2012-10-29 sjg(no commit message)
2012-10-29 sjg(no commit message)
2012-10-28 sjg(no commit message)
2012-10-27 swildnerAdd instructions for mdoc.local
2012-10-26 ftigeotForgot O_DIRECTORY and O_CLOEXEC
2012-10-25 justinAdd Sephe's updates
2012-10-24 justinCorrect number
2012-10-24 ftigeotDragonFly 3.2 supports the Areca ARC-1882 RAID controll...
2012-10-24 ftigeotRemove duplicate item
2012-10-24 justinpunctuation fix
2012-10-24 justinRemoved duplicate usched_dfly mention
2012-10-24 justinGet more from commits into the release notes
2012-10-23 swildner(no commit message)
2012-10-23 luxhno older packages available
2012-10-23 ftigeotRemaining drivers and hardware changes
2012-10-23 luxhlegacy isos are not in ftp://ftp.dragonflybsd.org/iso...
2012-10-23 ftigeotHardware changes: ethernet and RAID drivers
2012-10-23 sjg(no commit message)
2012-10-23 thomas.nikolajsenInfo on possible misheap
2012-10-21 thomas.nikolajsenFix typo
2012-10-21 justinbig-ticket items added
2012-10-20 luxhRemove MAKEDEV reference
2012-10-20 luxhRemove MAKEDEV reference
2012-10-20 luxhMAKEDEV isn't used any more
2012-10-20 luxhSmall cleanup
2012-10-20 luxhClean up
2012-10-20 luxhChange wording a bit
2012-10-20 jrmarino(no commit message)
2012-10-20 jrmarino(no commit message)
2012-10-20 jrmarino(no commit message)
2012-10-20 jrmarino(no commit message)
2012-10-20 jrmarino(no commit message)
2012-10-20 jrmarino(no commit message)
2012-10-20 jrmarino(no commit message)
2012-10-19 ftigeotAdd a paragraph about the DT_GNU_HASH feature
2012-10-19 ftigeotMove my changes to the Release Notes section
2012-10-19 sjg(no commit message)
2012-10-19 sjg(no commit message)
2012-10-19 dillon(no commit message)
2012-10-19 dillon(no commit message)
2012-10-19 sjg(no commit message)
2012-10-19 dillon(no commit message)
2012-10-19 sjg(no commit message)
2012-10-19 luxhadd pkgsrcv2.git to avalon, crater and theshell
2012-10-19 luxhkoan dragonfly.git still works
2012-10-18 nantThe msgport manual page is done, remove the task from...
2012-10-18 sjg(no commit message)
2012-10-17 swildnertake out koan.bondconsult.net for now
2012-10-17 ChristerSolskogen(no commit message)
2012-10-16 sjg(no commit message)
2012-10-15 ftigeotAdd a few items I have implemented for this release
2012-10-13 justinCreate initial 3.2 release page
2012-10-11 luxhremove boot.config
2012-10-11 sjg(no commit message)
2012-10-10 justinCorrecting what param.h gets set with in branched and...
2012-10-09 justinMore verbose notes.
2012-10-08 sjgNew performance page
2012-10-06 tuxillo(no commit message)
2012-10-06 tuxillo(no commit message)
2012-09-26 thomas.nikolajsenupdate MARC description; users@ will be moved to BSD...
2012-09-26 thomas.nikolajsenFix description of official ML archive; not relevant...
2012-09-25 justinLink to new lists.dragonflybsd.org main page
2012-09-24 varialusChanged the address of my Harmony fork to github.
2012-09-16 varialusAdded tidbits about vi, man and hosts. Moved reminders...
2012-09-16 varialusAdded tidbits about default shell and su.
2012-09-13 ftigeotAdd a few more details about NFSv4
2012-09-13 ftigeotLive images enhancement: drop dhcp issue, focus on...
2012-09-13 ftigeotProvide more details for the livecd enhancement project
2012-09-13 sjg(no commit message)
2012-09-13 ftigeotEnhance QWERTY issue wording
2012-09-13 sjg(no commit message)
2012-09-13 varialusAdded VirtualBox configuration note about blocked port.
2012-09-13 varialusAdded notes about building and half installing guest...
2012-09-13 varialusAdded the actual error message for the missing VBox...
2012-09-13 varialusAdded note about new version of VirtualBox guest additi...
2012-09-13 varialusDecreased indentation of Contribute section. Minor...
2012-09-13 varialusChanged Raw section to Contribute section. Minor additi...
2012-09-12 varialusAdded section Raw with ToDo list
2012-09-12 varialusCorrected final command to start Xfce.
2012-09-11 ftigeotAdd NFSv4 project
2012-09-11 justinUpdate for 3.0.3
2012-09-10 justinRemoving some cruft from the old table formatting;...
2012-09-10 justinUpdate mailing list notes to accomodate Mailman
2012-09-08 varialusAdded remaining outline of Xfce walkthrough steps.
2012-09-08 varialusAdded Table of Contents
2012-09-08 varialusWrote most of installation walk through with manually...
2012-09-07 varialusFeatured Xfce based DVD/IMG installer. Made note of...
2012-09-07 glenosaurusSelected disk is da0, not ad0
2012-08-27 varialusAdded summary of how to install xfce4. Corrected one...
2012-08-27 varialusAdded rough instructions on how to install Xfce4 plus...
2012-08-27 varialusAdded initial notes about how to install Xfce 4.6.
2012-08-26 varialusAdded installer issue about writing user password to...
2012-08-26 varialusAdded workaround and info about Xfce.
2012-08-26 fgudinUpdate nntp urls to gmane.org
2012-08-26 varialusAdded reminder about 'shutdown -p now'
2012-08-26 varialusAdded Xfce workaround links.
2012-08-26 varialusStarted workarounds for installing Xfce 4.6 and 4.8.
2012-08-26 varialusAdded call to community to support Dissonance. Added...
2012-08-26 varialusPersonal Page: Improved Hammer and DragonFly descriptio...
2012-08-25 varialusPersonal Page: Added disclaimer that this is a personal...