2013-08-29 justinMaintenance link
2013-08-28 justinremoved
2013-08-28 singhroshan1999none
2013-08-23 ftigeotWarn about not using i386 installation images by default
2013-08-20 justinMove of leaf changed something in the settings so the...
2013-08-19 ftigeotRemove stale mirror: ftp.belnet.be
2013-08-19 ftigeotmirror.pavlovmedia.net stale since 2012-12, removed...
2013-08-16 luxhFix links
2013-08-16 luxhAdd "More reading"
2013-08-16 luxhExpand a bit
2013-08-14 luxhMake links clickable
2013-08-14 luxhAdd link to list of broken ports
2013-08-14 luxhCreate page on how to fix ports not building
2013-08-07 sjg(no commit message)
2013-08-07 ftigeotObfuscate email address
2013-08-01 sjg(no commit message)
2013-07-28 jh33(no commit message)
2013-07-23 matthiasadd mirror in .ru
2013-07-05 luxhChange koan.bondconsult.net to its ip address.
2013-07-05 sjg(no commit message)
2013-07-05 sjg(no commit message)
2013-07-01 phmaadd explanation
2013-06-25 phmastart
2013-06-25 phmaPacket filtering IPv6 and IPv4 together
2013-06-24 luxhRemove pkgsrcv2.git from TheShell
2013-06-18 justinMake section a little more precise
2013-06-16 mully(no commit message)
2013-06-16 mully(no commit message)
2013-06-16 mullyadd in missing steps.
2013-06-12 jrmarinofix error caused by global find/replace command
2013-06-10 ftigeotSmall corrections
2013-06-10 jrmarinoline up some fixed font stuff
2013-06-10 jrmarinoRemove extra underscore
2013-06-10 jrmarinoSignificantly improve the pkgng instructions including...
2013-06-06 justin3.4.1. -> 3.4.2
2013-06-05 pranith(no commit message)
2013-06-05 jrmarinoAdd dports chapter to table of contents
2013-06-01 ftigeotFix url
2013-06-01 ftigeotAdd line break
2013-06-01 ftigeotAdd IPv6 only Dports git mirror
2013-05-31 justinMove doc links to landing page. (bug 2553)
2013-05-31 justinTitle formatting
2013-05-31 justinDocs landing page
2013-05-31 justinReword SoC link cause we've got projects now.
2013-05-31 justinRemove tumblr/twitter link.
2013-05-31 justinremoved
2013-05-31 justinMove mascot image to this page.
2013-05-29 rob(no commit message)
2013-05-28 justin3.4.2 notes
2013-05-08 justinBetter section name
2013-05-04 hfcreated
2013-05-04 hfImage Writer link changed since downloads at sourceforg...
2013-05-03 ftigeotftp.chg.ru and df.v12.su can't be reached
2013-05-03 robcorrect the url
2013-05-03 robadd schlundtech to the list of mirrors that can be...
2013-05-03 ftigeotFix ircam's dports rsync url
2013-05-01 justinChange pkgsrc note to say 'packages all available'
2013-05-01 ftigeotschlundtech.de also mirrors dports packages
2013-04-30 justinNote about automating md5 sums for release
2013-04-30 justinNote that avalon has rysnc
2013-04-30 jrmarinoUpdate availability paragraph
2013-04-30 jrmarinoFix wiki link formatting
2013-04-30 jrmarinoUpdate for Release 3.4 (merge with previous)
2013-04-30 ftigeotOfficial binary packages now available for DragonFly 3.4
2013-04-30 justinDragonFly 3.4 release notes
2013-04-30 justinupdate links for release
2013-04-30 justinno xorg issues in vmware x86_64
2013-04-30 justinNote about VMWare and gui
2013-04-30 justinoptimistically make the release date tonight
2013-04-28 ftigeotLinux Bazar only sells DragonFly 2.0 CDs
2013-04-27 ftigeotftp.gamma.ru no longer a DragonFlyBSD mirror.
2013-04-27 justinmd5 sums added, other minor fixups
2013-04-25 ftigeotThe Linux CD Mall is now closed
2013-04-25 justinFix dports download URL
2013-04-25 justinAdd performance notes
2013-04-23 ftigeotSmall presentation fix
2013-04-23 ftigeotAdd ircam dports packages mirror
2013-04-23 justinFix link in a way that works outside of the preview.
2013-04-23 justinFix link.
2013-04-23 justinupdate for rename of docs/docs/howtos/HowToDPorts/index...
2013-04-23 justinrename docs/docs/howtos/HowToDPorts/index.mdwn to docs...
2013-04-23 ftigeotFix dports howto url
2013-04-23 jrmarinoautobackup of world binaries
2013-04-23 jrmarino(no commit message)
2013-04-23 jrmarinofix flex version, improve gcc 4.[47] description in...
2013-04-23 jrmarino(no commit message)
2013-04-23 jrmarinoAdd gcc 4.7 role change as big ticket item.
2013-04-23 dillon(no commit message)
2013-04-23 dillon(no commit message)
2013-04-22 justinNote snapshots are using dports
2013-04-21 justincorrected how poudriere is referenced
2013-04-17 justinBreak out BATCH note, describe configing only one packa...
2013-04-15 dillon(no commit message)
2013-04-13 justinNote on repo path; typo removal
2013-04-12 sjg(no commit message)
2013-04-12 justinPkgsrc binaries note, plus fix for link typo
2013-04-12 justinAdd sepherosa's changelist.
2013-04-11 justinMore release notes.
2013-04-10 justinFill out dports documentation
2013-04-10 justinAdded dports link