2009-01-07 CharlieDon't have the COPYRIGHT file for the Ahmed Aneeth...
2009-01-07 CharlieA combination of Wikilinks and location messed up the...
2009-01-07 CharlieReversed link to mailing lists
2009-01-07 CharlieAdding nycsdcon08 presentation along with PDF, and...
2009-01-07 CharlieForgot leading slash.
2009-01-07 CharlieFix presentation link.
2009-01-06 CharlieAdded missing table tag.
2009-01-06 justinExtraneous space in table directive
2009-01-06 CharlieMinor change to cause add
2009-01-06 CharlieMissing some closing "
2009-01-06 CharlieRemoved spurious |
2009-01-06 CharlieSmaller logo text based on feedback.
2009-01-05 justinRemoved minor note
2009-01-04 justinAdding name to sentence for clairty and to cause rebuild
2009-01-04 CharlieRemoved page; it didn't contain anything useful.
2009-01-04 CharlieKeep the index file itself from being listed.
2009-01-04 CharlieOops; didn't need mdwn extension
2009-01-04 CharliePut in remaining pages and wiki contents.
2008-12-28 justinAdding HowTo link
2008-12-28 justinGot wikilink+target combo reversed
2008-12-28 CharlieInitial recreation
2008-12-28 justinImport page from exsting site
2008-12-28 justinUpdating Gitweb, man page links
2008-12-28 justinMinor cleanups
2008-12-28 CharlieInitial conversion of diary page.
2008-12-28 CharlieUpdating links.
2008-12-28 justinClarifying the request option
2008-12-28 CharlieFixing mail page filename; causes pproblems for me...
2008-12-28 justininitial creation
2008-12-28 justininitial creation
2008-12-28 CharlieAdding mascot image
2008-12-28 justininitial creation
2008-12-28 justininitial creation
2008-12-27 justinLinkify
2008-12-27 justinRearrange
2008-12-26 CharlieFigured out post commit thing - push required
2008-12-26 CharlieMinor modification - testing hook
2008-12-20 justinremoving finished tasks
2008-12-20 Charliebetter spacing beween sections.
2008-12-20 Charliereally bold headings this time I think.
2008-12-19 justinupdate todo list
2008-12-19 Charliereal sidebar hopefully with bold fixed
2008-12-19 Charliereal sidebar hopefully with bold
2008-12-18 justinupdate todo list now that some layout is there
2008-12-18 CharlieAdding sidebar
2008-12-18 Charlieadding main images for site
2008-12-18 Charlietest add of images folder and an image
2008-12-16 justinCorrecting * for sublists
2008-12-16 justinadding todo list
2008-12-13 Charlieinitial commit