2011-04-15 ftigeot(no commit message)
2011-04-15 ftigeotrename docs/user/supportedhardware/index.mdwn to docs...
2011-04-15 ftigeotrename docs/docs/user/supportedhardware/index.mdwn...
2011-04-15 ftigeotAdd a Broken hardware section
2011-04-15 ftigeotCreate a Supported Hardware page
2011-04-15 josephtAdd wifi link
2011-04-15 josephtAdded to track WiFi issues.
2011-04-02 ferzadded 50 usd on usb4bsd project
2011-04-01 alexhremove bogus entry
2011-03-31 ftigeotAdd a contact email address for Zefyris
2011-03-30 sjgmore alloc bits
2011-03-29 sjg+alloc
2011-03-28 alexhmention that we don't want a unionfs using whiteouts
2011-03-26 sjg+indexing service
2011-03-23 vsrinivas/* Add nmalloc GSoC project idea */
2011-03-22 aggelosRemove my mail address from the virtio project as I...
2011-03-19 sjg+gsoc2011
2011-03-17 sjg+ OSX binary emu task
2011-03-16 srussellAnother correction to the work directory
2011-03-16 srussellAnother correction after the latest changes
2011-03-16 srussellSmall correction in the footnote after the latest changes
2011-03-16 BobBagwillminor changes
2011-03-16 BobBagwill(no commit message)
2011-03-16 matthiasrclarify package directory vs. work directory
2011-03-16 matthiasrupdate "Patching for pkgsrc" to reflect changes in...
2011-03-15 ftigeotAdd a new vendor: Zefyris
2011-03-14 luxhAdd another link to The pkgsrc guide, commets on links
2011-03-14 luxhAdd a note about out of date dragonfly installs.
2011-03-14 matthiasr"bmake checksum" only checks the existing checksums...
2011-03-14 matthiasrTypo in CPP #elif
2011-03-14 joseph(no commit message)
2011-03-13 justinAdd research projects page link; it exists on ProjectsP...
2011-03-11 srussell(no commit message)
2011-03-10 luxhMove up the section about upgrading pkgsrc system packages.
2011-03-10 luxhReplace 'bmake update' with 'bmake replace'.
2011-03-09 srussell(no commit message)
2011-03-09 srussell(no commit message)
2011-03-09 srussellCorrection of the note links
2011-03-09 srussell(no commit message)
2011-03-09 srussell(no commit message)
2011-03-09 srussell(no commit message)
2011-03-09 srussell(no commit message)
2011-03-07 luxhImprove wording.
2011-03-07 luxhRemove the recommendation to use make pkgsrc-checkout...
2011-03-07 luxhFix spelling
2011-03-07 luxhMinor fixes.
2011-03-05 aggelosFix typo
2011-03-05 aggelosAdjust virtio project diffuculty based on last year...
2011-03-05 aggelosadd ktrdump-via-shared-memory project
2011-03-05 ulfar_johnsonfixed formating with commenting out hash mark - Ulfar...
2011-03-05 ulfar_johnson(no commit message)
2011-03-05 luxhImprove wording.
2011-03-04 luxhFix typos.
2011-03-04 luxhClearify how to add new branches and when it's needed.
2011-03-04 sebasmagriAdd AUTHPATH option to dma.conf
2011-03-03 alexhfix up venk's ata trim formatting
2011-03-02 vsrinivasAdd ATA TRIM project
2011-03-01 sjg(no commit message)
2011-03-01 sjgadd hardware-supported vkernels
2011-03-01 justin2011 GSoC
2011-03-01 justinNote about weekly summaries
2011-03-01 justinNote on student page
2011-03-01 justinGSoC 2011student page
2011-02-28 vsrinivas/* Add soft mirroring to dm */
2011-02-26 ulfar_johnson(no commit message)
2011-02-26 ulfar_johnson(no commit message)
2011-02-26 ulfar_johnsonTitle for moving vmware disk to virtualbox
2011-02-25 alexhadd a selling point to the dsched entry
2011-02-25 alexhadd dsched entry
2011-02-25 alexhfix unionfs entry formatting
2011-02-25 alexhimprove formatting of libdevattr entry
2011-02-25 alexhadd "Improve compatibility of libdevattr with Linux...
2011-02-25 alexhadd unionfs
2011-02-25 alexhAdd "Implement more dm targets"
2011-02-20 justinVisual cleanup since the table style command isn't...
2011-02-20 justinCleanup/merge mailing list stuff
2011-02-18 sebasmagri"no" to "Login group is "ftp". Invite ftp into other...
2011-02-11 sjgrework the two projects justin added
2011-02-11 TimPort Hyper-V paravirtualized drivers to DragonFly
2011-02-11 justinAdded ideas from SJG on IRC
2011-02-11 justinVisual nitpicking
2011-02-10 sjgAdd project page link
2011-02-10 justinStart of page
2011-02-10 justinAdding GSoC 2011 projects page
2011-02-08 justinNote about uninstalling to reduce binary/source confusion
2011-02-08 justinAdd bin-install note, remove minor version note (since...
2011-02-05 justinNote about pkgsrc, google events
2011-02-05 tpz(no commit message)
2011-02-05 tpz(no commit message)
2011-02-05 tpz(no commit message)
2011-02-05 tpz(no commit message)
2011-02-03 sjg(no commit message)
2011-01-29 pavalosUpdate for file 5.05
2011-01-24 tuxillo(no commit message)
2011-01-24 tuxillo(no commit message)
2011-01-12 lentferj(no commit message)
2011-01-12 lentferj(no commit message)
2011-01-12 josephtAdd Developer Notes Section.
2011-01-12 josephtAdd page
2011-01-10 Ivailo(no commit message)