section
2014-06-03 justinRun through change list, write out everything I can...
2014-06-03 justinUpdate version number in install notes
2014-06-01 justinAdd RC2 tag link
2014-05-30 justinFirst draft of 3.8 release notes