2017-08-17 matthiasadd new mirror in serbia, thanks to fourdots
2017-08-14 dillon(no commit message)
2017-08-14 dillon(no commit message)
2017-08-14 dillon(no commit message)
2017-08-14 dillonLess interest in doing SOC now, so take out that part.
2017-08-08 thomas.nikolajsenAdd 4.8.1
2017-08-02 justinUpdate links for 4.8.0 to 4.8.1
2017-08-02 justinNote 4.8.1 release
2017-08-02 justinCorrect version for i915 support in 4.8.1
2017-08-02 justinNote 4.8.1 release
2017-08-02 kimotori(no commit message)
2017-07-26 luxhComment out RedIRIS mirror
2017-07-24 matthiasAdd new mirror in denmark
2017-07-12 matthiasremove old and commented mirrors. if we need them,...
2017-07-12 matthiasadd mirror in sweden
2017-07-05 gzipgrep@4343e8f0b71... Make all formatting similar in releases list.
2017-07-05 gzipgrep@4343e8f0b71... Add 4.4.x, 4.6.x, 4.8.0.
2017-07-02 RaymundoFixed link to "X" in the new handbook.
2017-07-02 johncharbs... add dbus and hald enable to xfce desktop
2017-07-01 justinDonation from Marty Faile. Thanks, Marty!
2017-06-20 kermaFixed web link for new H2 document.
2017-06-20 kermaUpdated HAMMER2 document version numbers and added...
2017-06-12 liweitianuxipfw3sync had a memory leackage bug which has been...
2017-06-11 liweitianuxipfw3sync had memory leackage bug (#3032) and has been...
2017-06-09 liweitianuxipfw3: add a note that ipfw3sync centre not running...
2017-06-08 liweitianuxCore Dump: Add a warning on sensitive data contained...
2017-06-08 liweitianuxCore Dump: Improve descriptions and format styles
2017-05-29 justinDonation from Konstantin Schukraft. Thanks, Konstantin!
2017-05-20 RaymundoAdded Details (Lumina Desktop) to Satellite L500D-11Q
2017-05-20 RaymundoErased Linux-distro.co.uk from the list, site not worki...
2017-05-10 justinDonation from Maksim Vialkov. Thanks, Maksim!
2017-05-07 Raymundo(no commit message)
2017-05-05 Raymundo(no commit message)
2017-05-05 RaymundoAdded Toshiba Satellite L500D-11Q
2017-05-05 Raymundochanged "Google" to "Search engines" to be more inclusive
2017-05-04 RaymundoFixed break in BackWatcher, Inc that caused its telepho...
2017-05-03 RaymundoAdded "SFM Unternehmensberatung", moved Backwatcher...
2017-05-03 justinDonation from พิชัย เลิศวชิรกุล. Thanks!
2017-04-28 liweitianuxUpdate IPFW3sync; Add a note about "ipfw3sync: centre...
2017-04-27 johncharbs... make corrections to xfce install and simplify
2017-04-26 johncharbs... fix spelling mistake
2017-04-26 johncharbs... add using pkg or dports instead of pkgsrc
2017-04-26 liweitianuxImprove wording and styles; fix some typos
2017-04-26 johncharbs... add LXDE and Windowmaker
2017-04-25 johncharbs... add spaces for better readability
2017-04-25 johncharbs... add Desktop compatibility Dell 740 &PowerSpec N108
2017-04-20 billybobFix typo
2017-04-15 jrmarino(no commit message)
2017-04-08 justinMarch -> April, noted by Ryo ONODERA.
2017-04-04 justin4.6.2 note
2017-03-27 justinAdd ssh HPN note
2017-03-27 dillon(no commit message)
2017-03-27 dillon(no commit message)
2017-03-27 dillon(no commit message)
2017-03-27 justinSpelling fix
2017-03-27 dillon(no commit message)
2017-03-27 dillon(no commit message)
2017-03-27 justinUpdate links to point at 4.8 images
2017-03-27 dillon(no commit message)
2017-03-27 justin4.6 -> 4.8
2017-03-27 justinrename release48temp/index.mdwn to release48/index...
2017-03-27 justinSpurious comma
2017-03-27 justinAdded notes on ... medium-ticket? items.
2017-03-27 justinSpelling, grammar fixes
2017-03-27 justinShorten summary sections a bit
2017-03-27 justinLink to kernel performance mailing list post
2017-03-27 justinsprinkle commas, md5 hashes, additional links in intro...
2017-03-25 rAzvAn(no commit message)
2017-03-23 justinNote DSA keys are refused by default in 4.8, and link...
2017-03-22 dillon(no commit message)
2017-03-22 dillonpass 2
2017-03-22 dillonpass 1
2017-03-20 tuxillo(no commit message)
2017-03-20 tuxillo(no commit message)
2017-03-20 tuxillo(no commit message)
2017-03-20 tuxillo(no commit message)
2017-03-15 justinInitial skeleton
2017-03-14 justinDonation from Michael Scoggins. Thanks, Michael!
2017-02-22 tuxillo(no commit message)
2017-02-22 tuxillo(no commit message)
2017-02-22 tuxillo(no commit message)
2017-02-18 amonk(no commit message)
2017-02-11 robin.hahling... Remove DMA section (DMA is the default since 2015.03.07)
2017-02-11 tkusumiRemove I/O scheduler (which has already been removed)
2017-02-11 tkusumiRemove DTrace
2017-01-27 muugUpdated Manitoba Unix User Group mirror listing with...
2017-01-13 justinDonation from David Marec. Thanks, David!
2017-01-04 justinDavid CARLIER, first donor for 2017. Thanks, David!
2016-12-29 justinDonation from Viktor Cemasko. Thanks, Viktor!
2016-12-24 kimotori(no commit message)
2016-12-22 justinCorrected tcsh string from Zach
2016-12-17 dillon(no commit message)
2016-12-17 dillonAdd page about how to setup a more secure browser envir...
2016-12-17 dillon(no commit message)
2016-12-16 justinDonation from Christian Woithe. Thanks, Christian!
2016-11-20 neitzelsubtle prompt hints for required root privileges.
2016-11-19 justinDonation from Alan Lynn. Thanks, Alan!
2016-11-12 johncharbs... add supported hardware, MintBox Mini
2016-11-10 ftigeotRemove BSD grep porting mention
2016-11-03 justinDonation from Harold Brinkhof. Thanks, Harold!