2013-04-09 dillon(no commit message)
2013-04-09 justinBetter GSoC note with links
2013-04-08 justinNote GSoC acceptance
2013-04-04 justinsome bits of release stuff
2013-04-04 justinInitial 3.4 release page skeleton
2013-04-02 justinNote about rc tagging, so I can not do x.y.1 releases...
2013-04-02 justinAdd etc/makefile.usr to list of files to commit; separa...
2013-04-02 justinWrong filepath for Makefile.usr changes to release...
2013-04-02 justinConsistency in how the branching steps are shown
2013-04-02 justinmis-pasted line in instructions
2013-03-26 luxhAdd nxr.netbsd.org grok
2013-03-20 justinGSoC note
2013-03-18 YellowRabbitAdd module name to kldunload
2013-03-18 ladadvorakOnly update name of manufacturers
2013-03-18 ladadvorakAdd Intel Atom N2600 netbooks
2013-03-18 thomas.nikolajsenFix typo
2013-03-18 justinTypo: significant -> significantly
2013-03-18 justinAdded link to the bare-bones 2012 page
2013-03-15 sjg(no commit message)
2013-03-15 sjg(no commit message)
2013-03-15 sjg(no commit message)
2013-03-10 sjg(no commit message)
2013-03-10 sjg(no commit message)
2013-03-10 Charlie RootNUKE HANDBOOK (OLD)
2013-03-10 tuxilloBring BSD-licensed ext2fs from FreeBSD
2013-03-10 tuxillo(no commit message)
2013-03-06 sjg(no commit message)
2013-03-06 sjgadd wireless and pf
2013-03-06 sjg(no commit message)
2013-03-06 ftigeotAdd a GEM implementation project
2013-03-06 sjgThis doesn't really make sense as-described
2013-03-06 jrmarinoClarify linux64 emu project
2013-03-06 ftigeotUpdate the Linux applications on DragonFly/x86_64 proposal
2013-03-06 jrmarinowork around markup language
2013-03-06 jrmarino(no commit message)
2013-03-06 jrmarinoAdd jail upgrade project (From J.Marino)
2013-02-26 sjg(no commit message)
2013-02-22 sjg(no commit message)
2013-02-22 sjg(no commit message)
2013-02-22 sjg(no commit message)
2013-02-22 ftigeotPie-in-the-sky project: Complete installer rewrite
2013-02-22 sjgadd buffer cache project
2013-02-21 lentferj(no commit message)
2013-02-21 lentferj(no commit message)
2013-02-21 lentferj(no commit message)
2013-02-21 lentferj(no commit message)
2013-02-21 lentferj(no commit message)
2013-02-21 tuxillo(no commit message)
2013-02-21 tuxillo(no commit message)
2013-02-21 ftigeotFix formatting
2013-02-21 ftigeotPie-in-the-sky project: running Mach-O binaries
2013-02-21 ftigeotMove pie in the sky projects in a separate list: i386...
2013-02-19 ftigeotpkgbox64 *is* broken, remove it
2013-02-18 tuxilloMark other groks as possibly broken due their unstable...
2013-02-18 luxhadd quantumachine grok
2013-02-12 ftigeotNew mirror, sponsored by Schlund Technologies GmbH...
2013-02-09 justinNote about reverting
2013-02-09 Justin C. SherrillRevert "removed"
2013-02-09 robertoremoved
2013-02-08 justinForgot to bulletize
2013-02-08 justinAdding eleo-pavillon
2013-02-04 acieroidThe kernel is now in /boot/kernel/kernel
2013-01-25 sjg(no commit message)
2013-01-25 sjg(no commit message)
2013-01-22 tuxilloAdd rpc.lockd / rpc.statd sync
2013-01-11 ftigeotAreca ARC-1213 and ARC-1223
2013-01-09 ftigeotAdd IPv6 git mirror
2013-01-07 ftigeotVirtio driver project implemented, remove from list
2013-01-04 varialusStarted Project HAMMER Debian
2012-12-31 justin(no commit message)
2012-12-31 feilongbsdI love flydragonBSD
2012-12-23 tuxillo(no commit message)
2012-12-17 justin3.2.2 image links
2012-12-17 justinUpdate for 3.2.2
2012-12-17 justinNoting/linking 3.2.2 tag
2012-12-13 phmaAleutia
2012-12-03 BrettUpdate the paths for xdm example configs and the binary
2012-12-02 juanfra684I requested a few days ago the mirroring of DragonFly...
2012-11-27 dillon(no commit message)
2012-11-27 dillon(no commit message)
2012-11-23 ftigeotAdd an amd64 Linux compatibility project
2012-11-23 ftigeotScheduler SMT awareness committed
2012-11-23 ftigeotNew USB implementation committed
2012-11-22 nwildner(no commit message)
2012-11-22 nwildnerupdated tests of my netbook
2012-11-19 sjgAdd sysctl cpu info task
2012-11-18 luxhcorrect modular-xorg path
2012-11-16 nwildnerCommenting about the experience while installing Dragon...
2012-11-09 ddl(no commit message)
2012-11-08 ryantypo fix
2012-11-08 ryanfix download links to current version 3.2.1 from 3.0.2
2012-11-08 sjgadd spinlock debug task
2012-11-05 ftigeotAdd myself to the team page
2012-11-03 justinNote about md5 values
2012-11-03 justinUpdate for 3.2.1 release
2012-11-03 justinreduce visual clutter at top of page
2012-11-03 justintypoed bullet point; removed some extraneous sentences
2012-11-03 justinUpdate md5 checksums; linkify various man page refs
2012-11-02 justinHTTP now set up for avalon
2012-11-01 ftigeotRemove avalon.dragonflybsd.org/http: no service