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2015-04-03 jrmarinoStupid markdown tricks
2015-04-03 jrmarinoChange instructions to refer to -n rather than -o
2015-04-03 jrmarinofix more pkgng
2015-04-03 jrmarinochange pkgng to pkg(8) per request by bapt
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2015-04-03 jrmarinoAdd a section about bullet-proof upgrading technique
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2015-03-27 jrmarinoSave progress on WPA page
2015-03-27 jrmarinoStart wireless page
2015-03-27 jrmarinoAdd link for wireless network page
2015-03-23 dillonRewrite from scratch
2015-03-23 justinNote OpenSSL version now
2015-03-23 justinDates and links for both 4.0.4 and 4.0.5. Ironic that...
2015-03-23 justinUpdate link to 4.0.5
2015-03-23 justinPhrase that OpenSSL better
2015-03-23 justin4.0.5 note/link
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2015-03-18 zcrownoverChange ipfw2 to ipfw3
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2015-03-13 bycn82standardize name
2015-03-13 bycn82standardize the name to IPFW2 and command is ipfw3
2015-03-11 dillonAdd instructions on creating a gpt-formatted partition...
2015-03-11 dillonAdd section on ASUS mobos and 4TB drives
2015-03-10 justin4.0.3 -> 4.0.4 in links
2015-03-10 justinNote 4.0.4
2015-03-10 jrmarinoDescribe how to create sendmail.cf and other sendmail...
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2015-03-09 jrmarinoremove "send-mail" entry; not needed on master (mail...
2015-03-09 jrmarinocorrect path for mailer.conf*
2015-03-09 tuxillo(no commit message)
2015-03-08 ftigeotDocument the sendmail package name
2015-03-08 ftigeotOpenSMTPD: Fix mailer.conf.opensmtpd and mailer.conf...
2015-03-08 jrmarinoprevious change to this line was incorrect but the...
2015-03-08 jrmarinoAdded DMA entry to switching MTAs
2015-03-07 jrmarinoremove extra blank
2015-03-07 jrmarinoMTA - add TOC and split a paragraph (as originally...
2015-03-07 jrmarinoInitial draft of Switching MTA
2015-03-07 zcrownoverAdded latest BSDTalk by Matt Dillon
2015-03-07 zcrownoverRemoved old advertisement to a no longer existing entity
2015-03-07 zcrownoverGrammer cleanup and fixing implied meaning of sentence
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2015-03-07 jrmarinoRemove link to remove wifi issue page
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2015-03-07 jrmarinorelocate developer pages, mark clang page obsolete
2015-03-07 jrmarinomark some links obsolete
2015-03-07 jrmarinoremove reference to VirtualizedDragonflyBSD
2015-03-07 jrmarinoRemove reference to "Mercurial" and "tokens", pages...
2015-03-07 jrmarinoremoved
2015-03-07 jrmarinoanother pkgsrc page, mark it out of date
2015-03-07 jrmarinoRemove pkgsrc section from handbook, it's misleading...
2015-03-07 jrmarinopkgsrc page is not just historical, the instructions...
2015-03-05 justinSafety pre-tag note
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2015-03-04 bycn82dummynet module
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2015-03-01 bycn82core ipfw2 module
2015-03-01 bycn82update the menu
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2015-03-01 bycn82update the module section
2015-03-01 bycn82add the ipfw2 module page
2015-02-27 jrmarinochange VKERNEL default to VKERNEL64
2015-02-26 justinDonation from Milan Kovacik. Thanks, Milan!
2015-02-25 aggrolitefix DPorts casing
2015-02-25 aggrolitecommit a1486 phrased comparison of pkgng and DPorts...
2015-02-14 zcrownoverAdded new contributor, Tomohiro Kusumi
2015-02-12 aggrolitefix possesive pronouns
2015-02-09 justinThanks to David CARLIER for the donation.
2015-01-31 justinNotes on how the mousepad simulates different clicks...
2015-01-31 justinlink to xdm startup
2015-01-31 justinOption part of ServerFlags line missing
2015-01-31 justinWhoops, wrong module named.
2015-01-30 justinNote cyapa is only for c720p.
2015-01-24 ftigeotAdd a few socket 1150 boards
2015-01-23 justin4.0.3 release notes link and date
2015-01-23 justin4.0.2 -> 4.0.3
2015-01-23 justin4.0.3 notes
2015-01-22 lubosboucekProlong the Handbook copyright to 2015
2015-01-22 lubosboucekCorrect "explanation"