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2018-02-02 thatguyyoucannottrus... GCC comparison seemed one-sided. Added gcc 7.3.0 on...
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2018-01-28 eadleruse pkill instead of long confusing command
2018-01-28 eadlersee https://bugs.dragonflybsd.org/issues/3119
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2018-01-17 dillonadd panel self refresh and explain the sysctl cpu idle...
2018-01-16 dilloninitial dell xps setup guide
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2018-01-13 mazocompFix Security
2018-01-12 mazocompAnd reorder again
2018-01-12 mazocompKeep it simple
2018-01-12 mazocompWe have Unix Basic and User Management for this
2018-01-12 mazocompMake Unix Basics order more readable, temporarily remov...
2018-01-12 mazocompAdd what a terminal is to Unix Basics
2018-01-12 mazocompMove it here now, fix it later.
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2018-01-12 mazocompThis is obvious
2018-01-12 mazocompReorder Unix Basics again
2018-01-12 mazocompReorder Unix Basics
2018-01-12 mazocompThis is moved
2018-01-12 mazocompMove some basics about users to Unix Basics
2018-01-12 mazocompFix Users
2018-01-12 mazocomp(no commit message)
2018-01-12 mazocompLibreSSL!!!
2018-01-12 mazocompMinor polish, again, read security(7)
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2018-01-12 mazocompSend man's copies to /dev/null, what's the problem...
2018-01-12 mazocompSwap
2018-01-12 mazocompSSH is moved
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2018-01-12 mazocompSwap
2018-01-12 mazocompPolish SSH
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2018-01-11 mazocompPolish Upgrading
2018-01-11 mazocompPartially remove information for retards
2018-01-09 mazocomp@125cb8d34e6... Update Upgrading
2018-01-09 mazocomp@125cb8d34e6... Partial update of comparison
2018-01-09 mazocomp@125cb8d34e6... The answer is in handbook -_-
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2018-01-09 mazocomp@125cb8d34e6... Fix year
2018-01-09 mazocomp@125cb8d34e6... Sorry for little mistake
2018-01-09 mazocomp@125cb8d34e6... Simplify Handbook's X
2018-01-09 liweitianuxUse "env" instead of csh-specific "setenv"
2018-01-09 liweitianuxFix a comment: Xauthority is not X11 forwarding
2018-01-09 liweitianuxReorder and use "pw groupmod" to add the main user...
2018-01-09 liweitianuxVarious small fixes to the styles/formats
2018-01-09 liweitianuxAdd a link to a MarkDown cheatsheet; and improve format...
2018-01-08 mazocomp@125cb8d34e6... Forgot to replace disklabel64 with disklabel
2018-01-08 mazocomp@125cb8d34e6... Update UnixBasics
2018-01-08 mazocomp@125cb8d34e6... Fix UnixBasics
2018-01-07 dillonFlesh out --site-per-process suggestion a bit
2018-01-07 dillonInclude chrome's --site-per-process option to help...
2018-01-07 mazocomp@125cb8d34e6... Partially fix UnixBasics
2018-01-05 mazocomp@125cb8d34e6... Update Handbook's Introduction
2018-01-04 mazocomp@125cb8d34e6... "cinnamon", not "cinammon"
2018-01-04 justinSpurious linefeed messing up a list
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