2014-01-04 WarrenPostmaremoving VM idea moving it somewhere else
2014-01-04 WarrenPostmaadded suggestion to consider playing with a VM
2014-01-04 WarrenPostmaAdded a referral to the Unix basics section
2014-01-04 WarrenPostmaerrata, typos, and warning at the top about obsolete...
2014-01-04 WarrenPostmaNo commit message specified.
2014-01-04 WarrenPostmaNo commit message specified.
2014-01-04 WarrenPostmaformatting
2014-01-04 WarrenPostmaremove old package instructions, substitute for a boots...
2014-01-04 WarrenPostmaMention the default Ethernet device name, and a few...
2014-01-03 Justin C. SherrillRevert spam.
2014-01-03 Justin C. SherrillRevert spam.
2014-01-03 Justin C. SherrillRevert spam.
2014-01-02 domtheoNo commit message specified.
2014-01-02 domtheoNo commit message specified.
2014-01-02 domtheoNo commit message specified.
2013-12-27 francoadd team entry
2013-12-27 ferzNo commit message specified.
2013-12-26 justinNote about local mod for fix commits with blank comments.
2013-12-26 justinThis is a legit test with a comment.
2013-12-26 justinNo commit message specified.
2013-12-26 justin.
2013-12-26 justinTest comment again.
2013-12-26 justinTesting comments
2013-12-26 justinNo commit message
2013-12-25 justinNo commit message
2013-12-24 justinMuch bigger disclaimer on pkgsrc->dports
2013-12-24 justins/pkgsrc/dports/
2013-12-20 sjgcull some more spam?
2013-12-20 sjgWoops, Justin beat me to it
2013-12-20 sjgAdd Marie Elwood @ $100
2013-12-20 justinAdding another spamsponsor.
2013-12-18 justinRemoved varooma.com at donator's request. (probably...
2013-12-14 justinAnother web edit.
2013-12-14 justinweb edit. Does this show in history?
2013-12-14 dillonspam removal
2013-12-14 dillontest
2013-12-14 dillontest edit
2013-12-14 dillonundo test change
2013-12-14 dillontest change
2013-12-13 justinMore donators.
2013-12-05 tuxilloAdd more changes
2013-12-05 tuxilloFix typo
2013-12-05 tuxilloMention dports
2013-12-05 Charlie RootCommit staged stuff on ikiwiki repo
2013-12-05 ikbendemanThe link to release notes hasn't been updated since...
2013-12-04 Justin C. SherrillClean up paragraph on getting initial snapshots with...
2013-12-04 justinMore donators that I missed before.
2013-12-04 justinAdd donator's name
2013-11-30 Justin C. SherrillTest post commit hook.
2013-11-30 Justin C. SherrillAnother test push from a local checkout.
2013-11-30 Charlie RootMerge branch 'master' of /usr/local/www/ikiwiki-repo
2013-11-30 Charlie RootAdd images that I think were placed but never committed.
2013-11-30 justinNote on images
2013-11-30 justinMore on having a local copy
2013-11-30 Justin C. SherrillTest push from remote.
2013-11-27 justinPatrick Martin's donation
2013-11-27 justinAdded CVE-2013-5691, thanks to Loganaden Velvindron
2013-11-26 sjgspam control
2013-11-25 justinUpdate links, remove GUI links for now
2013-11-25 justincomma needed
2013-11-25 justin3.6 announcement
2013-11-25 justinMisc cleanup
2013-11-24 eadleradd myself, alphabetical order
2013-11-24 justinmd5 sums for images
2013-11-24 ftigeothardware nested page tables for vkernels
2013-11-24 justinAdd note on -DINSTALLSTRIPPEDMODULES
2013-11-21 justinSephe's contributions
2013-11-20 justinDPORTS_PATH note
2013-11-20 justinnote about UPDATING, modify pkgsrc section to dports
2013-11-20 justinAdd 3.6.0 tag commit link
2013-11-20 justinNote on pkg clean for dealing with ABI change.
2013-11-20 justinRemind people to dump databases before starting pkgsrc...
2013-11-20 justinAdd dports page link
2013-11-20 justinPut a note here so that hopefully less people gloss...
2013-11-17 ftigeotbetter emphasize i386 systems are legacy
2013-11-17 ftigeotpkg.conf in /usr/local
2013-11-17 justinbig-ticket items, special instructions updated
2013-11-17 justinContrib software list
2013-11-17 justinpkgsrc/dports notes
2013-11-16 ftigeotMore kernel and hardware changes
2013-11-16 ftigeotMore hardware changes
2013-11-16 ftigeotSplit my changes between kernel and hardware, add more...
2013-11-16 ftigeotDocument kernel drm changes
2013-11-16 ftigeotNo pkgsrc packages
2013-11-10 richardllredundant "http://", breaks link
2013-11-07 justinLink to the to-be-written notes on pkgsrc->dports
2013-11-07 justinInitial structure for 3.6 release page
2013-11-06 justinSplit the push note out for max readability
2013-11-06 justinAdd explicit note about pushing
2013-11-05 justingpg curses and GPG_TTY note
2013-11-05 justinextra cd line
2013-11-01 ftigeotRemove pkgsrc instructions specific to DragonFly-2.6
2013-10-23 catadded note r.e. clock skew from list discussion
2013-10-08 luxhRemove an obsolete link and rephrase section about...
2013-10-05 justinremoved
2013-09-28 jrmarinoMore underscore workarounds
2013-09-28 jrmarinoDamn markdown was hiding underscore. Had to work aroun...
2013-09-28 jrmarinoFix jail mount devfs instruction take 2
2013-09-28 jrmarinoFix jail mount devfs instruction
2013-09-21 justinWhoops, messed up formatting